• catherine catherine
    March 11, 2011
    Burning pain in lower back, left side
    catherine catherine
    March 11, 2011

    I have diabetes and a bad nerve on the lower left side of my back. The pain from it also shoots to the front. I am taking Percocet for it, but what else can I do? It iis not sciatica; it burns and sometimes I can't move. 



  • Cort
    Health Guide
    March 12, 2011
    Health Guide
    March 12, 2011

    We are the pain group so your question certainly fits here but I wonder if the Diabetes section on Health Central might be another place to look for help as well. You can find them here


     Neuropathic pain can be difficult to treat but there are quite a few options. Make sure that you doctor is aware of your problem and is looking at the different options. They can range from anti-seizure medications to anti-depressants to anti-anxiety drugs and more; all these drugs can be helpful in treating nerve pain. Good luck!  

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