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Thursday, October 02, 2008 marty, Community Member, asks

Q: what is difference between hydrocodone 10/500and 7.5/750. the 10/500worked better for me.

i have severe neck pain and two years ago i was ordered the 10/500 and now i was ordered the 7.5/750 which does not seem to control my pain as well as the 10/500. what is the difference in the drug dossage. thank you for your time.

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cfol44, Community Member
10/ 2/08 6:04am

FrownI have been down your road one to many times, sorry to hear your Doctor has lowered your pain medication and did not tell you. The difference between the 2 medications is as follows and there are 2 parts to it; The first part is the narc. part of them medication, the first number the 10 vs the 7.5. This is the amount of hydrocodone, the narc pain killer in the med. So your doctor has brought your medication down 2.5 mg. The 2nd part of the medication is the amount of genaric Tylenol in the pill. He has bumped that part up, going from 500mg to 750mg. It's the same instead of taking 1 tylenol for the pain, your now taking 1 1/2. Thats all. And the other part of the med, the part that makes you loopy in some cases, Hydrocodone, he has brought that down a half a pill, instead of taking say 2 Hydrocodone or Vicodin pills, you are taking 1 1/2. You might consider going to a Pain Doctor if you have had this pain for that long. It sounds like your Dr. might be trying to wheen you off the narc pills, and seeing if the over the counter meds are going to do the job. Im sure he did not explain the difference in the medication, did he or she? Probably not. Go to someone that can deal with the pain 100% Depending on your location in the Country, and the State you live in, some Doctor DO NOT like to ogive out pain pills, because people are really abusing them very badly! Unless you see a Pain Dr. most of the Doctors would rather not deal that much in pain medication, because they dodnt need the hasstle of having patients being strung out and begging for pills they dont need. It is tough if you have real pain and your not seeing a Doctor that really has his heart into helping you. They kind of have a time frame they go by, and if your not getting better, they either send you to another type of Doctor, or they just stop giving you the pills until you do see someone else. They really dont want to deal with it. Im not saying every Doctor is like that, but there are quite a few, and if you have one of them, your in for a bad time. I hope I gave you a good reponse, sorry for all the rambling on, but it gets me upset hearing someone that is having that much pain, and the Docter changes the med and says nothing about it. GO SEE A PAIN DOCTOR!!! They can do so many things to relieve your pain, and they are not going to let you suffer at all. Have a better day.

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