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Q: Does Lyrica start working on the first time you take it?

...or does it take a while for the drug to build itself up in your system before you feel its effects starting to work? What are normal starting doses and then what are regular doses?

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Cort, Health Guide
2/ 2/09 10:10pm

Lyrica generally takes at least a week to start working and can take considerably longer. According to the Lyrica website dosages typically start out at 150 mg/day (in 2-3 divided doses) and patients can work up to 300 mg/day over a week or two. The highest dosage is 600 mg/day but that typically doesn't seem to offer many added benefits.

spinalcordandMSgirl, Community Member
7/20/09 6:48pm

I suppose that after many doctors for my own MS, then trying to take care of my mom's last days with MS I learned quite a bit.  I do know that once she got the Lyrica into her system, she no longer woke up crying in pain. 
I'm so happy I found this page and am feeling quite at home with the people and doctors here.  Thank you!

reggie911, Community Member
8/20/09 12:44am

For me Lyrica started helping immediately, at first I was very drowsy but after a week or so that side effect went away. I was started on 75mg/day and now I am on 150mg twice a day. and have been on it almost a year. It really helped me.

reruho, Community Member
9/17/09 11:18pm

You may see results immediately but I would not get my hopes up on that happening. Most websites tell you to wait at least 2 weeks to start seeing results. The minor and annoying side effects start subsiding in that timeframe and you should start to see how well things are going.


Dosing varies. I started at 50 mg a day for a week, increasing 50 mg a week until I reached 150 mg  ( 50 mg 3x a day). After that, your doctor can adjust the dosing depending on your tolerance and the effective of the medication.


I took Lyrica for the burning pain of my RSD but we were not a good match. The lyrica did help my pain but the side effects for me were too much. It helped me sleep and that also helped with my pain.


I have talked to many lyrica users and I have noticed it is either a miracle drug or a drug from hell for people. It works or it doesn't, very black and white.



mediaexpert, Community Member
3/15/12 11:31am

I was on Lyrica for a long time.  Pain was regulated --not entirely gone, but better.  The most I was on was 150/day.  I just tried Cymbalta for the second time.  It did Nothing for me.  Sooo, went back on a couple of Lyrica tabs past 2 days (small doses).  Feel better already. My doc just called in a pharmacy order at the recommended dosage for fibromyalgia (300-450 mg/day).  That sounds like a lot to me, so I'll start lower.  Lyrica = fibromyalgia wonder drug!


Spooky, Community Member
10/25/09 12:32am

Lyrica works on the serotonin system and takes 1-12 weeks to reach full effect, if it's going to work.

Spooky, Community Member
10/25/09 12:38am

Whoever said it's either a miracle drug or the drug from hell is right.  For me, it was the drug from hell.  I'm told I walked around like a zombie, spoke nonsense all day, and spent hours just staring straight ahead.  Worst of all, I have no memory of the 4 weeks I was on it at all, so I can't dispute or confirm the above.  If a friend had not called my doctor (I live alone) I am afraid of what might have happened.  Please have someone you trust watch you carefully at the beginning.  I know this drug has helped many, but I know from my research that my reaction was far from rare and also common with Lyrica's parent drug, Neurontin.

JH, Community Member
11/14/09 9:28pm

Lyrica was like a miracle when I started taking it over a year ago. Recently, I have experienced severe foot pain and I feel like I am walking on golf balls. I can only walk for around 10 minutes before I have to sit down and rest my feet. I am seriously wondering if the medicine is creating a backlash with the pain that it originally controlled.

Ana, Community Member
6/ 1/11 6:10pm

I´ve had a similar effect but it only took a few days. After a week of taking it today I hurt all over, from my face to my feet. Typing this is painful. I can't understand it and wonder if anyone else has had the same effect

badpree, Community Member
11/20/09 4:06pm
I started taking Lyrica two weeks ago and I ramped up from 50mg to 300 mg in one weeks time. The dosage for fibro pain is 300-450 mg a day in two divided doses. It is helpful to make sure the med is taken on time every day. I have already started to feel the helpful effects. I have had six back surgeries and chronic pain/fibro/chronic fatigue. I feel more energy and the desire to do things, like this! Weeks ago I would have never sat at the computer and typed for hrs like I have today. Good luck and God bless!! Reply
Jillian Barclay, Community Member
10/ 4/10 12:13pm

Lyrica can show some effects in the first few days, but that is relatively rare. The effects can take from one week to twelve weeks, but in 2 clinical trials, 20% of the patients had to leave the study in the first week due to side effects. Side effects can range from drowziness to stupor, swelling of the extremities, vision disturbances, confusion, nausea, etc., etc. Long term effects are not known and Lyrica has shown promise in only 30% of the people taking the medication. For me, any relief from the chronic pain of fibromyalgia has been limited to maybe one or two pain free days a week. Still, that is the best I have been able to accomplish with any of the meds I have tried.

jodeoh55, Community Member
1/23/11 11:54am

I just started taking Lyrica two days ago. I am so dizzy and nauseated I'm not sure waiting for the nerve pain to end is worth it. I can not see myself going to working in this condition. I'm having difficulty managing things around the house. Does the dizziness and nausea go away? My sciatic nerve pain and frozen feet are almost more bearable than feeling this way/

Carole, Community Member
8/16/11 4:45am

The dizziness and nausea does go away...but I understand not being able to go to work. I am retired, so when going through this, I would lay down. It took me almost a week before these side effects went away...but still in pain. My doctor then increased my dosage to 225mg a day...1 in the mornnig and 2 at bedtime...I'm getting good days but mostly bad days...I don't think there is a miracle drug out there for pain...


MG, Community Member
5/ 7/12 3:56pm

Seems like lyrica has helped me in just the first fews days. So far so good no side affects. I started on a very low dose 50 mg at bedtime for 1 week then after that it will be 50 mg at bed and 50 mg when i wake up.  I am a little drowzy but it goes away. I will see if headaches persist. I like it so far. I have no pain from my neck to my legs. My anxiety and blood pressure have lowered because the pain has lessened.  I hear so may nightmares stories about this drug but am willing to try almost anything. Cymbalta knocked me out that's what i tried first it made me ill from just 1 - 60mg dose just terrible. I was on a medium strength birth control and it made me crazy as can be but my heavy periods are so bad I am not going to try Nuvaring to see if that relieves my heavy painful symptoms if not next I will try and IUD. I am just 45 so Its very frustrating having to find a relief. I feel bad for my family but I feel bad for me to. They dont understand fibromyalsia or heavy periods or the constant mood and pain I am expierencing even after its been explained to them. Seems like they are going through a very selfish age themselves so all I can do is try to find relief myself and stop doing so much for everyone else.


Wrokgoddess, Community Member
8/23/12 7:51pm

My family is the same way  :/ I don't think they do understand how after years of being a super mom I just can't do it anymore.. I have Fibro and Psoriatic Arthritis.. The lyrica (i have been on 75mg a week now) Does help with some pain so far but not the (joint) Arthritis pain..I do feel agitated and tired and some swelling..Hopefully it goes away.. I feel for you and understand how you feel.. Been a while since you posted so I hope things are better for ya..

Pain fairy, Community Member
9/13/12 7:41am

Ihave been taking it for 4 weeks now, gradually increasing the dose while decreasing gabapentin to zero. I notice no side effects, but also no pain reduction (didn't with gabapentin either, hence reason for changing). I forgot to take them this morning, and don't have them with me so can't take any until tea-time. So far, I don't feel any different from usual. I wonder if I'm on a placebo! I have horrendous lower body pain ALL THE TIME, people without pain cannot understand what this is like. GP put me on Tramadol, within one week I couldn't get out of bed I felt so sick (fortunately I was on annual leave), and still no pain reduction. I am now trying Lyrica, again with no appreciable difference to pain.  

BoyInPainnnn, Community Member
5/23/13 12:17am

ive took 300 a day 100mg then 6 hours later no releif so i took 2 100s and im still hurtin like a stuffed hog i feel no side effects i have had 3 shoulder ops last was replacement leading to unrepairible 3months later then my doctor started testing me and saying i have ms im 25 m my moms got it and sister so has our grandother but this is making me about to shoot myself i cant work forced my wife to leave me im bout to just get drunk and load my 45 if this pain dont leave


melaniemj, Community Member
9/10/13 3:06pm



Oh my gosh please dont do that.:-( let that 45 gather dust! I feel your pain, at least some of it. I have a rotator cuff tear right shoulder, bursitis left shoulder, partial tendon tear in left knee & wedge compression L1. Am doing trigger point massage n physical therapy (no surgeries yet). Mom,  one of her two sisters and my mothers mother all have ms. Am way too young but  im presently being tested for it, so far mri of my head came back negative but my aunts lesions were actually found in her spine so now  want to do a spinal tap to rule it out. Just keep in mind that ms isnt a death sentence. Some people have only one attack,go into remission then never have another. My mother had the most aggresive form of ms but my aunt only one ugly attack n has been up n wallking without problems for 11 years. True, doesnt mean she wont ever again, am just saying ms meds have along way and theres hope that there didnt use to be:-) as for lyrica, upped my dose two 150mg twice a day for the last two weeks. No side effects, has helped anxiety that i didnt know i had, has helped  with my energy levels but no pain relief yet plan to give cymbalta n sevellal a fair shot as well. Should you or anyone like to chat, i'll be checking back. My hopes & prayers to all. (As long as we're breathing theres always hope).

faithleads2hope, Community Member
8/ 5/14 2:47am

i know this is older comment but i pray u are ok...I'm so sad u feel so hopeless....may the Lord lift your heart and help u through this trial. please don't loose hope...I understand pain and suffering...only Jesus keeps me through it because His spirit brings me comfort. praying u hold on and find hope in the Lord as I have.

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