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Saturday, January 31, 2009 hurting36, Community Member, asks

Q: A friend suggested Roxycodone 15mg for breakthrough pain, in place of 10/325 percocets. good idea?

The percocets are losing there efficiency, is Roxicodone similiar to Percocets, stronger, weaker. Just wondering if anyone has had these or any info at all. I have an appointment with my Pain Dr. coming up soon, and been in alot of pain the last three weeks, so I am looking for some sort of break in the pain even if just a day, an hour. Thanks for any info!

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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
1/31/09 4:33pm

The Percocet you're taking is 10mg of oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen.  The Roxicodone you're talking about is 15mg of oxycodone.  So basically you're talking about increasing the dosage of oxycodone by 5mg and eliminating the acetaminophen.  (Acetaminophen is often added to an opioid to boost it's pain-relieving effect.) 


Since we build a tolerance to any opioid over time and have to increase the dosage to maintain the same level of pain relief, you may be at the point that you need an increase, whether it is Roxicodone or something else.  It's worth asking your doctor about.

cindi, Community Member
2/19/09 11:34am

hi, thanx for getting back with me about the patch, i'm afraid i don't know anything about roxycodone, in fact, never heard of it until i came on this site. it seems it would be a better drug than vicdin or percocet, because there is no tylenol in it, i wonder why they just don't just prescribe this, since too much tylenol can mess up your liver. i take vicodin for the breakthru pain, 1 every 6hrs and it really does not do anything, i will be talking to my pain doc about it. if you get anymore info on this roxycodone, i would appreciate if you could write back to me and tell me about it.  hoping everyday isn't as painful as the last, cindi

jean, Community Member
4/ 5/09 8:46pm

You need to notify your Physician. You can talk with his Nurse and she will relay the message to him about your pain.

Beck3333, Community Member
10/29/09 8:02pm

I take 3 - 10/325 Percocet every day and as a back up, my doctor also prescribes me 30 of the 15 mg Roxys every month.  Personally, I have discovered that there is something in the Percocet, which must be the acetaminophen, that gives me more mental energy, which keeps one's mind off the pain, than if I just take the Roxy's by themselves.  It seems like it should be the Roxys that give the most mental energy but it's not that way.  I've taken narcotic pain medication since about 2002 and you do have to increase your medication over time, which I hate, but I can't stand the back pain and knee pain I have.  However, I cannot STAND how I am treated by the pharmacists and their helpers - as if I'm a crackhead.  It makes me want to break their jaws and say "now, do you want to suffer with that pain or do you want something to make it feel better, you jerks!!"  

Trishthedish, Community Member
6/ 5/10 4:19pm

I have chronic back pain as well and got my RX's thru Walgreens and they all treated me as a "drug seeker' so I reported all who had anything to do with it to the regional manager and they did get into trouble. I made as much trouble for them as they did me. Then I switched pharmacy's to CVS and they are all wonderful to me and my husband. I have been there now for 5 years. Don't put up with that crap out of them, they are supposed to be professional, stand up to em. It's bad enough we even have to take pain meds.

CarrieT25, Community Member
9/13/10 12:43pm

The best thing to do is to talk with your doctor about it, preferably a pain management doctor b/c they're way more educated on pain. Pain is a very complex thing & they know that. Your general physicians don't understand entirely & most will treat you like a drug seeker. Been there, done that! If you feel you need your meds upped, then tell your doctor. The good thing about roxycodone 15mg is they are more effective on the pain & way CHEAPER b/c they don't have Tylenol in them. 120 ct is around $45 with the "GA Drug Card", you have to live in GA though. They are very cheap regardless, whereas I was paying $180 - $200 for Oxycodone/APAP 10/325 mg tablets. With the Roxycodone, you can take a regular, over the counter Ibeuprofen (200mg) for the extra relief. It's still less than 325mg & the combination does work. At the pharmacy, basically, it's none of their business b/c they don't know why we take the medications we take. It is only their jobs to fill them & give us info on the meds they fill. Some do look you at funny & then there are others who are professional. They do have a moral obligation if they truely believe you're a drug seeker/drug abuser but under very strict guidelines. I used to let it bother me but I don't anymore. I know what kind of pain I am in... and to be quite frank, we wouldn't feel this way or worry about what they think if it weren't for the prescription drug abuse epidemic! Some of us DO have self control and don't abuse them. And, if you take one and you're still in pain 2 hours later & take another one, that doesn't make you a drug addict. It's human nature to do whatever to make the pain go away. If you do your part, remain responsible, try exercises & whatever they suggest then you will feel better about yourself b/c you know you are trying. If you're just taking the pills & laying on the couch all day, then maybe you have a problem (unless it's extremely severe pain).

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