• christopher christopher
    October 04, 2011
    cannot find chain pharmacy to fill oxycodone 30 mg.
    christopher christopher
    October 04, 2011

    I am 46, i have several herniations and nerve damage. I have been going to walgreens for the past several months to fill oxycodone 30mgs 180ct. Now for the last two months Walgreens tells me they are out, I cannot afford to pay 3-5 dollars per pill to a mom a pop.  I also get other prescriptions which is no problem. However without the oxycodone 30 mg the pain is constant and unbearable. Has anyone got any ideas? A solution?  Has anyone had luck getting the 15mg oxycodone? I live in pinellas if anyone can direct Me in the right direction here in st pete/clearwater it would be greatly appreciated!!! 



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  • shazbad January 04, 2014
    January 04, 2014

    As a pharmacist I will answer your question. We ALL have oxycodone 30mg in stock...but..the price per bottle of 100 tablets went from $30 to $110 overnight. The problem is that most insurance companies are reimbursing at the 30 cents a pill rate when the drug COSTS us $1.10 a pill plus add in 70 cents for the cap and vial andother 50 cents for the label/printing 25 cents transmission fee to your insurance company $1.50 professional fee etc etc There s a reason that no one points this out to you. It violates our contracts with insurance companies for us to tell you that your insurance company underpays for your prescription and this is the reason you are told the lie "we can't get it."

    Do NOT pay over $3 per pill as that is the standard fair price, anything over is a ripoff...by the way you have Walgreens CVS and Rite AID to thank for that price because if we charge any lower than the chains we are "placed under suspicion" by local law enforcement.


    As a pharmacist in a mom and pop if you were to quietly offer to make up the difference that your insurance company comes up short you would save over the cash price and get your meds.


    There it is in a nut shell no b.s.. Hope that clears up your question

  • Felicia albers October 19, 2011
    Felicia albers
    October 19, 2011
    Up here in the northeast there is no shortage of the 30mg oxycodone. A few yrs ago we did have problems with the 15 mg , but that got settled. I wish I could help you out why there is a shortage but I highly doubt that it has to do with the distribution end... Try a new pharmacy and or new town to fill em at.. That's all I can offer on info at this time... Good luck READ MORE
  • Scooter October 12, 2011
    October 12, 2011

    Both Wal Mart and Shopko in my area fill these prescriptions. Good luck.

    • Lilbrudder
      November 13, 2011
      November 13, 2011

      Is this Walmart in the Largo area?



    • Lexy
      October 05, 2012
      October 05, 2012

      hello.i know its been awhile since ur response..but i do have a question...where abouts are you located? i also need to fill a script..please all help is appreciated! thankyou


  • Barbara miles October 04, 2011
    Barbara miles
    October 04, 2011
    Walgreens READ MORE
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