• Cort
    Health Guide
    May 27, 2011
    Health Guide
    May 27, 2011

    Swelling is not a common symptom of sciatica. Common sciatica symptoms include

    feeling numbness or tingly sensations, pain, weakness, trouble moving your leg or controlling its movements. Sometimes coughing or straining  or stooping or sitting in one position will accentuate sciatica.


    For more information on sciatica  -


    Swelling may be caused by many things including some kidney or liver problems or from an obstructed vein or other things. Sometimes there is no clear reason for leg swelling but it's a symptom you should definitely get checked out. Be sure to consult with your physician on this. Good luck!

    • Debra
      June 11, 2011
      June 11, 2011

      Hi thanks for replying. I have all of the above symptoms waiting on doc's letter to go have an MRI and a spinal block. The swelling in my leg has gone now, I did mention it to doc but he didnt really have much to say. Hopefully MRI will tell me whats wrong.

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