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Wednesday, March 18, 2009 alifeinpain, Community Member, asks

Q: why am I having trouble getting my oxycodone ir rx filled?

My pharmacist is having trouble ordering it and had to call 5 pharmacies to find one that had it in stock. I'm afraid next month I won't be able to fill it.

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
3/19/09 12:41am

Here's a link to the article about the oxycodone shortage Bill told you about:

Bill, Community Member
3/18/09 8:58pm

Tehe reason why is 2 out of the 3 companies that

make it were closed down because of f.d.a. regulations

and their is a whole section of articles on it at Karen Richards

 the expert so look for her name and look for oxy shortage

dated March 10 because I know of at least 28 posts on that

blogging page alone and I was the first one to comment and

 Good luck because I went to 4 places to fill mine!!



                                                            Take Care /  Bill

Scooter, Community Member
3/19/09 1:24pm

I'm also on oxycodone IR and can't get any. My pharmacist solved the problem for me. He told me to have my doctor just change the prescription to oxycodone 5mg. They are made from a different company. They are in tablet form instead of capsule form. The pharmacy has a lot of them. They are not affected by the shortage. Good luck. Scooter

Rascus, Community Member
3/19/09 1:58pm

Also I know that the Ethex Pharmacuetical company had a recall in Feb 2009 of ALL of their Oxycodone  product was due to oversize pills being can type it in a search engine and pull up all the articles..Frank

Bill, Community Member
3/19/09 3:22pm

I Hope that you got my first response

but if you did not 2 of the 3 makers had the

F.D.A. close them down because of a bunch

of wrongdoings and who knows what else?

I hope you can find a place to fill them as

I went Through a Terrible time at first!!


                                                I hope I did not repeat my self

                                               as if you need any help at all

                                                  just Write me as I can not see

                                                 folks with this need go through

PAIN as I have too Many times!! By the Way I live in Denver

and was curious what state you were having the problem in??




                                                             Take Care  And good Luck




FLpainadvocate, Community Member
12/19/11 10:43pm

I have all your answers. All these pharmacies are lying. They are giving alot of untrue excuses. I can help you. You will need to go online to american pain foundation dot org. Click on getting involved, then a drop down list will come up, then click on leaders, a map of the country will come up. Then click on your state. Your leader in Tampa/Lithia are leader will have all the answers. An email address is there. If you are a legitimate pain patient and want to fight for rights to pain care, she has everything you need. Please read between the lines and you will find her. Change is coming but we need more support. Strength is in numbers.

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