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Thursday, October 02, 2008 Nickie, Community Member, asks

Q: Continued radiating siatica pain down leg after lumbar laminectomy

I had a lumbar laminectomy in August 08 due to a very large disc herniation in the L5-S1. The MRI clearly indicated that it was comprimising the nerve which was causing the pain down my left leg. I under went surgery after months of chronic pain. I initally felt good for about two weeks after surgery then started to notice the same pain coming back and getting worse as the weeks went on. I just recently had another MRI which this time included an injection of dye. I just found out that the dye in the MRI is showing that my nerve from the bottom of my spine to the middle of the spine is inflamed which is probably still causing the pain. The worst part about this is my surgeon has been in practice for 31 years and he said that he has never seen this before. I am so discourage and need help. He just started me on a round of steroids to see if that relieves the pain. i am also scheduled for an emg. Nothing I take for the pain helps. I have tried Vicodin, IB profin, Tylenol, Moist Heat, and Ice. Please help. I cannot continue to live this way. I have no quality of life. Do you know what the inflamation of the entire nerve could be from. I currently do not have any disc herniation since surgery. Thank you.

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Scooter, Community Member
10/ 4/08 11:54am

I have scar tissue encased around the nerve roots where I had back surgery. Maybe that is why your nerve is inflammed.

brodyg47, Community Member
10/28/08 1:16pm

Hi Nickie,

I too had a Lumbar Laminectomy with hardware , and fusion L2-L3 ( fusion ) hardward L4-L5, screws , and clamps to hold my spine in place because of the instability I had previous to my surgery . My surgery was on April 7, 2008 , and I felt very good after my surgery , and I thought my problems were NO PUN INTENDED behind me .Starting June I noticed severe leg pain , burning , sharp stabbing like pain all the way down to my big toe. Lower right side lumbar back pain . My Neurosurgeon ordered another MRI , but was satisfied with that , BUT my pain did not go away so he ordered an EMG . That showed Nerve Root Irritation , mid, and lower lumbosacral , and paraspinal area ( whatever all of that means ). Now he ordered a Myelogram this Thursday to see if there is something that did not show up on the MRI. He prescribed a generic version of Neurotin suppose to stop nerve pain , HA Ha , unfortunately no such luck .

I had a very serious auto accident that required me to have a knee replacement , anterior cervical disectomy with hardware , and fusion as well C3-C4 , C4-C5 , C5-C6.

Now the back surgery , but still no relief either . I truly understand the pain that you are going through . If my Myelogram does not show anything , then the Neurosurgeon will hand me off to a Pain Management Specialist . 

Hang in there is what they say , and hopefully we will be fixed ???

mike, Community Member
2/28/10 7:42pm

I have had the same surgery, and found the mckenzie method of exercises helped. I would say pain killers will not help as you have stated the nerve is inflamed. Loosing weight and exercise helped me by taking my mind off the pain and getting blood flowing to my spine and strengthening my core muscles.

I do have some small pain from time to time but nothing compared to the pre op condition.

Swimming is good I found

Cathy, Community Member
11/21/10 6:33pm

Two months ago I had lumbar surgery which included a laminectomy and a forminatomy for conjoined nerves at L5.  I did fairly well for a few weeks and then I started going downhill.  The pain in my hib/buttox area is sharp with no relief.  I have pain in my right leg and right foot.  My shin bone feels like it is going to explode out of my leg.  I had an MRI which showed some fluid in the surgical area.  I am told inflammation is putting pressure on the nerve.  I can no longer stand after a few minutes nor walk.  THe pain is so severe I immediately have to get off my leg...I cry the pain is so bad.  I am getting no answers to what is causing this and have been referred back to my pain doctor.  You are not alone.  If I find out anything, I will let you know.

debbie butrim, Community Member
12/ 5/10 12:06am

I am going through the exact same thing! The pain is 100x worse tan before I had surgery and I wake up each morning wondering if this is the day I am going to cease walking. The surgeon has written me off....I am so frustrated and cry all the time. I decided on this surgery for a better qualaty of life and I got a nightmare instead! I am going to try Columbia University in N.Y. for help. I will let you know how I make out.

Cathy, Community Member
1/ 7/12 1:44pm

It has been a year since I posted that.  There is no change in my condition.  I have been accepted by Stanford for more memdical help.  I still have constant pain.  I still can not stand on my leg or walk for more than a few minutes at a time.


cupcake04, Community Member
7/ 8/11 12:03am

I had a micro-laminectomy (L5-S1) in May 2011 from a car accident. My right leg pain has not changed since the surgery. Pain changes from aching, burning, and then shooting pain down my leg. I was referred back to Pain Management for help, but the meds they have been giving me, do not work. I live in pain everyday and can't get help from either the surgeon or pain management doctor. I have three kids home for the summer and can not do anything with them, including a simple movie. In the near future I also have to undergo neck surgery for herniated discs. If anyone has any information that can help me, I would greatly appreciate it. I was also told that the pain could be from scar tissue.

ktrphil, Community Member
10/ 9/13 9:07am
Hi I am having the same pain you had, do u find any solution ? Please help me Reply
ktrphil, Community Member
10/ 9/13 9:51am
Did you find any solution for your pain, I am in same pain you had except its in l4/l5 , please give some updates Reply
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