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Sunday, July 13, 2008 JEANNE NEWMAN, Community Member, asks

Q: what causes costal chondritis?

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Cort, Health Guide
7/14/08 8:36pm

Costal chondritis is inflammation of the cartilage where the ribs join with breastbone. Its a quite common source of chest pain. While in rare cases the pain be quite strong it is not dangerous. (Since the symptoms mimic heart attack make sure you get that option checked out first!) 


It can be caused by a number of things; trauma or injury to the chest, a viral infection  or as a result of general inflammatory condition such as arthritis or as a by-product of fibromyalgia.



G.M. BALLARD, Community Member
9/16/09 4:38pm

I have been in constant pain/discomfort for over four years but now have some hope of relief.  I was diagnosed with Psoratic Arthritis fifeen years ago and needed an Full Laminectomy.  I didn't realise Psoratic Arthritis could be the cause of other inflammatory sites i.e. mid-chest and to the left side along my ribs and I have also just learned that fatigue is also associated with psoratic arthritis.   My local G.P. hasn't been able to diagnose my problems.  I do have a heart murmur so get regular checks of my heart. I have made an appointment to see my Rheumatologist for review.  

Linda Tobey, Community Member
3/22/09 10:53pm



      My Name is Linda and I first started off with Rheumatoid Arthritis for 15 years, gradually I ended up with Fybromyalgia between the 15 years and getting Fybromyalgia I had spine surgery for correction for scoliosis in which I had TB Meningitis, and now along with all these other aches and chronic pain, I am now suffering from Costochonritis in which my Rheumatologist said by examining me.

I would like to know if there is any thing that I can get help with as it is so agonizing.

Thank you for reading my letter.




Sue, Community Member
4/16/09 5:02pm

Hi Linda, I too have Costal Chonditis and i agree it is excruciating. DRs make me lcross when they dismiss it as not life threatening. It may not kill you but it ruins your lifr as  you will know as moving sleeping and just speaking and breathing become a major trial with C C.

Anyway helpful is good, though cover with a hanky or tisse and apply

for 5-10 minutes several times a day. ( dont laugh but a frozen sausage is good as it hits the spot without freezing the rest of your chest)Also gently rubbing anti inflammatory gel into the area is good too I find. beware how much you rub ...just a little bit 2/3/ times a day is best and if you are also taking anti inflams check with your Doc first  that its not too much together.

Once you get it setlled identify and avoid triggers. Good advice is to work within `the hoop`....imagine a skirt shaped hoop from  neck to feet, narrow at neck and wider at feet.....keep all arm work inside the hoop......this effectively gets rid of overhead work...(hanging washing out/ clothes on hangers/putting curtains up need to be avoided...) and a lot of pain.

Also as soon as you feel a twinge go into rest and meds mode to head it off before it gets a grip.......always rest twice as long as you think....I tend to think its gone...leap back into the swimming ppol and it goes into orbit again.  Hope this helps. Hope you feel better soon.

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