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Q: spinal cord stimulator was put in in the wrong spot can it be moved , and how

I have failed back surgery and had a spinal cord stimulator put in and it was put in in the wrong place where the coverage wont hit where i need it.Wnen i had the temp put in , they decided when they put permanent one in  they were soposed to put it in higher for the surgery and they didnt do it. the scs guy said it needed to be moved a bit higher. and now my surgeon wont do it. Can one be moved, what is it entail, and how hard is it and is it worse than the permanent one and how can you find a dr. to do it?

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John Doe, Community Member
7/ 4/10 8:20am

I had a failed spinal procedure as well . The trial was last year at the end of May and the permanent ,ha ha) implant put in 4-6 weeks later...not funny ). I used the Boston Scientific SCS and there were 2 main leads placed in the Lumbar region with eight feeder leads on each. Out of the 16 leads 12 were completely dead and the stimulation was in my abdomen and my neck-in front. When I say was in my abdomen I am refering to  TWO DAYS POST OP. When I read your question a couple of things came to mind: 1.- What area of your spine were the leads placed? and 2.What did the Doctor say?

     Depending on what type of leads you have, where your leads were placed and how long it has been since your surgery are important factors when deciding if the leads can be moved.  If you have the paddle leads that were stitched in place taking them out may be more complicated. Remember , it's may be more complicated not will be. I was told that you can scar if enough time has gone by and that scar tissue obviously might complicate things. Again, where your leads were placed will play a big part in the decision of whether or not you can have the surgery again. Once that is known then you can see the exact location in the spinal canal and then you can see how much room you have in that region. For example my leads were placed in my lower Lumbar where the spinal canal is  very thin. like a thread, making a second surgery too danderous and far too risky.

      It sounds to me like the first thing you need is a second opinion and some very good xrays. I had a neurosurgeon take out everything and I am very pissed off... finding another Doctor to step in and correct something they had no part of is difficult. Obviously it can be done, but after what I had just been through I wasn't up for another challange quite yet...too bad. Which brings me to the last thing I wanted to share with you : Please be aware that these Doctors stick together and cover for each other the same way cops do. I am not saying all Doctors do this and every policeman is loyal through thick and thin but it has been my experience that THEY DO. I feel for you I really do, you should see about getting that out of your body a.s.a.p. if the device is not working. Once you know what you are dealing with you will see you have options...that is why it will be o.k. I will leave you with these two words: SECOND OPINION!!!!!!!!

staz, Community Member
7/ 5/10 7:28pm

John Doe, thankyou, I have rods in L5 s1 through L3, so my pain is in the lower back. the leads were put in up on T5 somewhere about there and it need to be T7, and yes they were sewen in. it has been about 3 months ago and the only areas it hits now are like from my crothc to my feet, and he cant get it to go any higher. they say i do have plenty of room in my spinal canal, but the dr. said since i have a hard time with surgery pain afterward, and i had plenty of that when i had the stimulator surgery, and it wasnot guaranteed that if it was moved higher it would actually hit the reagon i need. i do want someone to move it but i dont know how to find a dr. i can trust now. i live in east tennessee and there arent many in my area. and i really wanted how bad is it to have one redone, and is is worse than putting it in, cause i know i went through heck in pain with that one. sorry you had a rough time, i hear most people have a great outcome and like my scs guy said that i was one of the rare ones that what can go wrong has. i hope the best of luck to you.    thankyou so very much

carrie, Community Member
7/ 6/10 12:14am

I have to tell you that if you think what happened to you and me is rare, according to " your guy", I would strongly recommend you visit the NSCIA website and make up your own mind....

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