• hurting36 hurting36
    November 19, 2009
    Why am I passing pain meds through stool?
    hurting36 hurting36
    November 19, 2009

    Awhile back, I passed a MS Contin, since have changed to Oxycontin, I have recently passed 2 at a time, still see the imprints, not the shells, the whole pill. Went to see stomach doctor, and seems to have them puzzled, because my meds cause constipation, but when I take medicine for the constipation I pass the pills.


    My question is that all the Drs., I have called, and pharmacies and ask a nurse, does anyone have any real suggestions, on how to keep my meds from passing too soon. Immediate release, no problem, just time released, is there a certain time, or food, or any advice, would be greatly appreciated. Because, when I keep them in, its the first time in years, I can actually function!!!!   Thanks



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