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Friday, October 30, 2009 Colleen Leary, Community Member, asks

Q: have severe pain and nothing shows in xrays,mri's , or cat scans why am i just dismissed?

Have had low back pain for years due to doing hard, strenuous manual labor, and also was in a very abusive relationship for years, so sure getting thrown around,kicked, pushed down stairs ect. For over a year now pain has gotten ten times worse. And now the pain is also in my right hip, and goes all the way down my right leg. I cant bare all weight on leg and sometimes my right leg  just stops working!I have fallen many times and use a crutch to get around. Have had xrays, mri's, cat scans and am told nothing is wrong! Even told me i probably have depression because nothing is showing on films. I know what pain is and know im not imagining it. Nor am I imagining this pain! My leg and hip hurt so badly that i can't work, I can't eat when in pain so have dropped about twenty pounds. how can i have all these symtoms and nothing show up on any of the films? I just want to know whats wrong and be treated for it so i can have my life back. How can a doctor tell anyone the pain they are experiencing is not really there, just because they dont see the problem on any pictures?I had one doctor whom could of fixed me but because she didnt agree with the way the doctor whom owned the practice, treated his patients.Anyway, she gave me several injections in my spine t hat gave me minimal relief and caused major swelling of my legs after third injection. While giving these injections, she found I have herniated discs, slight scoliosis, and something like radiocupathy. She had very good equiptment and could see on screen inside my body by using like a microscope that sent exact images to screen or monintor. So how can this be? And why dont doctors pay any attention to her notes and diagnosis's? They tell me my dont exist basically, even have told me im depressed and thats whats causing pain. Well I wouldnt be depressed if one of these doctors would acknowledge this is my body and i know when it is in pain. how can someones leg just giving out causing them to fall quite frequently be nothing and why do i have to lay in bed in tears because pain wont go away and i just cant get the leg to cooperate with me , i actually have to drag it or be carried when this happens. why do they get to decide i deserve to suffer?

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MariLynn, Community Member
1/15/11 7:13pm

Oh my God,

Do I ever have empathy........I do not have the stamina to describe it......suffice it to say---I hope I do not have my life snuffed out by the time I get a proper diagnosis and treatment. You are know what you are experiencing. But if you dare question some of these arrogant doctors....I could write a book.

As an Dad was told he was suffering from a nervous breakdown---but in fact was suffering from kidney cancer which had metastisized to his brain. 'After he died not one of his doctors would admit their mistakes or appologize.

My close friend was told she had irritable bowel syndrome----and should see a psychiatrist because 'the pain couldn't be that bad.' By the time she was acknowledged and she had proper further diagnostics, it was found to be Stage 4 stomach cancer. Needless to say,she passed away shortly afterwards.















SHALEA, Community Member
12/ 9/12 1:13am

Hello my name is Shalea and I'm 25yrs old and have been living with severe chronic neck and back pain for over 8yrs now started when I was 16yrs old pregnant with my first child.. I have two children and had them both before i turned 18yrs old and always thought and still do that my body wasnt ready and thats why my pain started.. Since than I have tried everything from massages,chiropracters,injections in my neck and back, physical therapy and nothing seems to work. For over three years now I have been taking tramadol to fight the pain off but I literally have to take about 6 through out the day just to barely ease off about 1% of the pain. I finally got an M.R.I done and the doctors told me that everything was normal and told me he couldnt help me anymore but yet about 4yrs ago when I was at the Chiropracter it showed that my neck was going the opposite way. I was shocked and almost wanted to cry and slap him in the face and told him just because something doesnt show up in a picture doesnt mean its not there.

I can barely sit down for more than a couple of minutes, when I drive im in severe pain, I can only play with my kids for a couple of minutes before I need to go lay my back on the kitchen counter to try and pop my back, putting on my makeup doing my hair hurts,cooking,running, I can only exercise for about 10 to 15mins if that. Writing this to you right now is killing me.. I feel like Im in a crowd of thousands of people screaming I'm dying and no one is helping me..


Rich P., Community Member
12/19/12 2:02pm

I don't know if there is an answer, or one that modern GP's could help answer. I have something similar to what you describe, constant and intense neck and shoulder pain, with strange raidiating pain and discomfort throughout my whole body as a result. My neck pops and cracks constantly, not bringing relief. I am taking flexeril and hydrocodone when absolutely necessary (about one per day in the evening maybe 4x per week) but lately they keep me awake which is weird since usually they knock you out. I have been able to fight against the anxiety, or at least the panic attacks because logic has finally revealed that because I am still alive, I must not have anything terminal. Also, all tests have shown negative so far. Still, when you feel pain, you automatically assume its because something is wrong. Not necessarily!  I have grabbed a hold of that, that not all pain is a result of something wrong. It might be better to say, some pain is a result of wrong thinking perhaps, or even wrong breathing, reacting, imagining. It could also be chemical or hormonal. I've had to come to these conclusions myself, doctors are absolutely no help at all and I think it is because they do not treat the entire person. They take their clues only from observing physical signs and symptoms. They have no idea that people are complex interconnections of the physical, emotional, and spiritual. Modern medicine can only help us so far, and now I am thinking the best application of modern medicine may be only in trauma situations. I would be more than happy to communicate with you if you want just let me know. Keep us posted.

Bell13, Community Member
1/28/13 4:46am

There could be several things going on here. Many times where the pain is occurring is actually not the site of the injury. For example, I had terrible shoulder pain near my shoulder blade. When I went to see an orthapaedic they told me I needed surgery in my shoulder joint. I am now having hip pain but my hip is fine so now I have to have my knee and spine checked out. I am wondering if you have an injury somewhere else. On another note, not everything shows up on the MRI. Also, you could be suffering from something called CRSP. CRSP causes severe burning pain, pathological changes in bone and skin, excessive sweating, tissue swelling and extreme sensitivity to touch to name a few. Fibromyalgia is somewhat similiar, the difference being that fibromyalgia is more wide-spread and tends to affect the entire body while CRSP is more localized to one area. Cause of CRSP is unknown but it usually appears after some kind of trauma such as surgery, fractures, sprains, damage to nerve and blood vessels and brain injuries. You may have something other than what I listed but I hope it helps out. Keep searching for a doctor that listens and is caring. There are some doctors who will not listen to their patients but only you truly know what it is like to live with your pain in your body. Best of luck to you and hope you get some much needed relief! 

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