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Friday, April 17, 2009 Jane53, Community Member, asks

Q: What is the difference between opana er and ocycontin?

I take methadone for my chronic pain and I also take opana er for breakthrough pain. Is there any difference between opana er and oxcycontin? Is one stronger than the other or are they basically the same?

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mysticcherokee, Community Member
4/18/09 9:26am

I have cfs and fms.  hydrocodone 10/650 for several years.  I have only taken opanaer 10 2x day for a wek, but i think he gave me a placebo. it literally does not do squat.  i think its baby aspirin and yet i have seen on other forums that its the next miracle drug.  PHEWWY! first time visit to dr, at first pain mgmt center.  I have asked to be swithched to an oxy of some form if i'm not allergic to it.  im allergic to percocet or maybe its the tylenol in the percocet.  Just my experience.  Good luck to you!

fed up, Community Member
5/26/09 7:21am

Hi, Opana Er is for "extended release, meaning it should last over time. I'm not sure why you wuold take the methadone AND the Opana at the same time but I am not a doctor. I have been taking Opana Er along with a fast acting "break through medication" for a long time. I was switched from Oxycontin to the Opana and found it to be helpful. They are basically the same type of medication but use whatever works best. Just recently my pain has increased and I asked to switch back back to the Oxycontin ( NOT GENERIC!! There's a difference, don't care what any pharmascist says!) just to shake things up a little. Am just starting today so I will see how it goes. I am also thinking that the Opana is adding to depression which the Oxy did not. So, overall, there isn't alo of difference between the two medications. Just be honest and keep a log of your pain. Like I said, listen to your doctor and use what is best! Good luck!

Tim Barnes, Community Member
7/15/11 12:16pm

Hi.It looks like you are on some of the same drugs as i am.Maybe you can help me understand a bit better.Ok here i go.To make a long story short i have severe nerve damage from 4 failed four level fusion surgeries.I recently had a spinal stimulator put in with little help.I have been on Kadian er 100 and exalgo er 16 for break through pain.this drug does not give me much help at all.I tried opana er 40 and oxycodone 15 for break through pain.The opana does not work also.But the oxycodone gives me short term help.I told my doctor,and he said that i react to short term drugs better.So now i'm going to try the oxycontin 40 er and the oxycodone 15 for break through.I was on oxycontin after my surgeries in the past but dont remember if it helped or the pain was so intence from the procedures.My doctor told me to really start to think about a moraphine pump.Thanks for your help in advance.


fed up, Community Member
5/26/09 7:24am

I forgot to mention...the person that first answered your question should speak to their doctor about the doseage of Opana they are taking. Perhaps it isn't enough. This is a very strong narcotic and should work. I think a higher dose might be more helpful. Trust me, you're not taking baby aspirin! Pehaps just not enough. Good luck!

Tim, Community Member
10/27/10 10:55pm

From what i know opana is fairly new and expensive.   I heard an attorney who had a bad back problem say it worked very well for him and he had been on everything.  Opana does not pass the majority of the med through the liver like the other pain meds.          I take oxycontin and percocet for a number of pain issues after be hit by a car years ago.     I would switch to opana but i get my meds from the va. Methadone did not work for me.    Blessings, trust in the Lord as he does care,    Tim

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