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Monday, September 21, 2009 Tonio Larabi, Community Member, asks

Q: Oxycontin versus Oxycodone

On your web site, if one chooses to know more information about "Oxycontin", why does Oxycodone also appear? In my experience, their effects are very different.


They MUST be different, as they have different names.


Thanks. TonioLarabi, MS, MPH

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
9/22/09 2:28am

OxyContin is the extended-release version of oxycodone.  They're the same drug.  OxyContin is just in a form that releases more slowly and so lasts longer. 

Tonio Larabi, Community Member
9/22/09 3:16am

Thank you so much for the clarification. My mother was prescribed Oxycodone and this is very helpful to understand, as the oxycodone is short-acting. She needs something that is an ER, to improve her quality of life and not constantly having to "pop" pills. Thank you again!

donnymg, Community Member
10/28/09 1:41am

If your mother is experiencing chronic pain and the oxycodone isnt doing the job try the er Oxycontin and if that is still not enough to properly treat her pain try administering opana er. However be very careful because opana er is around 4 to 5 times stronger than oxycontin per milligram. Ex. 40mg of oxycodone is equivilant to 10mg's of opana er.

Ducky, Community Member
3/ 4/10 10:04am

They are, oxycontin is a extended release similar to morphine.

Oxycodone is Percocet. 

U can read about both at

hope this helps you.


I take both of them.

BobinmidMO, Community Member
3/ 5/10 7:15pm

Guess the first difference is the price.  OxyCodone is a whole lot cheaper than OxyContin.  My current script for OxyContin costs $880 a month.  Regarding the difference in which works better, while I've been told they're the same, I think that the pain is managed a bit better with OxyContin, and so while I have a much higher monthly cost, that's the one I go with.


Regarding side effects, on my list is no appitite (ever), constipation at a level that's cruel, some itching and dry mouth that makes Codine look like childs play.  I can set a clock as fas as dry mouth goes and when it will hit.  Is it worth it?  When the pain is as bad as what we're experiencing, I'm sorry to admit that I'd drink kitty pee just to get the pain to ease up.  See, I do understand pain, and I understand you.   Please take care, Bob.

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