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Friday, July 25, 2008 Kimberly ... K-W Chronic Pain Support Group, Community Member, asks

Q: The neurologist has prescribed me Tridural, as well as Lyrica. I can find no information on Tridural

I am interested in any side effects that may occur, and what exactly the drug is used for.

Thank you for any input that may come.


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7/25/08 6:52pm

Wow, you have me stumped. I looked in many sources and found no drug by the name of "Tridural". Mistakes can be made, so you should take the bottle back to the pharmacy and ask the pharamacist to

1) Verify the medication

2) Give you information about the drug


When it comes to medications, it is best to be sure about the purpose for the drug and the possible side effects.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

shair, Community Member
3/27/11 12:48pm

I take Tridural for pain. Its slow release, so do not bite or chew it, as it could kill you, by depressing your respitory system.


KELLY, Community Member
10/ 1/11 1:56pm



This tells you all about the drug and it's side effects. I have been researching it myself, as my Doctor wants me on Lyrica and Tridural OR the BuTrans Patch.


Good Luck!



Ingrid, Community Member
2/23/12 6:17pm

Paladin puts out TRIDURAL. New. arach.sufferer, Ingrid

Cort, Health Guide
7/25/08 7:09pm

Hi Kimberly,


Tridural is a sustained release form of Tramadol and should have the same side effects. Tramadol is a narcotic like pain reliever that effects the nerves in the brain to reduce moderate to severe pain. Since it contains acetaminophen watch your intake of over the counter remedies to ensure you're not taking too much acetaminophen.


You can find out more about Tramadol (or Ultram) at



infoforfibrofamily, Community Member
3/13/11 5:43am

Tridural is the slow release of tramacet, but actually does not contain any tylonal at all. A top dosage is 300mg, but some sources (and soem doctor's) will advice patients to take 400mg on a really bad day with pain.


This drug allows me to function with complete clarity except for a week while I adjusted to the raise in dosages. It works better than percocet in soem ways, but is disappointing if you are after a buzz because it was created as a wonderdrug that kills pain but claims not produce a buzz. This is the more common experience to the medicaiton accordign to my pain clinic. I experience mild constipation, but nothing at all like percocet. Brain feels clear.  The slow release is key to nabbing pain imo. I prefer a slow release tidural at 300mg (no side effects for me) than percocet that need to be taken every 4-6hrs. Running out allows for rebound pain. I take half a percocet for rebound pain as a near my menstruel cycle or get sick.


I have both fibromyalgia syndrome and chronic myofascial pain syndrom. This medication combined with lyrica 250mg proved to be my winning combo.  If your doctor won't prescribe it, ask to go to a pain clinic.You should atleast get to try it. Leaving pain patients in pain is inhumane and unecessary. I absolutley refuse to suffer in pain because of "pill" politics. This is a damn fine medication that just doesn't get enough publicity in the medical field. Possibly because, if I recall correctly, it is a European drug, profits go there.  Those permanenetly disabled with pain who take on a regualr basis rarely constitute addiction (source: devin Starlynal's collection of research: book second edition). This is a dependance on a function of a drug to relieve pain. It is considered by my doctor to be midway between t-3's and percocet in their prescription classes.


My pain specialist says he finds this to be

he # one most effective tratment regiment for my condition. Low addiction rate. You need to be on it for a couple weeks to really evaluate is effectiveness. 



KELLY, Community Member
10/ 1/11 2:01pm

Thank you for your informative reply. I LOVE your attitude regarding pill politics!! =)

Lenie Wadleigh, Community Member
2/21/12 2:37pm

I have been using Tridural and Lyrica for a year now, they have trialed me on different medications as Tridural is not covered in Canada and is expensive.  I have tried Methadone for pain control and had no benefits for pain control.  I have tarlov cysts and fibromyalgia.  I am very concerned about the rapid weight gain and it is a damed if you do damed if you don't situation.  I am concerned about the weight gain around my belly and the affect it is having on my spine but I can not tolerate the chronic pain which was mostly a 10 out of 10 until I was prescribed this regiment.  I started taking Lyrica at a lower dosage and increased it. 


I wondered if anyone has any suggestion about this weight gain, I am a vegetarian and mobile, walking and doing Tai Chi.

Dee75, Community Member
5/ 7/12 8:33pm

I have taken a number of pain relievers for my chronic pain . I'm on tridural now (again) , lyrica caused rapid weight gain , arthotec caused stomach upset , and percocet had to stop taking , from a dependecy point of view . With the lyrica , its like you're never full with food ... I dont wish this chronic pain on anyone , as it can affect every part of a persons life . It's unfortunate that soo many of us have to deal with this issue ... By process of elimination over this last year or two , i found what works and what doesnt ... I would also reccomend accupuncutre to chronic pain sufferers . It is pricey but , so worth the relief it gives Smile

Dawn McIntyre, Community Member
11/27/08 4:42pm



Cort is absolutely correct....I am using the exact medicatios that you are and have received my information from the pain management clinic that I am a part of.  Tramicet is the short acting version of this medication and has the exact same side effects.  For myself, I much prefer the Tridural over the lyrica.  By the time I took enough of the Lyrica to manage my pain, I was so tired, I could barely keep my eyes open.  I know that it was some time ago that you posted this, but I hope this helps.



Cheryl, Community Member
12/ 3/08 10:43am

My husband is taking tridural for shoulder pain.  Finds it has taken away the pain completely but makes him very sleepy and feels like he is stoned all day.  What ever you do, DO NOT take anyother med's while taking this stuff, it will mess you up.


I on the other hand take lyrica and oxycodon 10mg and only find that this gives me temporary relief .  I take 2 lyrica at bedtime and 1 in the morning and anywhere from 1-3 oxycotec a day just to be able to function.  Also have nrve block injection once every two weeks.  These work better than any drug out there.

Robbin, Community Member
11/ 6/10 7:37pm

can you tell me what type of nerve bloock injections you are having and how it is given. thanks robbin

Carol, Community Member
3/14/09 5:18pm

Just found this site, I was taking 150mg Zytram, same family asTridural(Tramadol)increased to 300mg, and in 14 days I was in overdose mode. Dizziness, nausea, cold sweats, flushes. Stopped immediately and called Dr.He said maybe my metabolism was not fast enough to use up the dose fast enough. I went back to 150mg. then up to 200mg. This time it tok almost 4 weeks to od. oops stopped that too.

Now I am to start Tridural @ 100mg to begin...

I can't say what will or won't work for others, but I have to work, and have suffered many setbacks due to pain. I have epidural steroid injections every 3-4 months and blockers about 1 month intervals.

I have an inoperable spinal cyst/ DDD/Osteoarthitis and I guess it's good to feel pain at least I am alive...LOL (spinal Stenosis)

All this rant is for is to say DO WHAT YOU HAVE TO, to get by I am 55 and when I find the one who said these are the golden years, LOOK OUT! Carol

Pernicious, Community Member
3/24/09 6:25pm

Hello i am 28 years old and have been living with cronic pain since i was 19 when i threw my back out for the first time (i was away from work for a year and a half), i had gotten better with only minor pain almost every day, i was able to live with it but now since i threw my back out a second time i had severe pain crippleing me to the point where it would take me a half hour to get up off the couch or floor where i was laying to go to the bathroom, my doctor has done test after test after test and has found nothing wrong with me, he has had me on drug after drug after drug. some of the drugs were Gabapentin , percocet , naproxen , dilaudid ect.  I was taking 10 percocets a day just to dull the pain and now im down to 6 - 8 a day and i dislike the drymouth and itching alot so now my doctor gave me "Tridural" and he said to work my way up to 300mg a day.  just got it today so i dont know how well it works yet but i hope it will do wonders...... doubt it though.


ty for reading my rant, most people i know dont understand what i go through living with cronic pain like this so i wanted to vent i guess.

kirk roberts, Community Member
5/28/10 12:13pm

Hello, l too have a slipped disc in my low back and for the past three mts have been eating percocets up to ten a day. The doctor says l'm doing to many pai-killers and so now he has prescribed me 300  mg Tridural. l am curious to see how this will work out....l will let you know in a week or so.

nellie versluis, Community Member
5/28/10 12:21pm

i too have used tridural for chronic pain, and found it worked a lot better than percocet, which tended to wear off after about 4 hours. you only have to use 1 per day. works for me

Alanna, Community Member
4/22/09 10:11am

Hi there....I am currently taking Tridural for my hip pain. This drug was intoduced in 2006 and is used for moderate pain and is taken daily  It is an anelgesic that is time released over a 24hr period and should be taken in the morning with breakfast....same time evey day.  Side effects occur mostly in the first week until your body adjusts to the medication and for me they were nausea, dry mouth, jitters, constipation and feeling lethargic but these symptoms only lasted for the first week....except the constipation which taking a stool softener has helped with.  I didnt find any relief at first but after a while it has kicked in and throughout the day I do find some relief but it doesnt seem to last long.  This drug can be addictive, harmful and does have a street value so keep it in a safe spot and away from children.  Hopefully this had been a bit helpful Kimberly. 



gma-mcleod, Community Member
3/20/10 5:30pm

I know this maybe a late, reply but it was wicked stuff for me. Within 15 mins of taking it I was passed out in bed, and during the day, moody, agitated, shakes, vivid weird dreams just before waking, 200mg a day, yes it helped with the pain, but I didn't like me, or what it was doing. I am not a violent person, but I was on edge all the time, ready to hit or start fights. I went to the pharmacy to request a lower dose to try, and the withdrawal from 200 to 100 make me sick. I took that for another week, then took myself off it, and the withdrawal was wicked. I take Lyrica as well, and I will go back to using more of it and dealing with the pain. Trying to find a more natural remedy.

sls, Community Member
11/27/10 12:59am

I'm in the same situation as yourself, have just come off of Tridural and only on Lyrica, now. I am wondering if you have found anything to replace the Tridural?

My feelings are the same on Tridural and DO NOT want to go back on it again.

But I find Lyrica is not enough to cover the pain. Any information would be appreciated.

gma-mcleod, Community Member
11/30/10 7:54am

I asked the doctor about Cymbalta, and he put me on 30mg with the Lyrica. It seemed to help in the summer months, but isn't doing much now. I also tried and am using MILA it is ground chia seeds. It is the highest form of omega 3 and has no taste and is a food so it doesn't interfer with drugs. I add it to shakes, cookies, brownies, sprinkle on chicken or salads. It has made my moods swings and energy definitely better.

Laua, Community Member
12/10/11 2:34am

I am just going through withdrawl of this very same drug.  I was on 200 mg a day for 30 days for back pain.  As soon as my prescription ended so my trouble began.  I have never felt so horrible.  I can not sleep, my muscles are twitching, my mind is racing like mad, I am anxious, can't eat, I am a mess.  Can some one please tell me what I can do to aleviate these symtoms.  How long will this go on, I have been off it for a week now.


Laua, Community Member
12/10/11 2:43am

I am currently going through withdrawl after being on Tridural (200 mg) for 30 days.  How long does this last?  I can not sleep, my mind is a racing, can't eat, I am having a hard time.   I am getting muscles twitching and it is driving me crazy.  Can someone please tell me if I can do something to aleviate this

Julia, Community Member
4/23/10 10:34am

Hi:  tridural is the non generic name for Tramadal, I am currently using it and there is info out there on the internet for Tridural.  The medication is used for people experiencing moderate to medium amounts of ongoing pain.  I have four herniated discs in my back as well as ostio arthritis in all joints, I curently use oxycontin and wanted a change.  My Doctor gave me some trial pills the are tridural and they so far have worked great to manage my pain.  Look up both names on ggole and you will find the answers to your question.



lulu, Community Member
5/10/10 11:57pm

there is a site on type in the word..tridural..side affects are sickness... headaches..constipation..etc read on it

carol, Community Member
10/12/10 1:22pm

I am trying to stop taking tridural.  I had no problem going from 300 mg daily to 100 mg daily but trying to stop completely is very difficult.  I had been taking tridural for 6 months and have been taking only 100 mg for over 1 month.  I have tried going down to 100mg every second day, but am experiencing huge flushes, insomnia, thrashing and body fatigue.  Now I am trying every 18 hours but still with not much luck.  any suggestions?

Johnny bad back, Community Member
12/22/10 7:58am

I hear ya go to thr doctor and get some demoril it will help with the pain and take the bad withdrawls away. Drink alot of water and do some walking. Hang in there u will come out of it a stronger person to. Just take the demoril when the withdrawls sre bad it will help demoril is very easy to come off and will help with the pain.

Laua, Community Member
12/10/11 2:49am

wow Carol, I am experiencing this too.   Only, I did not know that I could not just stop taking it.  The body trashing is a bad side effect.  I can not sleep, even though I am so tired.  It is nasty.  I wish I never took this drug.


Lenie Wadleigh, Community Member
2/21/12 2:45pm

This is my second submission, I take Lyrica 600 mgs and 300 mgs of Tridural and have taken it for over a year.  I now have a handle on my controlled pain.  i was trialed on different medications like Methadone, Gapapentin etc.  I have no success with these medications.

I am concerned, I am a vegetarian but have had rapid weight gain.  I have gained approximately 30 lbs.  I am mobile, walking, Tai Chi and volunteer for different organizations.  Prior to this regiment I honestly had pain 10 out of 10 never below 8.  I now have a quality of life.

I suffer from fibromyalgia and Tarlov Cyst Disease.  I do have high blood pressure and take medication for that as well.

I had malignant melanoma three years ago.  I just had six biopsies of moles last week and I am waiting for the patholgy report.

Do anyone have any suggestion about this rapid weigh gain and what I could do?

milo, Community Member
2/22/12 9:09pm

I've taken tridural several times in the past few years.  I've taken it PRN and daily, never above 300mg a day.  I've struggled when trying to stop it.  I have had many of the symptoms described with terrible insomnia and moderate restlessness.


The weird thing for me, is lately I've been getting anxiety.  I don't get anxiety and at first thught I was dying.  I've managed to talk myself into understanding it's anxiety and able to get it lowered to a level that I can manage.  It's been happening almost every day at about the same time each day.  I'm not sure if it's from withdrawal or from taking the med.  I wish I knew, as I'd do whatever I can to stop the feeling.


I find it is very effective for muscle pain, but does nothing for headaches and migraines.  I'm still not sure, but I think it actually adds to my migraines.


I suppose this med is worth the withdrawal if it gives you really good pain relief.  For me, it wasn't worth it.  Please be very aware that you may experiance withdrawals after just a few days of regular use.

psychoinsomniak, Community Member
4/ 1/12 10:58am

As someone who takes Tridural, I can only tell you the side effects I've had. Tridual is used to treat moderate to moderately severe pain. It comes in 100mg, 200mg, and 300mg extended release doses.
I found the medication makes me very tired, but you mostly just have to work through that. It gets better eventually. I still stick to my regular 2 cups of coffee each morning. Actually, being a diagnosed insomniac, this has been a great side effect for me. They recommend that you don't do not perform any hazardous tasks until you see how it affects you.
I also found that in slight changes of weather (cold to warm, etc) that my nose ran a lot more than normal. And that I sneezed out of my usual seasonal allergy time frame.
Depending on the dosage you are given, its recommended to not skip doses. At the 100mg/day dose that I am on, on days when my pain is only moderate (and I'm able to deal with it) I skip the days dose. At 200mg/day, you shouldn't, as you'll experience withdrawl symptoms. I try to stick to the lowest possible dose so I can do this, and am told to take tylenol for any breakthrough pain.
I've also found that it's helped with my panic and anxiety, but that could also be attributed to the fact that I am no longer in constant pain.
Hope this helps you. Feel free to ask me anything else you think of if it does :) 

Dee75, Community Member
5/ 7/12 8:37pm

Hi Kimberly ... Tridural is a slow release pain reliever . It is in the opiod family . The normal dose is 200 mg tablets . Lyrica did work for my chronic pain but , it also caused rapid weight gain , and caused my face to break out , not fun ... I find with tridural (taking it again ) , it gives u some pain relief but , in small increments it is a slow-release medication .. So to speak takes the edge off but not entirely ... wishing u pain free days and some comfort with ur pain issue ....

steve atkindson, Community Member
7/25/12 12:58pm

Tridural is very effective for pain however if you are taking anay mood medications you have to watch they recommend you dont as there cases od seizures reported. I am trying to take Cymbalta for neuropathy pain in my feet and taking tridural which has hepled unfortunately i cant take the cymbalta while taking Tridural. Do not just stop taking the tridural as you willl need to slowly withdrawl from them.

steve atkindson, Community Member
7/25/12 1:00pm

Tridural is also known as Tramadol thats why a lot of doctors have never heard of it they know it by Tramadol

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