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Tuesday, June 24, 2008 Molly Frost, Community Member, asks

Q: Is 60mg of oxycodone and 40mg oxycontin appropriate, for my conditions of pain, chronic and acute

I am in severe pain in the fall, winter, spring seasons, I have fibromyalgia, DDD in my neck, with spurring and arthritis, I also have pain from my Hep C which I have had for 32 years.  I started out on 60mg of oxycodone 2 tabs, 3times a day.  Then, the pain got so bad, I needed 40mg of oxycodone just to get up in the morning, well, I was left with 20mg of oxy, not enough for my pain, I asked the doctor to combine the 20mg oxycontin 1 tab twice a day, then last year I got pneumonia, had a CT scan, because my pain just kept getting worse, he gave me 1more 20mg oxycontin.  Well, I was very happy with this combo, he even let me pick up my perscription early 3 times rather than raising the dosage, during the pnemoina, the coughing didn't do my neck any favors it made the pain worse and I feel it did quite a bit of damage.  He has now decided to take me off of the oxycontin and do this 10mg a day, so now I am on 1 10mg of oxycontin 6 10mg of oxycodone perday.  This caused me more pain and stress, I see him tommorrow and I want 1 20mg per day and 6 oxycodone or 2 - 20mg per day and 3 20mg oxycodone , what do you think of how he did this, in one month each day he took me down 10mg of oxycontin and my pain was twice as bad.  He told me that I was abusing my perscription, and wants me to go off of them.  Please give me your opinion.  I know I don't have a drug problem, I have a pain problem.

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Cort, Health Guide
6/27/08 10:55am

Such a difficult issue. Your doctor is obviously worried about addiction since these drugs can be habit forming. From what I've read addiction is rarely found in people who take high amounts of these drugs for pain reduction. Oxycodone is a very effective drug for some FM patients. 




Addiction is a concern for him but you need pain relief and he should be focused on that.  Perhaps his plan is to transition to other drugs as he brings the oxycodone down (?). If his plan is to simply reduce the drugs to what he feels are acceptable levels and then leave you where you're at then you should think of finding another doctor.


Good luck.

Molly Frost, Community Member
6/ 9/10 4:49pm

Hi Cort,


Here was the issue, My doctor read an article that oxycodone products were bad for you, I cant remember if it was the New England Journal, anyhow, back when he was learning to be a doctor they were told these product were good, for a better quality of life and they were right.  They did not do any damage to the body, is was the aspirin or the tylenol that they were mixed with are dangerous.  the over the counter meds, the side effects are worse.  So, then this patch came along, the Fentenol, morphine, you where it for 3 days, then change it.  Well, that's ok if you aren't allergeric to the glue, or the condensation underneath the patch, in my case that would develop because of excessive sweating because of menopause.  So, because I am on the Hep C treatment finally I would get one day with this patch, then I would just stratch the the thing right off, and I am still sctraching because the pills from the treatment cause skin problems.  Therefore, after trying the patch, I just told him that this isn't working, well in the meantime, my doctor says that now there is contradictive info on this New England Journal of Medicine, saying the these products are ok now.  This patch has been a nightmare for me to detox off of, it is a good thing that I saved the patches that weren't fully used, because I put them on a night so I woudn't sweat all night with no sleep.  So now I am on the oxycodone 40mg 3 times per  day, and I don't go through any detox because I have legitimate pain. You are right.  But what I would like to mention is that drug companies will say negative reports on certain drugs such as the oxy and then try and promote the patch, well it just doesn't work for everybody and it is not ment for sever pain just help make the breakthrough meds last longer.  If you are in the reporting business writing an article would be nice.


Thanks for your advice

Molly Frost, Community Member
8/10/11 3:44pm

Dear Cort,


I have finally found a new doctor, he is a considered a pain doctor, but he runs a methadone clinic.  He took on my case.  I will bring you up to date, I went on the Hep C treatment last year, it has been one year now, hep C free.  Then, my doctor put me on 30mg hydromorphcontin, twice a day.  He gave me some 4mg breakthrough pain hydromorph (dialodud) twice, then he said he wouldn't give me anymore.  So, I took your advice and went to another doctor, he was reluctant to see me, because he isn't taking any new patients that aren't on methodone.  Anyhow, he gave me what I needed, 18mg long acting hydromorph, twice a day, and then 2 4mg dialodud, I then had the  mg changed to 8mg, 3 times a day.  But get this, I have cut myself back to only taking 15mg of the long acting once a day, and 2 - 3 8mg shorting whithin a period of 8 months.  The reason for cutting back on the long acting is that my fibromyalgia doesn't bother me in the summer.  It was tough for about a week, my body kept telling me I needed to take another dose of longacting after 12 hours, but I wasn't in pain, so why take it?  I intend on going down to 12mg next week and just doing the same with the short acting for another month.  I will just stock pile my pills, because I don't want to have problem when fall/winter comes and then I'll need the long acting. 


The hydromorph is a much better pain medicine for the pain issues I have.  I don't find myself running short on my persecription as I did with the oxycodone.  Don't get me wrong, oxycodone does work, but not as long as the hydromorph.  I was taking the 75mg fentenal patch, with 2-20mg oxcodone 3 times a day, when I was on my treatment, and tylenal and ibuprofen, (in the summer), that's how much pain I was in.  The fentenal patch is good for just a short period, but it started falling off me, because I was sweating so much and they don't make the one with the resoivor anymore, because I guess people were abusing it by taking the medicine out and putting it in a syringe and injecting it,so this ruins it for the rest of us, because I actually got 3 days of relief with the resovior patch as apposed to the regular one which would only last 2 days.  And as far as oxycontin, well, that only lasts 6 hours if your lucky not the 12 hours it say.


I also, saw another pain doctor, who was absolutely uselss, he wanted to put me on celexa and clonidine.  I google both drugs and just saw what the side effects were on each and it made me sick.


I hope this can be of help to someone else who is suffering from, fibromyalgia, osteoarthris, stenioses, ddd, I am 53 and have the back of a 75 year old woman.  I also have alot of nerve damage not getting any younger, but it doesn't stop me from going to the swimming pool which is the best exercise for me.  Walking is the worst, yoga and lots of stretching helps immensley.  It is unfortunate that I have to take pain meds.  My goal now, is to just take them only when I absolutely need them, if I have to go through a little detox to get there I will.  Sure I wake up  in a full on sweat in the morning, that's the drugs talking, if you can suck it up then it really helps to lower your resistance instead of taking another pill.


People don't realize that by not taking the pills the body will be in pain, those are the drugs talking telling you take more, take more , I need you, when in fact, don't take any just get up an move around sweat it out a bit.  Then take less the next day, and the next day and get more movement if you can.


Thanks, pass this on to anyone else.



1bronk, Community Member
1/21/10 4:55pm

There is no such thing as 60mg oxycodone. i guess u are on morphine?

Try the generic oxycodone 30mg. You also may want to ask your dr. about

fentanyl patches i use both and the combo works well. the fentanyl comes

in 25, 50, 75 and 100mcg. I use the 50. i hope u get some relief

Molly Frost, Community Member
2/ 5/10 9:15am

I know there is no such thing as a 60 mg oxycodone, if you read my post correctly, I said that I take 60mg of oxycodone and 45 mg of oxycontin daily. 3-20mg oxycodone, 3 10mg oxycontin 3-5mg , 3 times a day.  Anyhow, I have tried the lidocaine in jection, very helpful, but it only lasted for only 2 weeks and it is very toxic as I have hep c, so I will be waiting after my treatment untile continuitng on that path.  I am on the fentenayl patch 50 - 100 mg depending on my pain, and stil take 60mg of oxycodone daily.  I would like to take the hydrophmorph suppository, and I would like to know what strength I would take, my oxy's aren't working like they used to so, I think I will be weaning myself off of them , do you know anyone out there who has tried this product hydromorph contin supository?

If so, please let me know

Molly Frost, Community Member
2/ 5/10 9:16am

I know there is no such thing as a 60 mg oxycodone, if you read my post correctly, I said that I take 60mg of oxycodone and 45 mg of oxycontin daily. 3-20mg oxycodone, 3 10mg oxycontin 3-5mg , 3 times a day.  Anyhow, I have tried the lidocaine in jection, very helpful, but it only lasted for only 2 weeks and it is very toxic as I have hep c, so I will be waiting after my treatment untile continuitng on that path.  I am on the fentenayl patch 50 - 100 mg depending on my pain, and stil take 60mg of oxycodone daily.  I would like to take the hydrophmorph suppository, and I would like to know what strength I would take, my oxy's aren't working like they used to so, I think I will be weaning myself off of them , do you know anyone out there who has tried this product hydromorph contin supository?

If so, please let me know

Colby, Community Member
3/27/10 11:41pm

i think she means 60mg oxycontin.. which is oxycodone with a time release coating on the outside... so there is a 60mg oxycodone

diana ray, Community Member
5/24/10 4:51pm

oxycodone, and oxycontin are the same drug, Oxycontin is a brand name, oxycontin is  oxycodone with  sustained release.

Molly Frost, Community Member
8/10/11 3:53pm

Been on the fentenal patch, 75mg every 2-3 days, with 2-20mg oxys 3 times a day for breakthrough.


Now I am glad to say I have switched over to 15mg of hydormorphcontin once a day (I was taking 18mg twice a day in the winter because I started working) and 2-3 8mg dialodud per day.


This medicine works great now, been on it since August last year. I have gone from 60mg per day down to 39mg, over the last 8 months.  And I intend on going down further.

trimeltri, Community Member
4/15/10 8:03pm

PLEASE FIND ALTERNATIVE METHODS!! STOP TAKING PAIN KILLERS! My mother has suffered with fibromyalgia for almost 20 years, along with pain in her neck and back, arthritis, and painful bone spurs and bunions in her feet.  The doctors have slowly raised her levels of pain meds until she is on 60 mg of oxycontin 4x per day.  Being on pain killers long term is not healthy and WILL take over your life.  For short term use pain killers are great, but for the long term they destroy your sense of self and you become a slave to the multiple side effects.  My mom is now taking medication for anxiety, medicine to help her sleep, medicine to help her wake up, medicine to stay awake...the list goes on and on.  Her illness and her "medication regime" has taken over her life.  She struggles with pain and this is only intensifying.  What is next?  Straight morphine?  Her doctor actually suggested raising her levels of oxycontin or trying a drug for cancer patients who are suffering with severe pain.  He even suggested straight morphine shots!  I know he has good intentions, but I believe that this is a form of malpractice.  Thank goodness she had a podiatrist tell her that he would not operate on her foot until she could be off the oxycontin.  Even when used for pain, using pain pills long term can kill you.  They can also amplify depression as a person feels more and more enslaved to their suffering and sees no end in sight.  Pain pills can actually dull pain receptors and over long term use one will find their pain is intensifying.  So what does one do?  They up their pain medication dosage and it works for awhile, but then the sensors are dulled even more and each time the drugs wear off the pain is intensified. My mother was becoming suicidal and so I began searching the internet for help.  I believe in God, and I don't believe that he gives us any burden we can't bear with his help.  I am not anti-medication.  But I also believe that the Lord would not want my mother living depressed, in a fog, and suicidal.  He would not want her to be a slave to pain medication long term.  He will provide alternatives, but it is up to us to find them.  I found a program for my mom in St. George.  It is called the Bridge Recovery Center. Bridgerecoverycenter.com We reviewed the program and spoke with others who have been through the program.  My uncle, who works for the FBI, investigated them and found nothing to give pause for concern.  They are reputable.  It is a 3 week recovery program to help anyone who suffers with chronic pain issues, such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, etc.  My mother checked in last week and she is loving the program.  I have been spending time over there throughout the week and I am impressed with the process.  She is detoxing slowly, but the alternatives she is learning and the way the day is structured is making the process bearable.  It is pricey, but is there any price on feeling better?  Think of all the money you spend on medication and doctors, not to mention the time you waste that you could be actually enjoying your life!  Please look into it.  Even if you have tried alternatives for pain management such as diet, exercise, personal training, acupuncture, massage therapy, yoga, meditation psychological counseling...TRY THIS!  It is hard to know what combination will work for you and you could try forever on your own.  This center has worked with 1000 people over ten years. Only 12 people are allowed in each group each month.  They will find the right combination for you in the time that you are there.  You will feel better with exercise and with the detox diet.  The food is delicious and you will learn what foods work best for your body.  Please, Please, Please, don't lose any more time in your life wrapped up in medications!  Doctors have great intentions, but all they can offer is drugs, they don't have time to give you anything more, and they don't know what else to do. This is NOT an addiction clinic-it is NOT a lock down facility.  They will NOT take your medications from you.  They will be firm and they will tell you what to do to feel better, but it is ultimately your choice.   My mom is 60 and the women in the group range from 30-75 and there is only one man there.  Women tend to suffer with fibromyalgia more than men do. Please look into it, I know my mom is so glad she did.  She swore she would never go to a facility, she didn't think she could ever go off her medicine.  She has already dropped to 40 mg and she is feeling better every day! 

Molly Frost, Community Member
6/ 9/10 5:04pm



I realize your mother is getting older and has the same pains issues as me, spurs in my neck, fingers, knees.  DDD in my back, in neck, I am 52 years old, and I have the back of a 75 year old woman,  I also have osteoarthritis in my hips, very pain ful, so rather than going surgery, and contract a staff in fection, my partner did, he had 2 knee replacements, and almost died, and/or lost one of his legs.  I thought twice about surgery.


It just sounds like your mother would take the pills, they would get here up and moving around but then she had no where to go, being around other people and exerciing is very important.  That is what I do, and also oxycontin, can be a little hard on the stomach because of the time release stuff they put in there.

trimeltri, Community Member
9/21/10 10:51pm



You are right, sometimes surgery is not the answer.  My mother is working with a physical therapist to hopefully avoid surgery.  It is painful to try and bring her body back in to alignment, but it is helping.  She has started exercising and is feeling better than ever.  She has lowered her dosage from 60 mg. to 5 mg. and she is hoping to go completely off the oxy and go back down to lortabs and then work down from there if she can.  She hated what the oxy was doing to her mind.  Being around other people and having purpose has helped her with her pain management as well.  She goes and babysits a disabled little girl so that her mother can take a break once in a while.  It helps her to give to others.  The pain may never go away, but she is finding a happy medium between dealing with pain and having her mind. She is now trying Lyrica to see if she can exchange that for her pain pills. She also heard that krill oil helps. We will never give up searching for something.  I hope you are successful at finding what works for you.  

Newbee, Community Member
11/ 2/10 8:38pm







bbmcgee70, Community Member
6/ 4/10 12:12am

I think that 105 mg of oxy is an awful lot for anyone to be taking regularly.

I also suffer from fibromyalgia, but take no where near that dose of meds.

I take a 7.5 two to three times daily, depending upon symptoms.

How do you even function on such a high dosage? That seems like cancer pain treatment quantity!!

Lyrica is also effective for fibromyalgia, as well as certain anti depressants.

I know they do not really help much alone, but in combination with a lower dose of pain meds, they may be what you need to cut down .

Also, you may not feel the oxy is working due to you not feeling the euphoria or "high" they give you. But, they are still helping your SYMPTOMS.

I agree with your doctor, you may have a problem, and need to seek other avenues besides oxy only.

Molly Frost, Community Member
8/10/11 3:47pm

I have changed my script from 15mg of hydromorphcontin, once a day (it was twice in the winter) and 2-3 8mg of dialodud.  These drugs work much better than the oxycodone, I am done with that stuff.

Donna, Community Member
9/24/10 3:31pm

I have had chronic pain for 13 years, I have taken just about every combination you can think of. Now my doctor has me on 60 mg. of Oxicodone and 180 mg. of oxicontin, 1 60 mg. oxicontin 3 times a day. It is the only thing that works to control my pain. I have an extremely high tolerance for pain medicine. My worst pain is in the spring, fall, winter as well, the weather definitely plays a roll. I was thrown off a cliff 13 yrs. ago, crushed my right foot and broke my back in 3 places. They fused my foot and it turned out to be a non-union bone fusion, there isn't anything they can do about it except amputate my foot. NOT happening. I hope you get some relief soon.

Carrie, Community Member
4/28/11 11:49pm

As long as the pain medications are not abused it is okay to take whatever cotrols your pain and is under a doctor's supervision.  I have had fibromyalgia for approximately 6 years and nothing seems to help me but opioids.  Without those medications I find myself in bed mostly all day.  If I could afford the money I would get a full body massage every day, as that would calm down the pain, but that is not feasible.  I try to walk or exercise in other ways, but it always is a proiblem because of the chronic fatigue.  It seems like no one of my friends or family believe my condition and think that I am just a hypocondriac.  They don't understand what it is like to be in constant pain 24 hours a day.  And the chronic fatigue drives me crazy because I am used to keeping a clean house and yard and I can not keep up with either.  I am at a loss as to what to do other than to kill the pain with the pain pills.  I just try to keep happy so that I don't drag others down.  I don't get out much because I get too tired.  If anybody has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Ray, Community Member
8/ 2/11 10:03pm


       Usually fibro and arthritis are not treated with those kind of heavy meds. You seem to be focusing on the meds. What else are you trying to do with your life? Social, counseling, volunteering, part-time work, hobbies spiritual, physical exercise etc? Maybe you should be exploring this question with a good counselor in the medical management field. Your physician might look favorably on your initiatives to live with pain, not just medicate.  Good luck.  

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