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Saturday, February 05, 2011 Sore Loser, Community Member, asks

Q: Very painful neck & shoulder pain that radiates down arms to hands--even in right-side of jaw

I have very painful neck & shoulder pain that radiates down arms to hands--even in right-side of my jaw. Is there a specific type of doctor I should see?  I told my regular doctor about the pain when it was just a pain in the neck and he said it was probably a pinched nerve and maybe massage would help. He didn't offer any other suggestions. Can anyone suggest a way to deal with this?

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Cort, Health Guide
2/ 7/11 1:04pm

You definitely need to get a better workup including X-rays. Pain that is not getting better should always be assessed by a physician, and if you haven't gotten to the bottom of this with your doctor, perhaps it's time to find another doctor. If your doctor thinks massage is the answer, then a referral to a physical therapist would be in order. Orthopedists are MDs with an emphasis on muscle and skeletal problems - they would probably be a good place to start....Good luck! 

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Sore Loser, Community Member
2/ 7/11 6:27pm

Thanks for responding.  My mom went to a neurologist for nerve conduction test, so I thought since my regular dr said it might have a pinched nerve, maybe that's who I should see.  So, I made an appt--hope I'm not wasting my money on seeing a neurologist instead of an orthopedist.  In any case, hope someone can help me.  Thanks again.

NC, Community Member
2/ 7/11 1:50pm

I have had that kind of pain before. It may be that you pulled your shoulder or wrist/arm. It is lots of pain when the muscle is pulled. I am not sure about the jaw, probably the pain level is so high that you get stressed.

Physical therapy helps and if you believe in acupuncture, it is helpful too.

I assume the  doctor knows there is nothing wrong like a heart problem and etc.

Hope this helps,

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