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  • CoCowboy692000 July 09, 2009
    July 09, 2009

    I am not trying to beat up on you so don't take this the wrong way. In my case, everytime I have ever been on pain killers, I just chose to stop. No big deal at all. I have been on long term pain killers several times. Here's the deal - No pain, No need for drugs. Just that simple (in my mind).


    I've had Dilaudin, Demoral, Vicadin, Percocets, and several others I can't even recall right now. All of these prescriptions were a minimum of 30 day scripts and more often (especially the demoral and vicadin), several months at a time.


    Just quit my friend. If that doesn't work, try a pain management center first if you are still in chronic physical pain and/or a addiction counseling type of thing if you are no longer in pain but still feel the need for drugs. Good luck to you! Regards, Co Cowboy

  • jama July 18, 2009
    July 18, 2009

    first off, why are you still being prescribed percocet for an old diagnosis of a stress fracture?


    when do you take your percocet? do you take them all at once or five different times a day?


    I wouldn't suggest cold turkey, but i do suggest that if you are taking your pills the same time every day, than wait 15 to 30 minutes after that time to take your pill. this may help you disassociate taking the pills the same time everyday, which should give more confidence in being able to stop.  BUT....


    your best bet is to get your doctor to help, or get help from a pain clinic or drug counseling. they would be more likely to help you stop safely


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