• miranda94 miranda94
    September 08, 2013
    What causes pain in the right buttock?
    miranda94 miranda94
    September 08, 2013

    I am 19 years old and have spina bifida myelomeningocele. This has started giving me severe shooting nerve pains starting at middle of my right buttock. It stays there mostly, but sometimes it will also go down the back of my right thigh. I've tried hot baths and these will help while I'm in there, but then the pain will start right back up as soon as I'm out. Before a couple weeks ago, I was on Neurotin (gabapentin) 900 mg in morning, 1,200 mg in afternoon, 900 mg evening. I also take methadone (15 mg every six hours), Baclofen (10 mg 3x day), Flexeril (10mg 1-2x day) ,and hydrocodone/apap (5-325mg 1-2 tablets every six to eight hours as needed). Since last week I've been taken off everything but the Baclofen and Flexeril, and I've been switched to Lyrica (25 mg 3x day) and morphine sulfate extended-release (30 mg 2x day). Is there anything more than can be done about this pain?




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