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Q: Home treatment for an ingrown toenail.

   Does any one have any idea how to get rid of an ingrown toenail. I just can't seem to get rid of it and I have had it for some time. I can't go to the ped. Any suggestions ?

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Juano, Community Member
7/31/08 12:23pm

This worked for me and others


Put Vicks Vapr Rub on, under and around the ingrown toenail area, twice a day. Cover area with a band aid or something that wil keep the vapo rub on the area with out being rubbed off. Do this for a few weeks or untill the nail grows out. (Mine took 10 days).  One friend told me it took 8 weeks for her but she felt that it was better than having a doctor cut the nail out, and it was also a lot cheaper.


The skin around the ingrown nail will turn white and fall away and the nail will grown past the area. The area will also start to heal and the pain, if any, will subside and will go away.

lolla38, Community Member
5/30/09 5:16pm

I have never tried this ! But I did put ''freezezone'' around the nail, then it turns white and a few days will be able to peel that skin off , and it seems to help, cause then the nail is not really touching the skin as much. But you have to keep this up a while. I haven't done it for a long time now, and my nail is again killing me. Maybe I'll try the Vicks..thanks...Lorrie....I'd appreciate more suggesions privately through my e-mail if

alicia, Community Member
10/21/10 10:11am

I am trying it now!! Have had this ingrown pain for a year now!!

tellor06, Community Member
7/14/08 4:06am

i've had 4 surgeries on ingrown toenails, two with both big toes. the reason i had to get surgeries though was because i picked at the pain and tried to dig the nail out, and it got infected. mostly what i would do is not mess with it, and cut a "v" in the middle of the toenail so that it has room to grow inwards. just don't pick at it. other than that there really isn't a cure but if you let it grow too much a minor 5-10 minute surgery doesn't hurt.

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