• Paula Paula
    February 24, 2010
    What to do if your doctor stops your meds in an instant
    Paula Paula
    February 24, 2010

    I was on some heavy meds for ????? 17 different things as I read my records... I was on 350/10mg methadone a month, and 100/10mg valium and Roxicodone 120/30mg a month, MS Cotin 60/30mg a month.... Still standing, So I have fight with my doctor because he lies to SSDI and gets me denied, says I exercise 5 times a week in all my records, and how did I drive to Nevada if I had bad knees, got Denied, He didn't tell them about the steroid injections he gave me the day before I left and I haven't exercised 5 times a weeks since I was 22 yrs old. I have Fibermyalga, ostoarthritis, a buldging disk, arthristis in my knees, my right hand deformed, left is becoming the same, now I have degentitive descease in my knees, spine, Neck, hip  and vessels in my brain. So I tell him/her that my other doctor said the meds I take to sleep are in the same family as valium, I'm a patient I don't know these things, they ask me"do you want to go off one" I say "yes the valium.  Then I talk about the Methadone and talk about getting off it and she starts a tampering off, she tells me that I will need to come back for the last of them as I was looking for another doctor because her boss how got me denied SSDI by lying and me (we have issues) she doesn't want to loose her job. She said 'aren't you getting SSDI?" and of course when I said no and why that was it for her. So I go back for the last of my meds, thought I found another doctor. She laughs when I tell her I need 44 out of 350 then 240, then 120 now I needed a lousy 44 more methadone for the tappering off, she laugh at me and said, "you ain't getting anymore of those" Now remember this was my dicission not her's or her bosses.  I leave and go see another Doctor, they want nothing to do with me because of the amount of meds I'm on which is Roxicodone and MS Cotin, I told them I just go off all the methadone and valium that was that. I then go to my Primary care about my meds and another Doctor, nope won't give them to me, What is up with that?  I asked him why, cuz I needed them today, he said, "he can't give those out" Duh, are doctors that stupid?? So I said "are you kidding?" Then I said,"then give me suboxin or something" he said no. He needed to check with the fruit cake that got me on the meds and also got me denied SSDI with his lies. He leaves the room and calls him. Nothing, Now today I am sick and calling him, no an answer, I called 5 pharmacy's asking there advise, all of them told me my Primary Care should give them to me till he finds me another doctor. What do you think I should do. I think Doctors need to go back to school for a test drive?  What should I do? I'm going crazy, you don't put someone one meds like that and just stop them.



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  • spencecats March 04, 2010
    March 04, 2010

    Paula are still around? Sorry for your Dr. problems. I'v been through ALL or MOST of them since I injured my back at 8yrs. old.

    I'v been tould some of the stupid's thing's to do to help my pain. Like 'Get a Hobbie', my favorite is..'Get a boyfriend'. One Dr. who I saw on & off for 7-8yrs. after a few yrs. I able to change Ins. & see him more. He knew me, yet if he was having a 'bad day' or someone didn't show up. This Dr. would yell at me about it, like one time I was 3 mins. late, cause his 10a.m. didn't show. He took it out on me, did I deserve it? yes, I was late but not too the extream he took it to. What a 'Jerk', he knew I drove a long way to see him. Then cause I mailed my scrip's into my ins. to be filled, I couldn't take 'there' genic brand of a certian pain med. Well he didn't mark 'Name Brand Only', the Ins. faxed him a copy of my script, which everyone who looked at it 'marked' it in some way. He took all the marks as ME messing with the 'script', he called me yelling, saying when he gets the original back. He was going to call me in & we whould 'look at it together', but I wasn't going to get this medication, on & on. This Dr. had me follow him to his house to see his new remodel, I'v been seeing him for so long, I knew who he was seeing, a divorce. We 'Kinda' became friends, I do 'animal rescue' & even found him a certain kind of cat he wanted. So I waited after 2 wks. he still didn't call, I called, called again in a wk. not hearing from anyone. I wanted to clear my name & thinking he could make alot of trouble for me, besides I wanted to see what he was talking about. My Ins. sent me a blown up copy of the script, when I got it I called & went to his office, still he wouldn't talk or show me what was wrong with the script. He even walked thew his waiting room with 2-3 people waiting to get away from me, it was a new office so I don't know if he had another way out.

    I was on a new hunt for a 'Pain mang.' Dr. again meeting a few abusive ones. One thing I do now if I'm seeing a new Dr. is to have a tape recorder in my purse. To tape what is said after one Dr. 'MADE' me say things I knew wern't true. Then when he gave me a few 'trigger injections' he messed me up more, then wouldn't call back before he was going to leave for 2wks. What ever he did I couldn't walk, I felt like he 'raked' something over areas of my spine, I can't expain it, that's what it felt like. Of course I never saw him again.

    The Dr's have us, we need the meds & they think were 'addicts', or they treat us like we are. Even after seeing all our film's, my spine whould make a great ride at any amusiment park. For NOW I have a good pain Dr. but he is moving up North in 4yrs. or so. I'll be out there looking for a new Dr. I live in So. Calif, where are you at?

    Good luck Paula, I know how bad it is & it will get worse. Hugs, Pegi


      April 25, 2010
      April 25, 2010

      Why do Dr.'s treat chronic pain patients like this?  I often pray that they would get hurt and have to PLEAD with a Dr. to get pain meds, and then get turned down.

      It's not fair to have to live with such horrible pain, and then on top of it,  not to be able to get adequate pain relief, which we should be able to get.

      SHAME on those Doctors for calling themselves Pain Management Doctors, and NOT helping those who really need narcotic treatment.  DON"T treat everyone as if they are an addict.  IT"S NOT FAIR!!!!

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