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Wednesday, October 15, 2008 vfischer, Community Member, asks

Q: what causes jaw and ear pain?

Every morning I wake up with extreme pain on right jaw bone and right ear, what might cause this?   It seems to mellow out a few hours after I wake up, unless I yawn, and then a sharp pain occurs.  I am going to try to make an appointment to see the doctor, but generally, I can't get in for a month or so.

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Denise C., Community Member
10/15/08 12:55pm

I also have a problem with this, and it has been suggested that I grind my teeth while sleeping.  There are remedies - check with your dentist.  Good luck!

Jennilia, Community Member
6/20/09 10:28am

I have the same thing. I got drops put into my ear but it didn't help! And my jaw hurts so much.Cry

lrussell, Community Member
10/26/09 5:33pm

i was diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia a little over a yr ago and jaw pain is one of my symptoms. if the doctors cnt find anything wrong i would look into that. i also get random sharp pains in my ears. im guessing its probably a muscle spasm. looking into that myself. my jaw gets real tight and hurts really bad, i usually try stretching it open and finding ways to try and relax it. there are other symptoms too like migraines. like i said i would look into it b/c its an invisible disease that docs usually overlook. real hard to diagnose

ashley caruos, Community Member
11/ 5/09 1:47pm

i have trigeminal nuealigial . it causes a sharp pain in my ear like a pencil, jaw & tooth pain like i wanna rip my teeth out! i am now seeing a nuealigist about this. just google the word i wrote up there and see if this helps you any. i wish you all the very best of luck! write a pain dieary and write doen all your sympoms for you doctor to visually see!! & demand you needs to met!

ashley caruos, Community Member
11/ 5/09 1:49pm

oops, soory. just not noticed all my spelling mistakes! :p

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