• nojsmada nojsmada
    July 01, 2014
    radicular pain continues post laminectomy surgery. 3rd spine surgery
    nojsmada nojsmada
    July 01, 2014

    I walk 4-5 x's a wk 1 mile. at times my feet get lazy but don't notice any real discomfort while walking. The problems abound when I am not walking. If I do not have my legs raised while sitting it makes the groin pain more pronounced. Nothing seems to address the nerve pain & or discomfort. laminectomy of L2-3 &L3-4. 1st surgery 11/87 fusion od L3-L5 w/lMINECTOMY OF l4&l5. HARDWARE REMOVED 1/00. cONTINUtion of problems. Had MRI 6/4/14 showed more stenosis & new dx of Type 1 Mobic changes L2-3. Help any & all info would be appreciated. can also give more in depth info if needed, jon



  • Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    July 09, 2014
    Christina Lasich, MD
    Health Pro
    July 09, 2014

    Pain when sitting, not while walking, is not very typical of spinal stenosis related pain. This pain pattern is more typical of disc-related (discogenic) pain involving the anterior column of the spine i.e. a bulging disc.


    These pain patterns can not only be clues to a diagnosis but also a treatment plan too. When pain is eased in a upright walking position, the best muscles to strengthen are the back extensor muscles that helps us maintain an upright position.


    Many types of exercises help to emphasize lumber extension. The most commonly referred to are the McKenzie exercises. Other belly-down, or prone exercise are done using Swiss Balls or Roman-chair-like devices to improve the tone in the lumbar extensor muscles that can ease the pressure off the discs with resulting reduction in radicular pain.


    For more information, contact your local physical therapist who is also a fellow of the AAOMPT.


    Dr. Christina Lasich, MD


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