January 24, 2011
    how to find a doctor that will treat for long term chronic pain
    January 24, 2011

    I have degenerative disk disease and I have been dealing with servere chronic pain for 10 years and can not find a doctor that is willing to treat me for it !

    I have tryed every kind of teratment that you can think of ! I finaly had to fill for

    SSD I spend most of my time in bed and can not go antwhere I am traped in HELL it is no way to live. I even lost my family from this everything that I had is gone I need help to find a way out of this hell every doctor that I have seen does not understand this because they have not goen through something like this .So who can a person like me find a way out of pain find the help that I need to have a life agin ?



  • Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    January 25, 2011
    Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    January 25, 2011

    You don't mention what kind of doctors you've seen.  It sounds like you really need a pain management specialist.  Here is a link to a directory of pain specialists:  Doctors for Pain  I hope you find someone there that can help you. 


    There are so many different options for treating pain.  You shouldn't have to live like that.  Here is an article that can give you some useful tips before you see your next doctor:  How to Talk to Your Doctor About Your Pain


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