• bnorton1011 bnorton1011
    July 26, 2009
    Underlying cause for red, swollen ankles legs and feet?
    bnorton1011 bnorton1011
    July 26, 2009

    What could cause my ankles, feet, and legs to be very painful and swollen?



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  • krystal July 26, 2009
    July 26, 2009

    hi i have the same thing happen to me quit offten my DR told me it is water retenchion coused by my FM meds and lack of movement do to pain. it could be somrthing else if nether of these apply to you i sugest talking to your primary if it lasts more the a couple days


  • Amy Tudor July 29, 2014
    Amy Tudor
    July 29, 2014

    Hi there, bnorton --


    I know this is a very old question, but did you ever see a doctor about your legs, feet, and ankles? Your symptoms were a little troubling in that they can be a sign of poor circulation in your legs, which can be cardiac or kidney related, so I'm hopeful that you sought the help of a doctor right away. We are not really able to diagnose things over the Internet (only a few of us are actually healthcare professionals, and even they can't diagnose without seeing a patient), so it's always better if you're having severe issues like this to go to a doctor immediately.


    Perhaps you could come back and tell us what happened with your pain? Your experiences might be very useful to someone who is going through the same thing!


    Here are some links that might be helpful to you, in any case:


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    Using Mindfulness Meditation to Alleviate Physical Pain  

    Everyday Ways to Protect Your Joints


    Be well!

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