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Q: How do I treat back pain from falling down the stairs?

I slid and fell down the stairs this morning. I heard a crack when I hit the stair, and I slid down the rest of the staircase. I blacked out a little and couldn't feel anything, and I could not move for a moment. The pain was so bad soon after that I couldn't breathe. I didn't go to the hospital because I didn't want to scare my kids!

About 15 minutes later, I could stand up and get on with things.  But I am still in pain, mostly between my shoulder blades, my arms, and my ribs.  I cannot take a full breath without discomfort.  The tingling in my hands is going away.

I know I probably just got the wind knocked out of me and I'm probably just really bruised - like being hit by a linebacker, but, I thought I would toss it out there for feedback.  I don't want to make an unnecessary trip to the ER.  But, I also don't want to make something worse by ignoring it.

Thanks for offering your opinions!

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
10/ 6/09 12:26pm

I would definitely suggest going to the ER, especially since you heard a crack and are having difficulty breathing without pain.  Your spine is incredibly important and it's just not worth taking chances on long-term pain or worse. 


Please let us know what you find out and how you're doing.

infinityfx, Community Member
2/16/11 8:56am

I have 4 disc that need to be replaced, a bulging disc, sciatia, degenerative disc disease, periformis snydrome,  etc.  I have taken the stronger medications, fentenyl, morphone, etc and refuse to take them again on a regualar basis.  Darvocet worked great for me when I needed a little help dealing with the pain.  I have tried the Ultram, which simply does not work and the Ultracet, which makes me very ill.  Do you have any reccomendations to try so that my quality of life can go back up, PLEASE???????









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