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Saturday, April 17, 2010 joe dennis, Community Member, asks

Q: long term pain med

I have been on narco 10-325 for 2 yrs. i have hern.discs in neck and lower back,carpul tunnel in both hands. What is a good long term pain med? my pain mgt.Dr. took me off the narcos and I'm just left in too much pain to be left like this. can you recommend a med.,we can talk about. It seems only opiates seem to work. I've done all the standard meds -anti-inflams, steriods, muscle relaxers,trigger point injs. please help me! p.s. I also have siatica pain in right leg.

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Cort, Health Guide
4/18/10 11:29pm

Why did that Dr. take you off narcotics? It is true that a significant number of people do develop tolerance to narcotic drugs over time. However, many  do not and they remain a mainstay for the treatment of chronic pain. Were you developing tolerance?

Several non-narcotic drugs have proved helpful in the treatment of pain. These include drugs for neuropathic (nerve) pain such as Neurontin and Lyrica, antidepressants and antianxiety drugs and muscle relaxants. You'll have to talk to your doctor to determine if any of these drugs might be helpful. In any case, being in severe pain should not be an option. I hope you can find a doctor that will work with you to find a way to bring your pain down. Good luck!

timmyk, Community Member
4/28/10 9:51pm

I just don't understand folks saying that Lyrica and Savella and muscle relaxers help pain. These people who say this just can't have the chronic pain this gentleman experiences. I too have chronic pain and all the Fibro drugs and muscle relaxers do NOTHING for pain. Only opiads. I really believe some of you really don't have the hardcore pain of some of us who suffer greatly with Fibro. \


Get back on your pain meds as soon as possible. Go see a doc who really knows the pain True Fibro patients experience.

Good Luck


MillieKeyLargo, Community Member
4/18/10 9:16pm


Did your PM Doc give you a medication to replace the Norco's, or did he cut the Norco's cold turkey??? I hope that he didn't do that to you.... But anyways, MS Contin CR is a good medication, also Avinza. They are both extended release medications, so you only have to take maybe 2 a day and they will cover the pain. You might also want to ask your Doctor for a break through medication, since sometimes our pain can peak and when that happens a break through medication comes in handy. Good break through medications are: Dilaudid, Norco, Hydrocodone, etc. Good luck with your Doctor appointment.

nesara311, Community Member
12/16/10 10:15am

I was on a great pain manangement program.MS Contin 30 mg three times a day.I had my life back.Then some one rear ended me,causing disc herniations in my neck on top of the damaged lumbar spine that I was being treated for quite well.Long story short,after the accident.I was treated diffrently.They looked at me as a druggie.Took me off the ms contin and put me on three norco pills a day.I am kinda mad and want to prove that I am in no way a druggie and was thinking about rehab.But what would that do for me?Make me a person who can not get up and do things?I think the govement is coming down hard on the pain drs.Sinse the celeberties have caused the real pain people problems and drs problems.MY advice is if you can manage a few more minutes in a chair,go the the drs profile and rate him,look for another pain clinic.,I was told a fusion would stop the pain.But would ruin my life in other ways.I now want the fusion.I feel empathy for the docs.But I need to have a life.I think I am done with the wothdrawel from ms contin.I was lucky enough to have ten pills extra in case of a storm of problem with doctors so I did get ro rapidly wean of with in two weeks.There needs to be changes in laws.But that wont happen.I was normal and active when treated with long lasting meds.This norco is powerful but short acting and feels like a drug pill that addicts would use.I feel buzzed.I did not have that feeling on ms contin.Doctors do not want to treat me since the accidnet mainly because I hired a attorney because of the disc damage and annular tears in my neck.Be polite,dont give up.I not going to ever,I hope lol.I am trying.I am seeing a pain doc today who got hammered by the govt so I know I will get a injection,but I am not counting getting back on a long acting pain pill.There should be a law.I never flunked any drug test.always took meds as prescribed.But for the first time,I am taking 4 to 5 norcos instead of three as presribed.Hope I make it through the month.If your on pain medication,I think we are all gonna get cut back.I see this on the increase,I hope the do wean people of when they do and they will.It seems to be govt mandated,I am sure that is whats going on

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