• otis otis
    June 08, 2009
    myofascial pain syndrome
    otis otis
    June 08, 2009

    Hello, my name is Lori,I was in a car accident 14 yrs ago,developed myofascial pain syndrome.diffuse.i was 33 yrs than.I have been doing different therapies,over the yrs.I have been getting trigger point therapy from a chiropractor,I orginally went there just for that,few months down the road he tells me a have cervical whiplash injury from the x-rays he took.My other main doctors took mri x-rays,they said over the years ther are no structual abnormalities,this ia under a auto accident case.there are 2 different opinions,could you please tell me how I would find out the truth,as to who is correct?the chiropractor said I have loss of curavuture in my neck,mialiament of the spine,hypolordosis,he does not know how long it will be to correct the neck,he claims because it was not discovered for 14 yrs.Any suggestions,on how I know he is telling me the truth,the trigger point therapy helps tempoarily,helps keep meds down.I take flexeril. Please answer,thank-you,Lori




  • Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    June 18, 2009
    Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    June 18, 2009

    Hi Lori,

    I can sympathize with your dilemma because I've been there.  I wish I could tell you why traditional medical doctors and chiropractors so often disagree about spinal injuries.  It seems like traditional doctors often don't accept that some spinal variations are a problem.  Of course, I can't tell you which is correct in your case.  You might consider getting a second opinion from a different chiropractor to see if they agree on the diagnosis. 


    Personally, I chose to believe the chiropractor because I was in pain and he gave me the most logical explanation for my pain.  As it turned out, he was right and helped me a great deal.  (I should note that I grew up being told that chiropractors were quacks, so I was very skeptical.  But I couldn't argue with the results.) 


    You didn't ask a question about the myofascial pain syndrome, but I would like to share a treatment option with you that can be very helpful for MPS.  It's Myofascial Release Therapy.  I've had it for fibromyalgia and it really made a big difference for me, but it was originally developed for MPS.  Here's more info on it in case you're interested:  Myfosacial Release Therapy


    I hope you'll let us know what you decide to do and keep me posted on how you're doing.  – Karen


  • yeti105 November 12, 2009
    November 12, 2009

    mine started from a pulled muscle in L flank area. i chose the rolfing and skin rolling as mine was turning into knots going down both sides of my spine and eventually across my spine. the pain of rolfing,skin rolling was a release of the MPS pain i enjoyed it. i eventually ended up seeing a trigger point injection,sports med doc that gave me an EMG saw how bad my spasms were got myobloc injections, watered down botox, what a relief,it worked wonder upon wonder but then i screwed the pooch and broke my back 30 days later. but yes myofascial release does help tremendously.

  • ptsueb March 25, 2010
    March 25, 2010

    I would also suggest trying to find an experienced MFR practitioner in your area.  There are several websites with lots of information about fascia, myofascial release, and some have a list of practitioners in each state.  Google myofascial release and start from there.  Rolfing forces the tissue and is uncomfortable, so I would not recommend this for myofascial pain. Trigger point therapy does not address the whole body like (John Barnes) myofascial release does.


    I was a skeptic, too, until I learned more about fascia and experienced myofascial release myself.  I had chronic pain for two years and now have learned to manage my symptoms through self-treatment, exercise, and treatment by other MFR therapists. I can enjoy all the activities I love again!

  • skeetelmore65 July 01, 2010
    July 01, 2010

    Hey Lori,

         I am so sorry to hear @ ur situation. I have Myofascial Pain Syndrome too. It is not fun, but I don't recommend u get another ajustment until u go see a Neurologist just to rule out any herniated discs or anything. I also would definately get 2 opinions too. I also do not have a curvature in my neck. The Chiro told me that I didn't have one at all and that my shoulders were all messed up. That is how he put it. He also added that I had a tumor in my right shoulder in which no one else has been able to find. Oh well, I hurt there too. I sure hope there isn't one hiding somewhere.

         I wanted to tell u one more thing that is very important! Do not what ever u do just go and do surgery if they (the NS or NL) recommend it. I have found that I didn't even need my surgery. I have been told by my Chiro I should have filed a lawsuit for I had a million dollar case. I am a Christian and don't believe in it, but in some cercumstances I believe if it changes ur life and u have to live with the pain 4 yrs down the road then I can see I should have.

         There is one thing that I have learned since all this misery and that is I will never let The Lord out of my life again. He made me see what pain is and on the 25th I woke up and my agonizing pain was gone. I still have some pain, but not nearly what I was going thru. I give HIM all the credit. He answered my prayers and a whole lot of other peoples.

          I did start a regimen of new Vitamins a week prior to this as well. They are called Isotonix. They are powdered Vitamins. I have to say that I might have been severly vitamin deficient as well.

          I sure hope u get straightened out and feel better. I will keep u in my prayers and I hope u will do the same 4 me also. Take care and always...GOD BLESS... Karen 

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