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Thursday, July 09, 2009 Blazingwolf1987, Community Member, asks

Q: Severe Fatigue, weight loss, muscle pain, and NAIL PROBLEMS

First off im 22 yrs old. generally in good health. The past 3 months since my umbilical hernia repair i had done.. ive been suffering from severe weight loss... im talking 30 pounds. 4 dress sizes... and all ive been doing is being lazy, barely getting out, not excercizing and gorging on food all day. ive never lost weight like this... aswell im getting severe fatigue basically every waking minute... i feel so drained... no energy.. and nothing i do seems to help my energy level. I get sore muscles... just from simple things as cleaning... or holding a baby... i feel like ive come back from the gym after a few days of intense work out. my biggest concern is my nails... they are very pale.. almost white... with faint horizontal stripe undernieth my nail beds of some of my nails... aswell as all my nails have beau's lines across them.. horizontal indents... on every single nail... my toe nails.. the same.. but the beau's lines are extremely worse on them. My Doctor has sent me for every blood work he can think of.. everything is fine.. my kidneys and thyroid are functioning properly.. i do not have diabetes... by blood cell count is proper... i am not malnurished.. my blood is completely normal. what can cause my nails to do this? everywhere ive read about beau's lines states is can be from severe illness, systamatic diseases ect... my doctor is not sure what to look for since my blood work is fine.. very reassuring... any suggestions? oh aswell as ive noticed when i get cuts... they take a while to heal... i got a small sore on my foot from rubbing against my shoe.. its been over a month... and it still hasnt fully healed... im not having bruising issues though..
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Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
7/15/09 2:27am

I want you to know that I haven't ignored or forgotten your question.  I'm really concerned for you and am trying to do some digging to see if I can come up with some possibilities for you to discuss with your doctor. 


Have you noticed any problems with cognitive functioning, like short-term memory loss, confusion, feeling like you're in a mental fog, or difficulty finding words? 


I'm going to consult with a couple of other experts to get their input and will get back to you as soon as I can get some information for you.

Karen Lee Richards, Health Guide
7/29/09 10:07am

I'm afraid we haven't been able to do much better than your doctors in figuring out what might be going on with you.  Most of your symptoms, with the exception of severe weight loss in spite of gorging on food, could fit ME/CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome).  Even your nail problems have been known to occur with ME/CFS.  Here is a link to more information about ME/CFS:  Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  Read through the info and if you think it fits, talk it over with your doctor. 


I wish you well.  I hope you're able to get some answer soon.



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