• atonalkeb atonalkeb
    December 15, 2009
    I need to know where I can go that will treat me without insurance?
    atonalkeb atonalkeb
    December 15, 2009

    I have chronic pain. I have constant pain in my neck. I have Pars in my lower spine. It was recommended that I have my left ankle bone "Fused". I have been without a job because of my back and ankle since June of 08. I filed for disablity but have been declined. Since I filed for disabilty my neck and right shoulder and right elbow also have started hurting. I am in constant pain and it is depressing me, I have no insurance so I went to a "Health Clinic" and they will not address my problems because I am told they are not able too. I need to know where I can go that will treat me without insurance? No OTC medications I have tried reduces my neck pain whatsoever although very high doses of Naproxen (2000+ mg) will take some of the edge off my lower back pain as long as I do not stand for any length of time, but of course I have to worry about the side effects of taking high doses of Naproxen. I also get extreme headaches that last for days. These started about 6 months ago.



    I live in Lebanon, TN



  • Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    December 16, 2009
    Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    December 16, 2009

    It sounds like you don't have a regulary primary care doctor.  It's often difficult to find a doctor who will prescribe pain medications even for their regular patients.  It becomes even harder if you're a new patient. 


    It sounds like you really need to see a pain management specialist.  Unfortunately, they're usually fairly expensive.  But if you're able to pay when you go for the appointment, I would think they would see you.  Actually, there are some who won't take insurance – you have to pay upfront then you can file your insurance (if you have it) for reimbursement. 


    The only thing I can suggest is to start calling pain management specialists and ask if they take cash patients.  Here's a link to directory of pain doctors to help you get started:  Doctors for Pain  Also try looking in the Yellow Pages under "Physicians & Surgeons, Pain Management."  I don't know if there are any in Lebanon, TN, but there's quite a long list in Nashville.  (Note: Many doctors will offer a discount if you pay cash rather than file insurance, so be sure to ask.)


    I'm really concerned about the amount of Naproxen you're taking.  You should never take more than 750 mg at one time and no more than 1500 mg in 24 hrs.  Even at those dosages, studies have shown that people are at an increased risk of heart attack and cardiovascular stroke.  Taking Naproxen regularly could also be causing your headaches.  Please read:  Medication Overuse Headache – When the Remedy Backfires


    Good luck to you.  I hope you're able to find a doctor who is willing to treat you very soon.  Please keep in touch and let us know how you're doing.


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