• libralynn libralynn
    September 19, 2008
    How do you find a doctor that will help without calling you a drug dealer or an addict?
    libralynn libralynn
    September 19, 2008

    I have chronic pain. Doctors that I have gone to see treat you like a drug addict or a drug dealer even when all of your medical history is on record. One doctor writing one bad thing in your records will result in a person suffering from overwhelming pain. I thought pain medication was made to help you not make your suffer. I thought doctors where there to help you not let you suffer. What can a person do, where do they turn when chronic pain takes over your life? Cry



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  • myra September 20, 2008
    September 20, 2008

    Outside of going to a program labeled to be a "Pain Clinic" per se, I honestly don't know of a way to find a doc who will prescribe pain meds. I have been fortunate to have 2 of the most wonderful doctors ever with my pain meds. I am about to be thrown out into the world to find another because my current doc is moving out of the area. He is great not because he prescribes pain meds, but he ixcellent organizationally, communicates well, keeps up with labs well, is not threatened by my being proactive in educating myself about not only my conditions, but also my generous meds list. That being said in order to let you know that I don't think he's great just because he prescribes meds for me.



    I was a member of group whose leader INSISTED that anyone in need of CP meds call and ask specifically if the doctor in question will prescribe narcotic pain reliever if a siuation warranted. You get your answer and make an appointment or move on as the case requires. Nail 'em down and make 'em answer you. This is the wa I found m y current wonderful doc who is about to leave.


    I also have a feeling that a new doc in town might be more amenable to new patients who need pain help than others who have an established patient load. Haven't tried this out, but I have a feeling that my current doc was new in town when I called his office.


    The difference between chronic pain med use and addiction is that addiction has a behavioral element that a pain need does not, and that is the drug seeking componenet. If a person just needs meds for pain, they don't think about it 24/7. A drug addict has nothing else on his or her mind except where his or her next pills will come from. there have no scruples about where they get there meds and have no responsibility to be sure the meds are safe and not just something from the street that may or may not be contaminated with other things.


    Hope this helps more than it muddles.

  • carolinajewel03 September 20, 2008
    September 20, 2008

    For one, have u been to a pain center, I have found that all doctors are turning to a narcotic free facility. My doctors malpractice insurance would double if she wrote narcotics for more than 6 months to the same patient. I wish I knew this was why before, so I could understand it was not her, and  wouldn't had the feeling of her abandoning me. A pain center is called that for a reason, they handle nothing but chronic pain. I took all my records, MRI's...and he is tryin to help me...I hope you will stop taking it personal (like I did for yrs), alot of these doctors are scared to death because now they can go to jail, if the give pain meds to the wrong person, and they die...the doctor is who they look at. I came to a realization that it is not all the doctors fault. I blame some on the doctors, I blame some on the laws, and I blame alot on the true pill seekers out there that make it so hard for someone like you that is in chronic pain. I wish I could have a magic word, and all ur pain would go away, but I don't.

  • Pamelalbpa September 19, 2008
    September 19, 2008

    The problem you have is that you do the pain killers every day.. & if I'm right about that, then you need to realize how addicted you really are. When I finally had to admit to myself that I needed pain killers, I was scared, really scared. I read up on pain killing pills & addiction, a lot! It took a 3 years to find a Dr that would help me & when I finally found a 'Pill Dr', I toed the line, I was Sooo Greatfull to find a Dr that Cared!! When I met my Dr, I was determined to make a good impression & what I told him was: "I know I'm asking for drugs that I can get addicted to.. I'm in a lot of pain but I Promise that there will be at liest 1 day out of each week that I WON"T DO ANY pain killers, & I will try my best NOT to take pain killers for 2 days in a row. Now my Dr will give me anything I ask for (& I NEVER ABUSE my Dr by asking for to much). Any pain killer you use for 10 straight days will cause addiction!! Addiction is Simply: Pain on top of Pain & nobody wins with addiction, your Dr's scared for you. What you need to do is~ Pick any 2 days (or at liest 1 day) within every week & Don't Do the Drugs! You ARE addicted if you do them every day & the drugs probably don't work for you, now.. Simply Because You're Doing Them Every Day!! When you quit doing Pain Killers Every Single Day, the Pain Killers Actually Work. It simply doesn't matter about the pain your in for 1 day a week, pick a day a friend or relative can come to your house to help you!! I'm sorry you're suffering so badly... everyday.

  • grinna sims May 22, 2014
    grinna sims
    May 22, 2014

    Don't listen to carolina or whatever they are CALLED. Pain is no joke & I have worked as a can & I have seen PAIN out of patients. That person does NOTunderstand what pain really is & a person who hurts continually they can't go 1 to 2 days without their medications they will kill themselves to get out of misery or they Will be in the emergency room because of that pain is so horrible & extreme to bare. So they do not know what real pain is. I guess cancer patients should deal with their pain suffering & then take their medications 2 days LATER. A cancer patient is not an addict or anyone else who has very extreme server pain that they are in tears crying , screaming , & wanting to die if not having relief. They don't know what an REAL addict is & THAT'S someone who uses the narcotic pain medication just because they want to get high that good feeling. But if you're using it for the right way then you're NOT an ADDICT. So doctors should treat people like that but so many people has lied just to GET pain pills & they are not serious of the pain. It makes all of us look bad when we are in pain & the doctors just give you a muscle relaxer. I have fibromyalgia & some days I am in serve pain. I am so angry right now that I can't sleep with the pain that I am going through. My doctor sent me to a pain management doctor & HE gave me muscle relaxer plus taking lyrica none works. But I am in hope that I can find another doctor WHO WILL LISTEN TO ME ABOUT MY PAIN LEVEL. This pain management doctor he has an attitude & HE makes me feel like I am a drug addicted trying to get a fix instead if giving me some relief. I want to cry & as you see I am just so angry with PAIN inside. But I can't sleep unless I can find a doctor who understands that I am scared of MRIs that I need something to knock me out while the test is done & give me something until the test results cones back to see WHERE my legs go numb with tender touch to cold place on my legs to have them in extreme pain of pins,& horrible pain. I am so much hurting how people can classified people who are really going through it & the doctors don't want to listen to the person of their pain. Well I am ending because the MORE I keep on with this subject my body starts hurting even worser. But I hope you did finally get the help that you need & have a blessed one.

  • kidney cancer March 15, 2011
    kidney cancer
    March 15, 2011

    im going through this right now i went to the er with very bad kidney pain and couldnt figure out why no one would help me then when someone gave me a copy of my medical files i saw that the dr said i was a chronic iv drug user and severly addicted to herion i have never in my life touched herion or stuck a needle in my veins and dont know where this dr got off saying this. come to find our i had kidney cancer and 6 months later lost my kidney. if somone would have bothered to believe me and listen to me i wouldnt have lost it. im am currently seeking an attorneys help with this i want that off my record it is a total lie and i dont want drs thinking im a drug addict when im not.if i were you i would get a copy of your records maybe a dr put somewhere in there your a drug addict and thats why no one wants to give you pain meds . good luck

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