• Amy Tudor
    July 19, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    July 19, 2014

    Hi there, Morgan -


    I'm sorry it's taken so long for one of us to get to your question! I hope you've found the answer to your issue at this point, but if you haven't, here are some suggestions for you. The pain could be caused by a condition called metatarsalgia, which is pain in the ball of the foot that tends to be worse when you're walking barefoot. It could also be that simply as a part of aging that your arches are becoming less able to support your weight, which would be worse when you don't have the arch support of your shoes.


    Only a doctor or a podiatrist can tell you for sure, but those are some conditions that fit the symptoms you're describing. If you went to a doctor and found the problem, perhaps you could post it here?  Some of our other community members might be able to learn from your experiences.


    Here are some articles on our site that might be helpful to you as well:


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    Be well!


  • MariaElena August 09, 2008
    August 09, 2008

    Morgan I saw your questions.  I too suffer from feet pain, intensly....I think from just trying to understand this FM/CFS that its maybe something to do with nerves.  This is where my pain has been intense.  They say too I have a flat foot, I wear inserts in my shoes and try to  stay off my feet when it gets real bad.  I apply ice and take hot baths when its real bad.  I have foot massage machine and my husband helps there too.  At times theres no relief.  It's weird how you have alot of my symptons.  Maybe as you pray and seek answers God will show us whats going on here.  Okay put on your shoes of peace  that armor.   bless you...............

  • nikita August 02, 2008
    August 02, 2008

    This could be plantar fascitis, which is caused by the sheath on the sole of the foot getting tighter with age.  Along with this comes bone spurs around the bottom of the caleneus bone (heel) or very near it.  Usually comes from low or fallen arches.  Even though you say you are (16 y/o)? my son had the same thing at your age.  He went to a very competent podiatrist who had custom made orthotics made for inside his shoes, and he did not have any problems, till about 8 years later when his foot size changed and he needed another set of orthotics made.  It is better NOT to walk around the house barefoot, as you have no support for your arch like that.  Shoes like Birkenstocks are also very good for this depending on the severity of the condition.  I have the same thing myself.


    Good luck to you~

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