• cassandra cassandra
    November 22, 2009
    do abilify works for fibromialgia
    cassandra cassandra
    November 22, 2009

    do abilify works for fibromialigia and depresion



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  • Lorie Stransky November 22, 2009
    Lorie Stransky
    November 22, 2009

    Dear Cassandra,


    I have tried abilify for my depression (although I do have fibromyalgia too) and I had to go off of it because it caused me to be extremely hyper. I couldn't sit still for two seconds!! My doctor gave me samples of 10 mg. and it was too high of a dose for me. I did feel significantly better though. It gave me alot of energy, which helped the fibro symtems because I wasn't so tired. It also helped the depression because I felt uplifted, maybe a little too uplifted. Lol. I am glad you mentioned it though because I was always going to go back to my doctor and try a lower dose and see if that worked. I would at least try it though, anything is worth a try, especially if it works!! Good luck.

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