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Q: i have fibromyalgia symptoms, except that my pain is only on the left side of my body

I have many fibromyalgia symptoms, except that my pain is only on the left side of my body. I'm receiving pain treatment, but I'd love to be properly diagnosed, but none of the doctors I've seen (10 so far!) seem able to help. I've had every test they can think of, and still I'm in pain. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Girlie, Community Member
4/ 2/09 1:40pm

Well...I have been having same problem. The dr.says it is fibromyalgia, I have been to several specialist still have pain..just on left side They are treating me with valium and pain meds. They still have no clue what is going on. I think they think I'm having anxiety..HELP!!! ANYONE.

anna, Community Member
8/ 5/11 2:44pm

same thing with all the pain in one side chest everywere in the left side

JrHawley, Community Member
5/19/13 12:32pm
How do I get a medical diagnosis for left side of body pains. Reply
Wendy, Community Member
1/16/10 12:17pm

I have pain on my left side of my body.  When I sleep at night the pain is in my hip.


What orgains are on the left side of the body by the hip?


jess, Community Member
7/ 3/10 5:46am

I have pains on my left side just above my hip, but it only happens at night when I sleep. What could this be? I've changed my mattress and the position in which I sleep, but nothing is helping. What could this be?

Left side, Community Member
1/30/12 2:23am

I too have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia.  But, I do question the quick diagnosis.  I have left sided pain in my head.  MRI showed lesions and small vessel damage, I have had two surgeries on the bottom of my left foot for tumors.  I have hip pain on the left side that causes me to limp at times.  Xrays show arthritis.  I have pain and weakness in my left shoulder and elbow.  Again, xrays show arthritis.  Two nights ago I had head pain on the left side that nothing would help.  Not OTC or prescription migraine medicine, not ice packs. Because of the beautiful lay off I received in September I have no health insurance.  BUT, doctors didnt help me when I did have it.  It is very frustrating.  I am always tired.  This head pain also made me feel like I had a fever and lasted all night.  I finally fell asleep around 5 am.

tudon, Community Member
1/30/12 11:58am

I originally posted this question in 2008, and have had much improvement, but by no means am I well. My worst pain is primarily in my neck, left shoulder and upper back, tho I have pain in my entire left side at one time or another throughout the day. My shoulder has subluxated several times due to the imbalance in my muscle tension, and has to be popped back in as if it were dislocated.

I currently see a chiropractic neurologist, and he has helped me more than any of the traditional drs I visited for 4 years. I have given up all of my (regular) prescription meds, because I was actually having so many side effects that I got worse. I now mainly use CoQ, fish oil, Vitamin D, and curcumin, and have pain meds on hand for when things get out of hand. I would still love to know why this is happening, but have accepted that I will likely never know, and just have to live the best life I can live with the pain.

dee, Community Member
6/ 6/12 8:36am

My pain is primarily concentrated on the left side as well. I want to share what helps me. I too have been diagnosed w fibromyalga. I notice less pain when i cut gluten out. I do not have celiac but inflammation from gluten. My kineseiologist -chiropractor told me something that seemed odd he has me turn  around and around 12 times. toward the drection of my pain (left) This can be accomplished in a desk chair that turns or be carful if standing I stand by an open door next to my bed. The pain will increase if turning opposite,. he did this first just to see how i felt.He said it is to engage the right side of my brain that isn't firing right. I sleep w a memory cushion made to fit between knees to keep my spine aligned. I do havehip area pain as well too it is because L3,L4 and L5 have arthritis. I use ice alternate w heat had epideral help. Lastly Bursitis in the hip area which  have had is very painful just like bursitsi in a shoulder, I thought you may want to look that up just in case. it took longer to heal than shoulder bursitisi mssage w soap bar or have had massage.Liquid glucosomine w chondroitn and msm and liquid tumeric are good Tumeric helps undo prob caused by gluten.     

tudon, Community Member
6/ 6/12 11:07am

interesting. my dr has been recommending i try a gluten free diet as well. maybe i need to suck it up and do it, not real eager to give up a lot of favorite foods.  i believe the curcumin has turmeric as an ingredient as well...

dee, Community Member
6/ 8/12 1:35am

i think that they arre the same but am told that there also needs to be an ingredient of pepper to compliment the tumeric. my bottle does have pepper. i want to share something w you regrding gluten i had a oung cousin

in her twenties braces both legs and tremendous pain throughout her body was on ssi was size 22 at 5'3''. she was diagnosed w celiac and gave up gluten and in one year was down to a size 4 w no more braces or pain. I saw a young lady at a seminar who spoke and said she had fibrmyalgia. I spoke w her after and was going to mention gluten to her but first mentioned that i had fibromyalgia but sheinterupted me to say that her debilitating pain was over that she went off gluten and decided that she had gluten allergies instead. There is  a book called G free. Give it  a couple weeks and read labels. Its easier to eat whole foods fruits vegetales etc and be sure any meats aren't dipped in flour. even soy sauce usually has gluten. our country has the most problem w glutenbecause of the way it is now grown. there sure are fabulous gluten free baked goods out now.i have a list if you wld like, does stress increase your pain? it does me. wishing you the best. i feel best when i give up gluten only have acid reflux if eating gluten also

tudon, Community Member
6/ 8/12 12:07pm

stress does increase my pain, and i also have acid reflux... food for thought

haney, Community Member
7/21/12 4:09pm

I have pain in my left side from my eye,shoulder,hip and ankles to my toes. I don't know what it is and went to the dr last week and he gave me steroids and muscle relaxers which helped WHILE i was taking them.  Now my pain is even worse that before. My sister has fibro and lupus so I wonder if that is my problem too.  I had tests checking the rheumatoid factor and it was negative.  Guess I will go back to dr next week. Any time I've had pain or problems for several years it is primarily on the left side though. 

tudon, Community Member
7/22/12 12:21pm

i went through all theose test as well and we have determined no cause for my pain, tho it does seem to be neurological. i respond better to neuro treatments than to meds. I went through months of an acupuncture-like treatment called intramuscular stimulation, where they take the needles into the nerve. it was sometimes painless, sometimes very painful, but got me on my feet. i had spent 4 months in bed on vicodin, valium and xanaflex every 4 hrs prior to that.

i now see a chiropractic neurologist once or twice a week; he adjusts me as well as doing neurological exercises that will help my balance (whice is very poor) and pain. i take some supplements, magnesium for muscle spasms, fish oil for inflammation, and some others that are combinations. i do have pain meds on hand for bad days, but the pains is usually at a tolerable level now. 

i wish you luck and hope, my life is so much better than it was 5 years ago when this began.  i hope you find your solution as well.

amy, Community Member
6/ 7/13 6:44pm

Hi Tudon, So sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I too have fibromyalgia symptoms with pain only on the left side of my body (3 years now). It is very hard to tolerate and I have spent months in bed, as well, though now I am back to working full time. I have endocrinopathies including hypothyroidsim, elevated IGF-1, elevated prolactin, and hyperinsuliniemia (though I have always had a normal body weight). I have seen 9 doctors and still no diagnosis or even leads. I also get IMS and it helps me for a day or 2. I am wondering if you have a diagnosis at this point. Your pain sounds much like mine.

You said you don't respond well to pain meds. Sinemet (not a pain med- generally used for movement disorders, though I don't have one) helped with my pain and made my muscles relax more. They don't know why.
Thanks for any help!!

tudon, Community Member
6/ 7/13 10:35pm

Sorry to hear that you're suffering as well.  I still have no diagnosis, but functional neurology seems to help me more than meds. I take no prescription pain meds on a regular basis, I just refuse to go back there. I haven't had to go for IMS for a while, and I'm doing relatively well, though I still always have pain. I will be asking my chiro-neuro about the Sinemet, I appreciate the input. Good luck and keep your spirits up! I still don't know why, and fear that I will relapse any time since there is no explanation, but we have to live day to day, don't we...

amy, Community Member
6/10/13 12:50pm

Glad to hear you are doing relatively well! Thank you so much for getting back to me. I wish you the best.

joanna, Community Member
5/ 7/14 5:19pm

Thanks Tudon, Amy and Dee for this thread and keeping it alive since 2008. I hope one of you will read this post! I have had the same problem ,ie ENTIRE LEFT side (none on the right) head,neck,arm,chest,leg,foot immense pain for the last 5+ yrs. Initially it used to be sporadic but of late the pain has agggravated and present for more prolonged periods often weeks at a stretch nonstop. Further, in the last year the pain scale has gone to 10/10 and unbearable. I am finding it impossible to work and i've cried too many times. 

Got EEG,EMG,MRI scans done , all appear normal. Seen many PCPs, neurologists who have no clue whats happening. One even said its untreatable and i am NOT willing to accept that. I want to share my experience on the web  in hope of finding help from you guys and hoping it benefits somebody also. 

Some questions im hoping any of you will answer and help me get a diagnosis and a root cause for this problem 

1) You mentioned  fibromyalgia - how did you get tested to find out the same  ?

2) W.r.t. fibromyalgia itself, i read online symptoms are pain on BOTH sides of body , but you guys have it on the left only, like i do correct ? how is it fibromyalgia then?


3) Have you done blood tests and what numbers if any were low ? I have a VERY low Vit D and a low Vit B12. Possibly from a poor nutrition in childhood, i feel this could also be a cause. 


4) Tied to the vitamin deficiency - any of you got tested for celiac ? If so , what testing did you do to diagnose celiac ? I am considering it but not sure what tests to do. I read there is a blood test AND a GI endoscopy that can be done. Dee mentioned gluten allergy can be a reason. Have any of you gone on a strict gluten diet and felt pain lessen or gone ?? (Fingers crossed!!) I will try it for sure... once i get tested for celiac. 


5) I also read about LEFT ILIAC FOSSA. Does that ring a bell as a possible root cause ?


6) Personal question - how have you all dealt with workplace ? I am finding it EXTREMELY hard these days (the last few weeks NONSTOP pain 10/10) to work and i have 10 days of leave for the year. IT sucks and i just want to stay home as i am unable to concentrate at work. Have you experienced the same ? how di you deal with it. have you had conversations with HR ? did you get an alternative ? or no other go but to quit working ? 


I am located in the bay area. i hope to stay in touch with you all , and pray for everybodys better health. cheers :) 

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