• lisa visger lisa visger
    October 11, 2009
    i have a back ache and spasms what can i get to take the pain away
    lisa visger lisa visger
    October 11, 2009

    im 30 year old Female living with fibromyagia and scolosis. i have 3 kids and work full time but i am always in pain what can i do to get my doctor to realize that i am really in world full of pain that i just cant take anymore i need help and i need it fast before i really flip from the lack of sleep at nights and the pain at work and home and trying to do things with my kids and i really cant because im always in pain!!



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  • Sandy October 11, 2009
    October 11, 2009
    First a question for you, OK? Did you ever have polio? The pain you are describing (the spasms and the back pain) can be a number of things but one of those things is "Post Polio Syndrome." I have PPS along with a genetic disorder.I take Flexiril for the spasms and Lyrica for the pain. Nothing I have found works as well as this combination.tions. Now, to address your question more directly: I have had a tough time finding the average Doctor out there be willing to give me everything I need to control my pain. The only doctors I have found who seem to take my pain seriously and be willing to give whatever medication is necessary- that includes narcotics on a long-term basis- are the doctors at a Pain Clinic. I hope you can find one in your area. The doctors at a Pain Clinic are specialists in Pain Management- they frequently are trained as anesthesiologists- but whatever field they came from they have chosen Pain Management as their full-time specialization. I hope you can find one of these in your area. If you can't, then see if you can find a medical school in your area and see if they have a clinic which you can go to. Let me know how you come out. I do hope you can find some control for your pain. Most of us have never been pain free. But with luck you can find someone to work with you that can help give you some relief. READ MORE
  • PainBack07Aust October 11, 2009
    October 11, 2009

    Lisa, I am totally hearing you, sometimes I wonder how to get to sleep and don't even go to how to reduce the time I need in the toilet, sometimes it is like 30min to 3 hours, I have lost all control of my bowel motions and have to use gravity or enimas, and think about how my boss views the time spent in the toilet at work some days and now work has installed motion senses in the toilets, it almost always gets dark before I can finish.


    With the pain thing, it is so hard to get your GP or Specialist to understand just what your going through, but a Pain Diary may help them get a better understanding, what fustrates me the most is that Nerve Damage will not show on a MRI or a CT Scan, which most Dr's rely on to make their prognosis.  I hope I have helped and if you need someone to talk to just send me a message ok.

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