• MAsmom MAsmom
    September 15, 2008
    I have pain in my ear and jaw joint. Ear feels clogged. Pain shoots towards teeth aft recent filling
    MAsmom MAsmom
    September 15, 2008

    Had a filling 1 month ago. Bite was off, went back in for adjustment

    Bite felt better but pain near ear got worse and tooth very sensitive

    All started feeling better after three weeks but then severe ear pain started

    Outside/front of ear felt swollen

    Doc prescribed ear antibiotic drops b/c he said it was very slightly swollen inside but he also thought it may be TMJ

    Dentist adjusted bite again

    Pain still bad (400mg advil X 4/day). Ear feels clogged for 3 days

    Dentist says see doc. Doc says see dentist! UGH



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  • dalley67 December 24, 2012
    December 24, 2012

    If your bite is off. You might have the same problem I had.I have dislocated jaw.My ENT suggested a mouth guard.I guess I grit my teeth not grind.Been using about 3 days pain on outside of ears is gone.Still have tenderness mid ear but sinus drainage at night is better ear doesn't feel full in morning.Would never have thought mouth guard could be the difference.Your dentist should have suggested it.You can get them at any pharmacy but check prices.Found cheapest online at Walmart 2 for 18.37.Some are off the wall with their pricing. Good luck

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