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Sunday, December 12, 2010 Marcus Owens, Community Member, asks

Q: How long (how many days) does fentanyl show up in the urine on a GS/MS test? My unfortunate story follows...

I have been on suboxone for 2 years and have always passed the drug tests my doctor gives me. I was supposed to have an appointment 18 days ago, but on the way to the office I was slammed into by an SUV. I called my doctor's office and made an appointment for three days later. When I show up, they tell me that I never made an appointment, that I must be mistaken, etc. Well I don't know exactly what happened, but they gave me a REAL appointment this time, but it would have to be in 15 days. Without my suboxone, I started going into severe withdrawals. I'm appalled that this doctor would be so inconsiderate to a respected patient like me, and am trying to find a new doctor now. I found the only opiate-type thing around through my mother, who was happy to help her tortured son, and it was fentanyl. Now, it is 4 days until my REAL suboxone appointment, and I need to know how long (how many days) fentanyl will show up in the urine on a GS/MS test after I stop taking it.

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Cort, Health Guide
12/12/10 11:13pm

I'm sorry about your situation but I'm afraid our policy at HealthCentral dictates that we not give out this type of information for fear that it will aid other people who are abusing drugs. (I assure you, though, it is on the internet.) Good luck with your appointment.  

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By Marcus Owens, Community Member— Last Modified: 01/03/11, First Published: 12/12/10