• dave 01 dave 01
    October 03, 2009
    dave 01 dave 01
    October 03, 2009

    In 2007 i felt my back go,at first i thought it was a slipped disk as time went on it became apparrent it was more than that,the pain increased in my back,my left side started to feel like pins and needles then burning pains started down my left arm and leg 2 years later the pain is now in both legs and feet and both arms and hands,i have been refered to 2 different hospitals by my G.P the one who is at my pain clinic says i have a buldging disk,my neuroligist says i dont and the pain is a seperate issue.All i know is this has ruined my life i am 45 years old.I dont have any real answers after 2 years of scans ect. oh i now also have the feeling that my left leg and foot are wet which is becoming more frequent.could this be fibro neuralgia?my pain killers dont really give me any relief,oxycontin and slow release morphine ect.can anyone help?




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