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Thursday, March 12, 2009 sukimonster, Community Member, asks

Q: with the oxycodone shortage, what are the alternatives (without adding tylonal to the medication)

I have cronic pain from cervical spinal stanosis, osteoporosis fractures (pelvis, sacrum, vertabrae, etc.), arthritis and muscle pain.  I have been on 10 mg of oxycodone for 2 years now (having come down from 40 mg per day).  I have tried celebrex, etc., with no relief.  Any suggestions for an alternative medication?

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3/12/09 10:48pm

Many alternatives to oxycodone tablets exist that do not contain APAP (Tylenol, acetominaphen). There is a oxydone product that is not in short supply: OxyFast (liquid oxycodone). The liquid is not as convienent as a pill, but it works very well. Other alternatives include different opioid family members like immediate release morphine, oxymorphone, and hydromorphone. Tramadol is also a very good pain medication that is worth a try. Even converting to Suboxone is an alternative. Work with your prescribing doctor because there are options. No need to be stuck in a rut. No need to panic. Changing medications doesn't have to be scary. You just might find something that works even better than oxycodone.


Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

CZETTLER, Community Member
4/ 4/10 10:24am

Any over the counter versions of this of the non-APAP products? My Mother is not able to get in touch with her Dr because it is Easter today and the oxydone appears to be upsetting her stomach very much.  It appears to be doing the same thing to her stomach that Tylenol does.

debbiesue, Community Member
8/24/10 12:38pm

thanks for the information. ive been on 30 mg oxycodone 7 per day for a year but getting the medication filled has become a task. in the past 3 months the perscription has gone up over $1000 and no pharmacy will take insurance for it. i have to drive over 8 hours just to find pain clinic then stay  in a hotel for days searching high and low for medication. it really feels ilegal what is happening to me. i need somthing different that i can fill. i've only got 4 pills left and ive still got a 8 hour drive which is awful for me. The fear and stress of running out or having to use my entire months pay for one prescription while paying for insurance is not fair.  I will be in pain managment for the rest of my life due to being allergic to interfon therapy 6 years ago, i gave me 10 disabiltating systems that making it through the day is hard and having constant pain is worse.  i hate the doctors who make you feel like a drug addict just because i dont want to live the next 50 years in pain.  i am so scared of going into withdrawals before i even get to the doctors office. then i'll be 8 hours away from home in a hotel very sick.. im going to look at these alternatives and hopefully my doctor willchange my program

pinkerthinker, Community Member
9/23/10 3:41pm

What??? $1000 for 210 30mg oxys???  I get 150 15mg oxys, pay about $90 for them.  Even though I get fewer pills and they are half as strong, that doesn't account for a $900 price difference.  I don't understand... 

valentinepiper, Community Member
4/15/09 2:44am

Thank you very much for the valuable information.  I see my doctor tomorrow & have already called at least 25 pharmacies.  I did find one, here in Daytona Beach, FL, who has the 15mg. Oxycodone.  At first he wanted $2.50 EACH.  I called their partner pharmacy in Sanford, FL, & though they did not have any, they told me their price was $1.50 each, so I called the first pharmacy back, pleaded & begged him & he finally agreed to sell them to me for $1.50 each.  I did call one of the local Walgreens who had 40 15mg. Oxycodones & their price was only 88 cents each, so obviously, there are several pharmacies out there who are really taking advantage of their customers in need & are gouging the prices unfairly.  I can't think of anything more unethical.  I have previously tried Dilaudid 4mg. as well as Methadone, but I did not like the side effects at all. One made me very sleepy & the other one made me sick to my stomach.  I will report back to this site & let you know what I end up with & if I think it works as well as he 30mg. Oxycodones I've been taking for over a year. 

Pain In the back (pocket), Community Member
7/ 9/09 10:52pm

I have suffered with chronic back pain since an auto accident in the early 90's.  Having lived in KY most of that time, about the best I could do was get an asprin and a pat on the back.  For a short time I lived in CA and found a pain specialist who prescribed 40mg oxycodone.  That was the only thing I'd ever taken that releived the pain for an extended period of time and gave me enough relief to get out of bed and be somewhat active.


Unfortunately circumstances forced me to move back to Kentucky and it was back to Asprin or Aleve.  I'm not sure what it is about KY, but doctors here just won't prescribe any significant pain medication.  My mother was in the hospital for heart valve replacement and in and out of the hospital with complications.  She was on a self administered morphine pump but when they discharged her would gave her tylenol 3.  That just didn't make sense to me.  For a physician to take someone who they had been giving basically an unlimited supply of self administered morphine and then to send them home with a prescription for about the weakest dose of hydrocodone available seemed almost unethical to me. But I'm not a doctor so what do I know?


Anyway, I have moved back out west and returned to my old doctor but the new problem is price.  A 1 month presecription (60 tabs of 40 mg oxycodone) just cost me $364.  Not to mention I had to go to five different pharmacies before finding one that even had the medication in stock.  I talked to my Dr. and got him to give me the 80mg thinking it wouldn't be that much more expensive and would last twice as long.  WRONG!  That prescription was $832.  Obviously that's unacceptable so I'm just now researching alternatives.


I asked the pharmicist why so much and she said they no longer make a generic Oxycodone so it's "brand" Oxycontin or nothing.  Not sure if that's true or not, but that's the story I got.


Any advice/suggestions are much appreciated!


Thanks you.

gumby2010, Community Member
2/26/10 2:06am

Your pharmacist was not telling the truth.  "No she in fact was telling a bald faced lie! its ironic I stumbled onto this discussion because I was just filled a prescription of the generic form of Percocet called Endocet for my spinal arthritis at Targets Pharmacy. I happened to ask what the price difference was between name and generic, and the price for name was $600 for 120.and For generic $169.00. All drugs after 17 years become public domain for generic production. Thats why you see so many ads for Lipiptor.

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