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Sunday, August 31, 2008 muirland, Community Member, asks

Q: mis-using oxycod/apap 5-325MG

It has been reported to me that some people have grinded this med. and then snorted it.

This individual lives in my family.

Would it be very dangerous to do this and would snorting this med. make a person high?

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Cort, Health Guide
8/31/08 1:30am

Oxycodone abuse is a big problem. The drug produces feelings of euphoria. The problem is that not only is it addictive but if you take too much or combine it with alcohol or other drugs it can cause respiratory arrest; when this happens the person typically sinks into a nice deep sleep and then stops breathing - oxycodone is a central nervous system depressant.


Snorting takes the drug straight into the nervous system. Some abusers crush the time release pills and snort them - not realizing that time release oxycodone is much stronger than the normal pill.  Oxycodone can also be injected or taken orally.


Good luck your family member.

druggiesparant, Community Member
11/ 9/10 8:23am

Oh yea! Big problems. This drug is very very very adictive. Many do become addictive to it. So if you are concidering using it you should , Have a large bank account for yourself and have family with accesable sources to produce money such as great paying jobs or homes to remortage . You habit can easyily be 400 or 500 hundred dollars a day when you can no longer get a prescription from a doctor. Since you can't get off these pills it starts the cycle which include all types of methoids to get money to buy the drugs, police  , lawyer , court costs, and since there is no help available and the system just uses you to collect fees, you end uphaving no resource except commiting suicide which does solve the problem. Did you ever try to tell a judge anything? You know that will never happen so make out your will because there is no help that is acceptable in todays world.

druggiesparant, Community Member
11/ 9/10 8:46am

I did hear one unoffical  reply from the medical field for a accepable usage for some of these drugs that are now out there givin for tooth aches and stuff like that... The ONLY practical usage to these drugs is for someone on their death bed to make their last remaining time on earth more comfortable. The reasoning was that since they die, they don't need to be concerned with the after effects  of the drug till death.

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