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  • BobinmidMO April 06, 2010
    April 06, 2010

    Yes there is:  Fibro causes a person a whole lot of pain and is a disability that stops people in its tracks, but I've never heard of a situation where it causes actual physical damage that never goes away, yet for those with RSD it can when you get to phase II or worse yet phase III.


    It's so easy to see why there's confusion about the two though.  Fibro is so painful and now that RSD has changed to CPRS, I even find it hard to define the difference yet as someone who's living with RSD I know how much of a real difference there is.  RSD in phase I pretty much is like Fibro, but unlike Fibro RSD can go away and never come back again.  When you get to the point in RSD of phase II, then you're dealing with damage you'll probably have the rest of your life.  RSD phase III is a point of no return where it can just keep getting worse and worse.


    If you're dealing with a doctor in doubt, then you're with the wrong doc.  They know the difference and the difference in treatment and that's where the two are quite different.  I've never heard of for example a Fibro patient having to endure Sympathetic Nerve Blocks, but yet it can be very important for a person with RSD in the early stages.  Only well trained doctors know the difference and what is most needed in your case.  If in doubt, seek someone else out.  Bob.

  • GWN_54 April 02, 2010
    April 02, 2010

    I've been told same and noticed simular and wish I could tell you.  I'm still waiting on If one or the other or both are the reason for the torment I lived with for 32 years before "it" took off and finally put me out 6 years ago.  It got a bunch of bad press that the disability guys jumped all over.  They want test results that will prove everything about it and I don't know of any.


    How bout it any of you doctor types that I hope read these questions? 

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