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  • lgh426 January 25, 2010
    January 25, 2010

    That depends on so many things.  What are you going to claim is causing you to be disabled?  How old are you?  How long ago you were diagnosed.  What state are you in?.  You will NOT be able to work on the books anywhere once you decide to file, that means you cannot work because you are disabled!  Not even part time, to try to support yourself.  It is a stupid system, believe me, I know.  You can file on your own or get an Atty.  If you hire someone they will get paid when you settle, out of your settlement.  I was 52 when I filed and I had FM, herniated disc (2 sites), spinal stenosis (2 sites) and thyroid disease.  I think that's all my atty. put in there.  I started to file on my own the tried to work part time and had to refile and stop working because, "you can't work if you are trying to get disability".  Then the paperwork got to be too much so I hired an atty.  In Fl. it usually takes a min. of 2-3 yrs. but somehow I was blessesd and was granted my disability in 18 mos.   It has been a blessing indeed!  It's not much but NOW I could go back to work ($800.00 per mo.) if I wanted to.  Go figure.  Now they claim you are disabled but you are allowed to have an additional income of $800.00 per mo. before they would take your dis. away.  Don't know if this has helped.   One thing you will need is a doctor in your corner.  You need to get a history with one for your main reason for filing dis.  Good luck!  I'll keep you in my prayers.

  • BobinmidMO February 25, 2010
    February 25, 2010

    It's all about documentation by the doctor plain and simple.  Getting SSI or SSD is a process that requires tons of paperwork and a whole lot explaining why you can't work anymore.  If you've got one or two doctors who have taken care of you for a long time and know you well, and have documented exactly what your health problems are and how it all took place, then you have nothing to worry about.  If you don't have doctors you've had a long relationship with before now, then it's going to take a whole lot longer before you'll ever get any kind of disability approved.


    Disability though SSI or SSD is determined by how it happened, what the health problem is, and what the prognosis for your future is.  If you have a disease or injury that explains itself, then you have nothing to worry about.  If though you're dealing with some kind of health problem that even the doctors can't quite put their finger on, then you're facing a long haul ahead.


    Many people do seek out lawyers I'm sorry to say when applying for SSD and sometimes SSI.  They can help, but also will charge up to 40% or more in the end after you get back money owed.


    Don't give up if you don't have any other choice but to go on disablity, but it always makes me sad when I hear someone who has no other options.  Your income will drop to much lower levels and your world is going to get a whole lot smaller - I know, mine has.  If your situation is cut and dried like mine, I got my first SSD check 90 days from the very day I applied.  If though you're dealing with some type of health condition that is a bit vague, then it can take 1 to 2 years on the average I sorry to say.  With all gov agencies being hit with more cuts all the time, getting disability is also getting harder to get, but you can if you just hang in there and don't give up.  Take care.

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