• G.Nazareno G.Nazareno
    August 25, 2010
    Mastisol Allergic Reaction
    G.Nazareno G.Nazareno
    August 25, 2010

    I had Arthroscopic surgery to fix two tears on my right knee on July 27,2010.

    After 2 weeks, started to have redness and itching around the 2 suture sites under the sterile strip. Because it was weekend, cannot consult the doctor, appled Neosporin ointment on it. On 8/16, went to see the Orthopedic surgeon and he determined it was an allergic reaction to Mastisol based on the pattern of the redness. I was advised to take Benadryl should clear up after 2 days. The redness and irritation grew wider than the original size. On 8/20 went to consult a Dermatologist and was prescribed Clobetasol ointment to apply 2 times a day and Vanicream soap bar for cleansing. The rashes turned progressive with a few blisters and spread even wider than before. The original rashes now turn from red to darker in color (almost like purplish).



  • Cort
    Health Guide
    August 27, 2010
    Health Guide
    August 27, 2010

    That's quite a reaction. I posted a link to another persons experience with Mastisol. Some photo's are posted - she had an extreme reaction was well and used oral benadryl as well but it cleared up faster. She also used cold compresses which I assume that you've done. I can't remember if you mentioned in your post if you've seen a dermatologist but that might be a good idea.



    • Rpeterson
      October 08, 2015
      October 08, 2015
      I had rotator cuff shoulder surgery last Monday. After 3 days I had to remove bandages due to extreme itching. My full shoulder - everywhere Mastisol had been applied - was beet red & blistering. Removed steri strips as per dr & applied cortesine cream... Got worse with hundreds if blisters, skin welted up to about 1/3 inch & was unbearably itchy. Went in to nurse next day & got RX for silver sulphate cream used for burn victims. After 3 more days blistering finally began to subside. It is now 10 days post op & I still have to treat & wear gauze bandages - have 2nd & 3rd degree burns over large area. Color has turned purple & still itched but is not oozing any longer. READ MORE


  • Jasper October 05, 2015
    October 05, 2015
    I had a very similar reaction to Mastisol recently after a surgery that left me with 21 incisions on my legs. Every incision developed an allergic reaction around it. Blisters, rash , swelling, intense itching, couldn't sleep etc. It is NASTY! READ MORE
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