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Thursday, July 10, 2008 Racheal, Community Member, asks

Q: After back surgery my right foot burns it hurts worse then my back did

On June 2 2008 I had lower back surgery L5 s1. The disk was torn so the doctor thought he would only have to cut me about 3in put a cage in front and a few screws and plates. As it turned out he could not get the cage to go in right because of the way my anatomy is so the cut was about 6in it took 19 staples to close it. About 1 week after the surgery my right leg and foot hurt my foot. Between my  big toe and the one next to it feel like it has been steem burnt or blisterd the top burns also to the point that I cant wear shoes of any kind it hurts if the sheet rubs it at night to where I cant sleep I have pain meds and valum but the pain will not stop I cant even hardly stand water any warm or cold to touch it. Any thought on what could be wrong my nurse i call said it would go away .I had a cat scan to see if the screws was touching any but it came back ok. I have to go back the 17th for my 6 week check up and have xrays. Has anyone heard of this happen before.  

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7/10/08 10:15pm

Nerves can become irritated after surgery. That causes burning pain and sensitivity in the distribution of the particular nerve (in this case L5, between the big toe and second toe). Swelling, debris, or stretch can be the cause of such irritation. Since six weeks have passed since the surgery, electrodiagnostic testing can be helpful to determine if there is nerve damage.


Sometimes, complications lead to a second surgery. Acute, severe nerve damage would be a reason for utilizing this last option. If the nerve is functioning normally, then the nerve symptoms can improve with medications like anti-inflammatories, anti-convulsants, and anti-depressants.


Keep in close contact with your surgeon anytime you experience complications after surgery.

Dr. Christina Lasich, MD

Annie, Community Member
2/ 7/10 1:27pm

I haven't read  everything that is on your website, however, if you still do not have an answer, check something called reflex sympathy dystrophy now called regional pain syndrome.   I hope that you get relief soon if you have not already.  H Annie

Justin S., Community Member
2/11/10 6:59pm

I had my first surgery in 1988 at the age of 17.  My second in 1996, third in 1999, 4th in 2000 and fifth in 2004.  My left leg is permanently numb on the outside calf area, back of the thigh with sporatic tingling in left foot.  I've had these symptoms since 2000.  I had 3 different surgeons for those 5 surgeries and they all said the same thing.  Nerve damage.  It might heal over time it might not.


All 3 surgeons told me that Fusion is for people that have instability in the back (whatever that means).  I often think that if fusion was done back in 1988 that I wouldn't have the problems I have today or would have had so many operations.

(by the way, I haven't been able to run since I was 17, I'm 37 now)


No amount of pills, injections or wishful thinking has made those symptoms go away.


So best I can say is good luck and I hope it works out for the better for you.



rebeccasmith, Community Member
3/28/11 7:56pm

i have the same problem!! i have always had back pain all my life i woke up one day and i thought i was going to die the pain in my legs and hip areas was so bad i could sleep i couldnt eat i couldnt stand lay turn nothing this went on for bout 8 months then i had my first back surgery on l4 l5 disks no fusions just clipping  i woke of from surgery and new right then something was wrong my left leg foot was numb and i still have the numbness and now bad pains in my foot as well i am back to not sleeping and no  positions  give me any comfort! i was rear ended a few weeks ago and my right side is now hurtting my right leg gets tingles and sharp pains and of coarse now my left side is even worse i go to the doctor only to be told well you will never get feeling back in your left side to much nerve damage from before but we can send you to a pain doctor to try and help the pain thats all we can do and get an mri again so i did well the pain is way not under management and the mri says i now have the l3 bulging but he isnt going to do surgery??? it is what it is for now! i cant take this pain and have young children im 34 years old and shouldnt have to live this way thats what doctors are supposed to be ore what the heck is going on!! im sorry your going through this i know what it feels like i cant run play with my kids i can barley clean my own house sometimes. i dont go any where i stay home :( god bless the backs! ive thought about going to a news place or talk show to put it on tv to see if i can get some help from a speicalist because its not fare.

Joann mecom, Community Member
4/27/11 6:23pm
I had the spinal fusion this past august and I am experiencing the pain that was before the surgery. I told my surgeon and he tells me I shouldn't be having pain, go see my family doctor. I go see her and she says she spoke to the surgeon and they both feel I should not be in pain. Neither wants to give me anything for the pain, I don't know what to do. If I knew this before the surgery I would have not had it. They helped me before I had the surgery, I might get a flair up a few times a year go to the dr get some meeds and get better. Now I suffer everyday and no one wants to help me at all. Joann mecom Reply
Mingogal, Community Member
5/27/11 10:42pm

I had open back surgery about 15 years ago for a herniated disc on L4 and L5. I did fine until about 2 years ago in 2009 and the pain came back. I made a mistake of going to Hudson Florida to have Laser Spine Surgery at the Bonati Institute. I am now in worse condition. I am now seeing a pain specialist and have had nerve block injections, epidural injections which did not help. I had a trial nerve stimulator a couple of weeks ago May, 2011. It did not help so they took the wires out and said that I was not a candidate for that. That stimulator caused pain in my knees and a pain on the right side of my back about half way up the back. They would not say the stimulator caused me to have more apin that what i had before. The pain that I had before left side lower back with pain radiating down to the back of the knee cap. I still have that chronic pain plus the other. Where can a person get back pain help?

ICEMANSMOM, Community Member
1/27/12 7:53am


Footsore, Community Member
3/19/12 10:01am

you could try looking up the Rebuilder on the Internet. I have similar problems due to nerve damage. I plan to try t.

Back Bone, Community Member
3/27/12 11:24am

Wow! You sound like me. My Rt. foot is all ways numb and it burns alot. When I wear shoes my foot feels like its going to explode and I'm wearing a way larger size for comfort. I too had two back surgeries and this last one really was tough on me. I keep telling myself as my doctor that it will go away in time but it's been a year and I still have it and it feels the same. The meds I was taking began to make me feel sick. I had to STOP taking them. Shortness of breath,Pounding in the chest,Iregular heart beats,headaches and loud sounds/ringing in my ears.One morning I woke up and thought I was having a heart attack. I went to see the doctor and he said NOPE,acid reflux. I stopped taking meds and all those symptoms were GONE. Now I've come to the conclusion on my own that the pain is now a part of me permenently. I can't sit down or stand for long periods of time. I tried going back to work and pretened that I could work "WRONG" sorry charlie, whispered a little voice in my ear. Now it's going to be a battle is my understanding of going up against S.S.Disability?. Thanks for the confirmation to me and to the world, I'm not making this up. :)


racheyrachcamp, Community Member
10/11/13 3:34am

did you ever find relief i too cant feel my right foot 100 percent and what i do feel is stinging and like someone is tazzing me i scream out in pain.., and did you ever get approved for disability i am waiting for my approval now 

racheyrachcamp, Community Member
10/11/13 3:36am

not sure if you seen my previous question, did you ever find relief i too cant feel my right foot and what i do feel is numb pain burning and random jolts like someone is tazzing me and i ddint have this before my back surgery, did you ever get approved for disability i too am waiting on my approval 

hscriv, Community Member
6/ 4/14 2:41am

i feal for you .i had back surgey 15 yrs ago and still have severe pain in my right foot. tried everything fron novocane to every pain relief cream to hydrocodone nothing touches the pain. some times i wish i could have my foot cut off thats how bad it gets.

Kayy (:, Community Member
11/16/10 9:59am

But what if the foot was hurting before the Surgery?


And they were a diabetic, and somehow could have taken a shot of insulin in the leg.


Can that damage the nerve?

OR can you maybe have a gout?


I know someone who has pretty much every symptom of Gout.

LOUIS MORELLI, Community Member
12/ 4/10 10:55pm





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Rex, Community Member
12/23/10 9:44am
I agree, i had surgey 1 year ago, goy a fluid leak 5 days in I.C.U and now have legs pain that they claim is verve damage from the hip to the very tip of my toes.Never Nerver let any onr cut on your back. Reply
TaTTz, Community Member
4/23/11 6:32pm

This is true nerves cann become irritated from surgery, But some of the information youu just gave out is not all true. Irritation of the nerves should beleveing at this point and it sounds like it is going to lead to maybe perment nerve damage, And there should have already been done a Electrodiagnostic, A contrast Mri, and Standered X- rays done why before the surgery. And when you said that the L5 nerve goes acrooss the foo not true ,this is the L4 nerve that controle this filling, but the good news is its not dead causing a peralases, With the L-5 that causes what is none as drop foot syemderm, Some warm oils will help this but not much, And for the surgery you had done will take at least one year to fuse together and you need P.T. to help you along. I know what your going though, because i had a multi fusion from my L-2 to my S-1 with all my disk removed and cages, with filler and bone grafts done to replace this. I'm parilized from my right knee down all in my foot so there is no pain i have it in my lower right side. I'll i can say to you is the more you do and do your p.t. even if you don't like it you will get some what better, just not sure how much and no Doctor, NO DOCTOR can tell you!!! only you know your body good luck with the rest of your life. (BEEN there done that :)

Jay123, Community Member
6/ 3/11 12:57pm



My mom had her fusion done from C2-C5 and was paralyzed before surgery and slowly regained sensation after surgery and can mildly move her legs. She is going through intense PT twice everyday and trying to stand by herself with little luck. So, checking to see if you were able to regain movement in your right leg?. It's been 5 months after surgery.

Mel, Community Member
11/24/11 7:09am

After one year of having L4-5 discectomy I'm now suffering from cold right foot and all appears to be Neuropathy from nerve irritation at L4 that radiates to the right foot and fingers, in particular my toe finger and there is no cure for this, just remedy by applying heat and stretching therapy  to the right lower extremity.

Mollie, Community Member
3/13/12 11:34pm

When I was 19 years old, I cut off my right big toe in a lawn mower accident.  I'm 65 now. Through the years, I have had minimal problems with my foot, but about 4 years ago the top of my foot began hurting, with burning just below the base of my second and 3rd toes.  I might add that the areas that hurt and burn are sore to the touch and there is a small amount of swelling on the top of the foot.  I cannot wear regular shoes.  Crocks or Birkenstocks are about all that I can tolerate, and that is with inserts.  For all this burning and foot hurting, I had an L4-L5 clean out about 4years ago, but it has not really helped the pain at all.  My SI joint and my right leg hurt from time to time also.  Could all this possibly be from my L4-L5?  Any suggestions as to what to try next?


Kathy Trites, Community Member
4/16/12 10:44pm

What about severe foot pain when back surgery was 5 years ago?  Advil does not help.  It has come and gone for 2 days.  Trying to get in to the doctor.  Any ideas on this?


mmosher, Community Member
7/12/08 3:34am

WOW!  I had the same surgery on June 4th and then again on June 5th.  I new right after surgery something was wrong.  My left foot hurt so bad.  At first it felt my calf had a "charlie horse" all the time and it was very painful and my foot was tingling and painful.  The next morning they took xrays and did a second surgery that evening.  I sleft for about 3 weeks after surgery so I didn't think much about my foot but now it's been about 6 weeks and my foot hurst so bad.  I tell everyone it feels like a I have terrible sunburn and every now and again it feels like someone runs by me and snabs me with an ice picks.  Sometimes it feels like someone is sticking the ice pick under my big toe nail.  I can't wear anything but flip flops and that hurts pretty bad too.  Today I saw a pain mgmt doctor and got an epidural (sp) shot in my back and he gave me Lidocaine patches to apply on my foot.  I don't know yet if it's going to be helpful but glad to hear I'm not imaging this.  It's caused much stress for me but I'm not letting it get to me yet.  I've always been very independent so it's hard having to depend on so many people to help.  It hurts to walk more then 5 or so minutes because my foot swells so bad.  It feels like it's going to explode.  Sorry to hear your going through the same thing.  I can totally relate.

Michelle in Round Rock

Poodie, Community Member
8/ 4/09 3:54pm

Hello.I also had this surgery and with the same results. You need to look on the web for what is called reflex sympathetic disorder. It feels like parts of your body is burning with acid. This disorder will probably not go away and I do not want to scare you, but Ihad to go on very high doses of narcotic patches, which aia do not like at all !!!Y ou will probably want to go see a pain specialist after a few weeks because most times, your own Dr. does not want to get involved with this.Ihad this surgery x"s 2 and after the first surgery, Iended up with a blood clot on my spine and also with very severe spinal headaches, oh my goodness those headaches are soooo very painful! so painful you cannot even wipe your own fanny.Well so I had the second surgery and ended up with 2 numb feet, Icannot stand on my toes, Icannot walk very well, and the pain is sickening.Ihope you take this info and get some help. Ido not know too many people in this area whom are affected this way. Ilive in worcester, massachusetts. Oh, just one more thing,the longet your PcP lets this go on, the more your spinal canal can become

more affected. Good luck!!!!Pat,,,,Ialso had severe burning.Icouldn"t even touch my toe to the floor. the web site is called REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DISORDER.THEN YOU PUT IN CHRONIC PAIN.

Foot Pain, Community Member
8/30/09 9:37am

I am having the same problem. How did the shot work? Thanks, Tim

milkjake, Community Member
2/11/10 9:08am

How long does your foot burn and  does it hurt  in the leg too.  When I get up in the mornng its like im drunk. Even the bottom of my feet hurt. They wanted to do the shot but i felt after 5 shots they were not realluy helping.  What was done to your back can i ask?  I had  a ruptured disk that  was removed in March. Did everything they said then jan 2 i was making coffee and just turned wrong.  took me to the ground and an ambulance took me to the hospital. Lets say after 7 days in the hospital they finaly did surgery on the 4 th day got in there itwas bone on bone then to topit off my back was fractured.   Now they know why I was screaming in pain.  They did appologize but i feel the doctors need to listen to their patients more. 

Then 'when I woke up from my anesthetic my left leg was numb from the outside of the leg to the toes.  Makes me upset

brent williams, Community Member
5/25/10 6:06pm

I have had 3 back surgeries since 2006 and won`t have another one. Back Surgeons are bullcrap and I would challenge one that can fix you without messing up more than they fix. They are overpaid and underskilled. When you quiz them about these complications in your foot or leg they look at you like a monkey working an algebra equation. I am very disapointed in this sector of the medical industry and have lost faith.  I wish with all the people suffering they would make some advancements in neourosurgery because right now they get it right about as often as a weatherman and that " SUCKS " .

PEGGY, Community Member
6/28/10 10:55am

I so AGREE with you on the monkey part (LOL LOL) I had back surgery in 1999 and still have burning, coldness, feels swollen and sometimes they feel hot. I have been to soooooooooooo many doctors its always the same, I feel like a guineay pig, so I just live with the pain EVERYDAY!!!!

pavemantscraper, Community Member
3/25/11 3:40am

Mine has never stopped.

  I still can't feel parts of my legs, and feet, as well as butt.  It has gotten better in areas, but worse in others, what scares me is later in life, Diabetes runs in my family, and with already having neuropathy I will lose my feet and/or legs early on, due to poor circulation.  Diet and exercise can only do so much when you can barely exercise.

CECELIA, Community Member
7/12/11 2:16pm










Debra, Community Member
8/15/11 11:44pm

Hi Cecelia,

Just had multiple fusions this past January. C3-C7. Disected and fused. I had very little pain before surgery but was told that I had alot of spinal compression and had to have the surgery Now, more than six months later I have extreme total right arm weakness, numbness, severe pain. Also, my right root and calf and a little in my left foot is so on fire that I can barely walk on them sometimes. It wakes me up at night. Then, at other times it appears that my foot was plunged in a bucket of ice water. Going for a second opinion...please let me know how you make out...Debra


Foot Pain, Community Member
8/30/09 10:20am

Did the shots help? Thanks, Tim

Lynn, Community Member
9/ 4/10 5:32pm



    I posted back last October after my 2nd L5/S1 discketomy(sp); neither of which were very successful... I had 5 of the shots because I had "drop foot" and what I consider gross neuropathy of my left foot [feels like a thousand needles or on fire]. The only drug that provided long-lasting relief and finally has brought it to a managable level is Lyrica. My mother says it's the "devil" because I had a hard time getting my dosage right. After I stabalized my dosage then it has been like a miracle.



minman72, Community Member
1/10/11 2:08pm


I am posting for my mother.  She is 58.  She had 3 back surgeries over 15 years ago, the first was due to a stone that lodged in her spinal cord (thoracic area).  The 3rd surgery happened about 6 wks after the 1st two to try to fix the burning in her left foot because the doctor said she had a ruptured disc (lumbar area) causing the burning.  He repaired it, but the burning never stopped.  She has had nerve damage ever since.  Her worst symptom is constant burning in her left foot.  She also has numbness from the waist down.  Her left foot has been "asleep" for 15 yrs and still burns.  Her tail bone burns as well.  She can't sleep on her left side because it goes completely numb as if the circulation has been cut off.  She takes 1800 mg of Neurontin and 300 mg of Ultram, daily.  She takes a 1000 mg Vicodin about every 2-3 days when she can't stand the pain, especially on days right before it rains.  When I read your post, I asked her about Lyrica.  She says she tried it, but it didn't work.  I am almost certain she didn't take it for any length of time for it to be effective.  She is desperate to talk to someone who is in the same situation.  She doesn't have a computer or access to the internet, other than a 30 minute session at the local library.  Could you give me any advice for her?  Would it be possible for you to talk to her somehow?  I worry about her, especially her mental state, but don't know how to help her.    Melanie

Magnoliamom, Community Member
1/21/11 12:40pm

Melanie, I am almost 55 and have had two back surgeries.  If your mother is able to find a competent pain management physician and obtain an appointment, she needs to do that.  They are able to use different modalities of treatments that might help her.  The bottom line is she is never going to be without pain, unless she has a miracle healing.  Many of the other people in this site have said it before, but I will repeat, the doctors do the best they can for the most part, but there are always possibilities of "less than favorable outcomes".  That translates to burning, searing 24/7 pain.  If your mother's mental state is depressed and anxious, be as encouraging and supportive as you can.  This pain keeps us from sleeping well, is first and foremost in our mind all the time, and those two states alone would make the most healthy person anxious and possibly depressed.  There are now lidoderm patches that help, along with the narcotics and muscle relaxers.  I have been dealing with this since I was 25, but the CRPS did not happen until 1997 when I had the first of 2 surgeries 6 weeks apart.  I work full-time, am married and have an 11 year old son and two grown daughters.  I am a Christian and pray a lot.  Without proper medications, prayer and encouragement and support of my family, I would not be able to work.  Sometimes it is just about impossible to go, but I know I must, so I do.  My help comes from the Lord, the maker of Heaven and earth - - as the words to the song say.  Good luck and blessings to you and your Mother.

WILLIE DEPASCALE, Community Member
10/28/11 2:04am

I had back sugery in 2004 thats 7 year ago .when i went in i could not walk I had no feeling in my penis or my bowels and alot of pain in my lower back ,they decicde to do emergency surgery and found out i had a major reputured disk l5s1 the doctor said I was so big he could not get his tools in to do the job as good as he liked.. The second i got up i felt the stabbig pain on the side of my right foot. i have been on severl meds none seem to work I figured out that when i sit in my lazy boy or lay  down on the couch it comes on in about 15 to 20 minuite. It  can last up to a day making not being able to sleep.standing on it makes it feel better but as soon as i take the weight off its backi have been for shots taken hyromorhone (dilaudid) which is like herion but still the pain comes and goes. Im doing accupunture now and some pain patches not seeing results .the only thing that seems to help is cocktail or wine 2 or 3 drinks and the pain is gone this has not been good for my wieght control but at least i can get some sleep. im going to anoth doctor with my new plan,lets see what he hasto say about this cronic pain.. It really sucks to wake up every morning with pain..


diana, Community Member
2/ 5/10 11:16am

I am very independent also and to be honest, I do not like medication taking but it looks like I will at some point have to take something because it really hurts.  Thanks for responding to my post.

ANGELICA, Community Member
4/14/10 11:25am


chief burning foot, Community Member
9/ 3/10 11:27pm

My issue is a workers comp claim. Does any one know if the insurance company pays more for this on going problem? If so, how much do they add money wise for the unknown?

angelfirern, Community Member
1/25/11 6:36pm

yes, worker's comp does pay for treatment of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy(RSD) as long as it is related to your work comp injury. so, if your back injury & the surgery was the treatment for it then any complications such as RSD should be covered. i was injured on the job(i was punched in the mouth by a patient on meth) & had a back injury to L4-5 & L5-S1(2mm bulge & 4mm bulge) & also have radiculopathy in my right lower extremity(i havent had any surgery to my back)(not "no!" but HELL!! NO!!) but then developed the RSD from my foot all the way up my leg & crotch the worker's comp insurance company have had to pay for my lumbar epidurals whenever i need them. i have already settled my worker's comp suit & i took a lower cash award & was given lifetime medical benefits. ask your attorney & primary work comp doctor to see if you can get the insurance company to pay for the epidurals. it may take some work,effort &/or pestering the crap out of them until they agree to pay for them. you deserve to have this procedure done so you can get some relief to be able to live some sort of decent life while dealing with the fact that you have a chronic pain syndrome. i refused to give up & not let them walk all over me or treat me like i didnt exist. the work comp insurance company tried to refuse to pay for 2 permanent bridges that i needed to repair the dental injuries i sustained. i finally got the bridgework but due to their being a#*holes & not fixing the injuries in a timely fashion, the bridgework broke & the endodontist told them that the bridges could NOT be fixed, the insurance co. griped; "how long does she think we will pay for her dental bills??" my attorney told them; "for her lifetime" as per the terms of the agreed upon settlement(the insur. co cost: $60,000 for permanent dental implants). DONT GIVE UP! FIGHT for what you need medically from them. 

pavemantscraper, Community Member
3/25/11 3:37am

same exact issues, except my feet swell.  I was placed on Lyrica, gained 40 lbs in about 3 weeks, and the pain has not decreased in 3 years.  All the doc says is  "For the amount of cutting I had to do, you are doing great!"  Yes it has done me a great deal, at least my back doesn't go out when I yawn.  But, they don't tell you that you will have to alter your life in many ways.  They don't tell you that there will be sleepless nights, painful days, and finding new ways to wipe your own behind!  I have had complete fussion from L2 to S1  5 herniated disks.  and More Surgeries to come.  Also have broken neck at C7 and have spurs and herniations at C4, C5, and C6 with shoulder pain and arthritis.  It sucks, but, I am not drooling yet!  So hang in there folks, it beats a wheel chair!


pavemantscraper, Community Member
3/25/11 3:37am

same exact issues, except my feet swell.  I was placed on Lyrica, gained 40 lbs in about 3 weeks, and the pain has not decreased in 3 years.  All the doc says is  "For the amount of cutting I had to do, you are doing great!"  Yes it has done me a great deal, at least my back doesn't go out when I yawn.  But, they don't tell you that you will have to alter your life in many ways.  They don't tell you that there will be sleepless nights, painful days, and finding new ways to wipe your own behind!  I have had complete fussion from L2 to S1  5 herniated disks.  and More Surgeries to come.  Also have broken neck at C7 and have spurs and herniations at C4, C5, and C6 with shoulder pain and arthritis.  It sucks, but, I am not drooling yet!  So hang in there folks, it beats a wheel chair!


steph, Community Member
9/14/11 1:48pm

wow u told my story almos to a tee, only thing is its my right foot, the way i exsplane the pain is like the skin is pilled off my knee on down to my toes, and touching it is like scraping a hard brush on it, but the that was the reason i had the 6 surgeries, and i still have the same pain, all the meds im on only releive the pain to a tolrable point, i am going to get a nerve similater, but im scared it will hurt me more.

Donna, Community Member
7/28/08 12:38am

It sounds like you have the same surgeon that I had. Had Back surgery June 6, 2006. Had server nerve pain from my back to my toes that I couldn't touch my skin, My hips, legs were so sensitive to the touch,

Now 2 years later it still hurts to the touch and for shoes forget it I have to wear Crocs so nothing touches my feet my toes on both feet burn like hell. IM going to see my neurologist next week to have some kind of shoes made. Medicare should pay most of it. Hope we both get relief.

                                Donna NY

patty, Community Member
7/28/08 11:03pm

yea!! someone else with the same problem. sorry for all of your pain but it is so nice to know i'm not crazy.  i have horrible pain in my left foot on top right under my second toe.  the one next to the big toe.  i can't stand it.  i know it from my back surgery.  i had surgery on dec. 17th 2007 and it is now july 28th 2008.  tomorrow back for my 3 shot after surgery.  had a disc replacement 5/1  this has been horrible.  i have had both my knees replaced and had no trouble recoverying.  this back has been a b***h. i just want to feel better.  i'm only 50 and my body feels 80.  good luck all

patty in oklahoma city, oklahoma

Lynn, Community Member
8/30/09 8:09pm

Hi Patty,


I am an attorney from the OKC area and I had my L5/S1 Discectomy because of a lateral "free ruptured" non-contained L5 disc explosion that looked like a mushroom cloud on the contrast MRI against my spine. I have had back problems since a car accident over 7 years ago. I immediately had C5-C6 fusion and it was a wonderful thing. [Anyway, I digress.]


I had my surgery less than 13 days ago and I trust my surgeon with my life because he had already pieced me together cervically from the same accident with wonderful results. I am 50 years old and I am VERY proactive in my health care. I did not originally want the discectomy, because of years of handling client's PI cases with similar injuries and negative results, and research. I was trying to hang on for the disc replacement therapy but I didn't want to be the first generation. Okay, now after 13 days, my left foot, big toe and second toe from my big toe, have been alternating between being numb, on fire or dead and my sciatica from below my left buttocks to behind my left knee is just as severe as it was before the operation but it used to go down both legs and into my calves. I never had a problem with my foot before surgery and yet it is in all of the literature but no one bothered to mention it to me. It might have been nice to know, I'm not sure because by that time I was in so much pain that I would have allowed them to open me up with a "rusty" knife.


I go back tomorrow to see the surgeon and have my staples removed. I have questions but I also have knowledge and faith. I do NOT think it is a bad thing to question the "whys" of how our bodies are responding and I pray that you have a doctor and/or surgeon who provide you with the ability to read up on the medical journals and reports that are readily available on the internet. I believe that, with God's help, I can know more and ask more questions to assist the physician in allowing me to do everything I can do to help him make me and my recovery the best it can be. I am in the early stages but I have already read enough "studies" consistent with my profile, injury, treatment and prognosis to allow myself some distress. I know that it takes time.


I, like you, just wanted to know I wasn't alone and my fears weren't unwarranted and have somebody tell me that feeling 70 @ 50 won't always be that way but if it is then I'd rather know now than to wait 1,2,3 or 5 years to prepare my mind, body and soul, not to mention my spouse of 29 years of what my [our] future will be.  Sorry, I know this is kind of a rambling response... but I wish you well and I pray you obtain a full measure of recovery or, at least, a measure that will provide you with peace, comfort and contentment.


Hang in there and thank you for your post!!


Lynn in OKC

chief burning foot, Community Member
9/ 3/10 10:48pm

Wow! I thought the same thing! I am 53 with a wife 15 yrs younger. Its not fair for her to hear me complain constantly. No one said my leg would be on fire and getting worse not better. My surgury was feb 15,2010. Its now September! My disc was ruptured and a piece of it broke off! I had no choice, but surgury. After the procedure i felt great. Then the burning numbness kicked in and has not stopped. Norco is the only drug that is cheap enough and actually works for me. But my surgen says not good to take for long periods. Other anti inflamatories were per perscribed. They should be called antipersonnality drugs. i'm in sales and cannot be like a depressed zombie. It seems from reading these blogs, there is no answer. If there were, a Dr would jump in here and tell all of us what to do.

Linda, Community Member
11/21/10 1:07am

I had surgery on the L4-L5, S1 nerve on Oct.26, 2010.  About 10 days after surgery I got a burning left foot and ankle that I couldn't bend.  I could barely walk the pain was so bad.   I went to the neurosurgeon for my two week check up and explained the pain.  He said that I shouldn't have any pain because he shaved the disc and cleaned out the stenosis but when he was performing the surgery he nicked the dura which leaked spinal fluid.  I was told to stay flat on my back for a week so I would get severe headaches.  I followed his advice.   He thinks that the pain could be from the patch that he used to cover the nick.  He said to call him in two weeks.  After one week the pain was unbearable so I called him.  He prescribed a 13 day steroid called Dexamethsone along with a pill to counteract the nausea that the Dexamethsone might cause.  It's a strong anti-inflamatory but after the second dose the pain in my foot and ankle was gone.  I still had a mild burn in my upper calve but at least I was able to walk.  I'm now on my third day of taking the steroids and it is still working.  I'm not sure if this is fixing the problem or just masking the pain.  I think if it's an anti inflamatory then it's fixing the problem.

Good luck to you.


Jami, Community Member
4/21/11 10:31am

My mother had the same surgery in Feb. this year and is still having the burning in her foot to the point she cannot walk or wear shoes. They have done several MRI's and CT Scans, but have yet to put her on an anti-infamitory. Curious to know how you are doing now a few months after your post.


Thanks for your time.

Nan, Community Member
7/29/08 12:06am

Please go to a pain management doc or a neurologist. I had foot surgery on March 23, 2007. Afterward, I had the same symtoms you all describe: intolerance of heat or cold, severe burning on the top of my foot and my first and second toes; sharp pains like an ice pick on on my toes. Even a breeze on my foot caused deep burning. My skin is normally warm but in the eveninings the foot on which the surgery was performed becomes cold and aches. A year later and I wear Crocs. Redness and swelling of both legs go up to my knees and at times up to my thighs and even my abdomen. Sometimes my skin looks blue. I still can't do many ADLs. My diagnosis: Complex Regional Pain Symdrome, commonly known as RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). I'm planning to have a neurostimulator implant to break up nerve signals from my limbs to my spine. The earlier the disease is diagnosed and treated, the better the results. Google the disease's name to look up information on legitimate medical websites like the NIH NINDs site. If you think you have RSD, contact your doctor and discuss the possibility. If he/she won't listen, then go to another doc. It's your pain and you know if your recovery from surgery is abnormal. Good luck.



michelle, Community Member
9/ 1/09 2:46pm

hello sufferers.... i wont even begin to say i understand your situation and pain.  My intent is to agree with all this advice regarding treatment, early treatment.  My eleven year old daughter suffered with this quiet, rare disease that no one understands. It took over 8 months to discover with great determination.  RSD is real! Early detection is the key!  and there are non narcotic treatments for this disorder.  My prayers go out to all of you sufferers. And those that can keep that positive attitude, pass it on!  It is key to recovery!  Hope this has helped.

steph, Community Member
9/15/11 11:22am

your post is pretty pld a i am about to get that neirostimulator implant th etrial run anyways but i hav to past a shyc evel. first, just woundering if u had to do the same r if the stimulator implant is working for u? any advise for me?

Moe, Community Member
8/ 2/08 2:29pm
I'm reading so many horror stories here! I had terrible terrible lower back pain all the way down to my left foot. I've been through it all. I mean everything!!! The problem I'm seeing here with most everyone who posted before me, is: bad doctors. Get a good doctor like I was lucky to have my surgery done by and life will be better. Best of luck folks!!! Reply
stephenie, Community Member
11/19/11 8:34pm

What doctor/state/facility, what procedure did you have done, and how was your recovery? If you don't mind me asking? I have been advised that surgery is the best option for my spondylolisthesis and I'm scared to death. I have been through physical therapy twice with very limited relief, I have been seeing a chiropractor for 4 1/2 years and I'm in more pain now then when I started, and I refuse to use narcotic pain relievers. I have purchased a $400 mattress topper and am in the process of searching for a back brace (any recommendations?) so I can manage the pain. I REALLY don't want surgery because of all of the horror stories so I am willing to try anything else. 

robert in Weatherford, Tx, Community Member
8/18/08 3:28pm

I just had back surgery on August 17th and I also have a shooting pain in my right knee and also feel a burning from the back of my thigh to my calf. I thought I pulled my hamstring because thats the way it feels. No relief from Vicodin, Lyrica or Nerotin.

Any body have any idea of how to get rid of the pain?  

chief burning foot, Community Member
9/ 3/10 10:54pm

There is no way. If there were this blog would not exist! Very sorry, my pain has driven me to this web site. I see no one with a cure. more depressing huh?

CanukGalinTexas, Community Member
10/18/10 3:10pm

I found that using BioFreeze on my affected lower back, buttock and entire leg and foot works very well.  Yes, every part even my knees, achilles, the inside of my leg and where that muscle attaches to my pubic bone.  


At first the tingling/numbness/burning doesn't go away completely but I found that it is reduced by 75-80%. The best price that I have found is on and I buy the 3 pack Roller style because it's easier to apply.  I apply it 4 times a day until the tingling/numbness disappeared which was about 2 weeks after my L5S1 surgery.  


Hope this helps you too.

Elisabeth Mitra, Community Member
9/24/08 4:38pm

I have had spinal surgery on 13 October 1995 and as a result suffered nerve root damage. I was paralysed for about three weeks and was unable to stand without the help of a zimmer frame. Both my feet were dead and eventually I felt some sensations and I started to wiggle my big toe on my right foot. But with the return of the sensations the pain set in too. There was stabbing and burning all the way from my toes to my bottom and the pain was almost unbearable. I eventuall learned to walk on my own again but 13 years later my right foot is completele numb up to above my ankle and the right side of my bottom and the back of my right thighe. Sitting and walking/standing is very unpleasant, there is constant burning and my foot feels like I am walking on spikes and pebbles. I also can't bear hot or cold water on my foot, especially hot water feels like a burning sensation. I have been to many pain clinics and specialists but there is no hope of ever getting better. I am being treated at present at a Hospital for Neurology and Neurological Diseases and various painkilling infusions have been administered but nothing has helped.

I was told by one Neurologist 13 years ago that nerve ends will regrow the first three years following damage but what doesn't come back in that time will never improve. As your operation was only carried out recently you have a good chance that things will improve, I sincerely hope so and I wish you all the best in the future. Whatever you do, don't give up. I am carrying on with my life as best as I can, I like cooking for instance and I spend may hours producing beautilful food and it seems to help me to cope with my situation.

All my best wishes


linda, Community Member
2/19/11 10:28pm

Hi Elisabeth, my story sounds much like yours.   I too was paralyzed from a tumor removed from the center of my spinal cord (incomplete paraplegia)...i also eventually (and as you know..alot of hard work!) learned to walk...a bit clumbsy, but i walk.  I also have two numb feet and a left numb leg and my right thigh is good.  my rear end is like yours (always gotta make sure i am "really" sitting on the chair ok)...BUT THE FEET !!!!!!!!  since day one out of surgery, totally paralyzed chest down, however PAIN signals in the feet were over active!!!!!!!!!!! wow! never felt pain like that and i have had 19 surgeries, including brain surgery!  This pain was unbearable and now 4 years later, its better than that, but boy i still can handle water or anything cold (barefeet on floors, bathtub you name it) and finding shoes...TOUGH!  I am always amazed i have numb feet, why do i still "feel" PAIN!  i know docs say its different signals.  I have to have sock and slippers all the time and i live in sunny south florida and winter is good, cause i can wear snuggly warm boots with warming insoles, but sandals...thats what i wanna wear, but cant walk one block without suffering so!  other posts mentioned lidocaine patches on feet?? ever try?  I like insoles called Toasy feet, google it...i just bought 3 more pairs 14.99 each, but well worth it!!! they really keep your feet possible.  Nice to talk to someone who REALLY gets it...half my family, thinks i make it all up...they are creeps and extremely uncaring about me.  But thank god for the rest of my love one's they are very supportive....i just wish there was something else out there for us....

up date from archeal, Community Member
9/29/08 3:29pm

Up date from Racheal I am doing so much better. My back pain is nothing anymore but it gets i guess what you would say tired now and as for my right foot it is so much better the doctor have me to take lycira 75mg at night and it has help 90%. I'M so glad I had the surgery now and it helps to have a great doctor as I did Dr Robert Ingram in Knoxville Tennessee is the best and his nurse staff is great I love them all and now can live a normal life again thanks to him. Thanks for all your story and help along with prayers my are with each and everyone of you all Racheal

Jon, Community Member
10/22/09 10:32am

I had l4/l5 surgery and as a result have the burning pain in my left foot that many on here describe. It has been two weeks and they just gave me a Medrol pack. They said that if that doesn't work ( been 3 days so far with no relief ) that they would prescribe Lycira. So, I really hope that helps.  They said though that Lycira is pretty harsh on your everyday life. Did you experience any side-effects with this drug?

chief burning foot, Community Member
10/ 1/10 1:54am

Yes, lyrica made me feel unreal. could not be around any one. A total personality change for me. Not my usual self. As a sales person, it has made me different. When i complained, my Dr. offered other drugs. I dont want false feelings to make me forget about my issue. I think there is nothing they can do. Except give scripts to make you forget about the real issue. I have refused to take anything else they have prescribed. I want my happy go lucky life back!! If you read the instructions on the meds, you would not take them. Thats the Dr's way of saying that their done. next case. There are only 2 choices. Live with it, or have surgury again, but may be worse or parilized or worse. I feel old before my time. I cant work out, golf,ski,run,or sex with my wife like i used to. However, its the best of the other evel. That would be, not be able to walk! I,m not sure what they did in the old days??? Drugs do not help!!! The only drug that helped me is norco. The cheapest and best thing that works,they will not give me. They will give u lyrica or others that cost 5 times the price of norco! But, the bottle says,"may cuase suicide with lyrica" This is what they hope for! No more complaints! I took 1 norco a day,never more than 1.. But, i can buy the pills that dont work, forever! Go fiqure! If norco works and you take 1 per day, is that harmful? Now, I would understand, if you call the Dr. for more pills in 7 days,  you must have a problem. Either your hooked and need more,or u have sold them! Thats a very easy math problem for a Dr. I'm sure that you will all agree, there are only a few drugs that give results. The best drugs for them to sell are the ones you can't tell that they work. And the ones you have to pay monthly. Like a phone bill,cable bill,elec bill,gas bill,car payment,mortgage,internet! The money for them is in the reacurring revenue. Not a cure. No money in a cure! The best ones for them to sell are as follows; lipitor,and high blood pressure,flu shots, depression, even if your not depressed, they make feel that you are with their TV spots. The sad music, gloomy clouds,black and white photos. Then you buy in, the bottle says; Do not stop taking these or you'll have thoughts of suicide!! Can you imagine selling any other product like that? "Buy this soap or your gonna kill yourself" Thanks for reading!

Taky, Community Member
2/15/10 10:31am

Hi Racheal, My name is Troy and I'm from Queensland Australia. I too had a brilliant Doctor who performed Surgery on me in July 2009. I also use lyrica, only my dosage is 150mg. Like you I have also found this medication benificial however I have also found the side affects of this medication to affect my ability to focas clearly and or concerntrate properly! I still suffer burning sensations, pain, and numbness/weakness to my left leg and at times aching in my lower back however nothing to the extent of the agony I felt before surgery. My life is still a little way off normal and cannot find a solution to the cramping in my leg and ankle. A message to anyone who is reading this and who has chronic back pain, ask your doctor about Lyrica, previous to Lyrica I was prescribed Endone and MS Contin 60 only to find out later that these other forms of medication made my back trauma even worse. Why? I don't know but aparently it is quite common. So ask your doctor, it may just be the best thing you ever do!! 

chief burning foot, Community Member
9/ 3/10 10:58pm

How do you feel on lyrica? Its also very expensive. Bad side effects for me anyhow.

Cyndi, Community Member
10/ 2/08 5:11am

I can relate.I had a slipped vertebre due to a birth defect which was a bone missing in my spine. The surgeon planned to put in a cage but change his mind at the last minute. He said it would be too dangerous for me. So he aligned my spine, put in an atificial bone and rods and screws. It's been 6 weeks and my back feels better but the nerve pain in my left foot is getting worse and is unbareable. I can't stand for anything to touch my foot not bed sheets, not even a sock. The doctor gave me nuerontin for nreve pain but the only way it helps is if I take more than the dosage he prescribed. It is the most miserable feeling. It wakes me up at night. The top of my foot is so sensitive to touch and it feels like it has been severely burnt and my big toe feels like I am being stabbed constantly with a sharp knife. The Doctor says to be patient because I had a lot of nerve damage but that is easier said than done. You can't know how it feels until you have experienced it. Does anyone know how long this lasts? My job is wanting me to come back to work but I can't even wear a shoe and with all the pain meds I just don't feel like I can return to work yet.

mike, Community Member
2/28/10 12:27pm


I have this same issue.  I had my surgery on 13 Feb 09, which the Dr. fused s1/l5/l4 with bone/rods/screws.  I have the exact same symptoms and the Dr initially prescribed neurontin but this did not work.  He switched me to Lyrica which helped a little more but the burning sensation and pain is still present.  Dr believe this is caused by swelling.  It's been a year since the surgery, and the pain and burning symptoms have not improved.  I see my  neurosurgen next month.   Has your condition improved?  thanks

Juana, Community Member
10/13/10 9:56am

i had spinal fusion with dissectomy and spring 5 discs in all.  My back is better but now i have a severe squeezing pain in both ankles and a pulling pain in my buttocks that runs down the back of both legs.  I have a doctor that wants his work to be a total success and seems very agitated that I have expressed this to him.  I don't know if this is normal or not and am now wondering if I should get a second opinion.  The trade off with my back pain to this, I dont know.  I feel more pain with this problem.  My doctor makes me feel afraid to tell him.  Like this is all in my head.  It is comforting to know that I am not alone, however, I want answers also to this condition as well. He said the ex-rays looks good, so who knows.  I'm very frustrated.  I hope you find relief and answers.  Gosh, I pray I find some as well.  Good luck.  Jojo

Tammy, Community Member
8/19/10 8:38pm

I was having terrible leg pain at the top of my right leg from the knee to the groin both inside and out.  Many xrays, CT and MRI later I was told I had a stress fracture with slippage.  I had my first spinal fusion 6-10-09 both anterior and posterior inserting cage, cadaver bone, rods and screws.  I was up the morning after surgery walking around and stayed in the hospital 4 days and off work 8 weeks.  The day before I went back to work my upper leg pain was back.  I was put on neurontin 3 times a day and Naproxen two times a day.  It worked for a while, but eventually stopped working.  My leg ached TERRIBLE.  I missed a lot of work and just could function when it flared up.  The pain just consumed me.  I think I own part of the heated rub creams.  My doctor seem confused and ordered more tests including EMG and a Mylogram.  They found that the right rod screw didn't fuse completely and allowed the hardware to losen.  Back into suregery we went on 7-6-10 where he removed and replaced the right side hardware with larger screws.  After I awoke from recovery and taken to my room, I told them my ankle and foot hurt.  I was told I had just had a big suregery and there would be swelling and irritation and that should go away.  Well, it hasn't yet.  I am suffering weakness when raising my right leg along side my left one.  I cannot pull my toes up or pushe them down very far.  I cannot stand for ANYTHING to touch the top of my foot.  It feels like it is burnt.  A sock, shoe, bed covers and even a breeze hurts it.  My big toe feels like somebody is pinching the end of it and joint gets sharp pains in it.  When I walk on the ball of my foot under the big toe, it feels like my foot is going to split wide open.  I have to sit with my foot on top of an ice pack or imerged in ice water to get relief.  My doctor prescribed me Lyrica last visit and my insurance won't approve it as a covered medication, so my doctor prescribed a 16 day predisone pack.  I've been on it two days and so far no help.  I go back the 23rd for another recheck.  I'm so discouraged.  I'm only 47 and hope this isn't permanent.  I even wondered if I had gout or something.  Wonder where we will go from here?

Debra, Community Member
8/16/11 12:24am

I had a multiple fusion of c3-c7 Jan. 2011. Before surgery, I just had a sore neck but they said that I had extensive spinal compression. Well, after the surgery it felt like I had a stroke. My total right side was heavy and numb. After therapy, my total right arm is still weak, numb, really painful all the time and never had this before surgery. Also, my right foot feels extremely hot and painful and my left just slightly off and on. Sometimes, I can't walk because of the sensitivity. At other times, it feels like my right foot was plunged into a bucke of ice water!

Went for a second opinion and he ordered a CT scan and a myelogram to see what happened. Will let you know...Debra

margie, Community Member
10/26/08 7:10pm

I had some pain in my right foot but after my 2nd surgery my foot went numb on the outter side and my leg also.The pain in my foot was not cured,only getting worse,after standing a while it burns and hurts like hell.I ask the surgeon  and my regular doctor and they have no answer for me,I had a 2 disrepair surgerys of the L-4 and L-5 then I suppose during surgery my s-1 is messed up.Havent had an mri since 04.I know Im worse,I never get a straight answer so now I just suffer.

mad, Community Member
11/10/08 5:29am

I have just been reading all your stories. I hurt my back nursing and now after 6 years i am going to have surgery to decompress l4/l5/s1 with a fusion.I have nerve damage to my right leg with pain,burning down into my foot. I can't stand anything touching my foot my doctor said it is called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy. It is the worst pain i have ever felt and so hard for people to understand. I am only hoping that after i have the surgery the nerve will be fixed 2 as it now affects my bladder 2. I recomend that you ask your doctor's about Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Comitas27, Community Member
12/13/08 9:45pm

Hey all.  I found this article searching for the whole back surgery to burning foot linkage.  I had back surgery 6 weeks ago and everything has been going great.  I had a herniated l5-s1 disc and it was fixed in out-patient surgery.  I began working this week and after 3 days of work, I woke up one morning with the burning sensation in my left foot.  The siatic nerve was part of my initial injury, so it was expected that I have wierd pains.  I was mostly coming out on the web to confirm the doctor's diagnosis that this will improve slowly.  I was told it is part of the nerve's healing process.  After 3 days of the burning and slight swelling, I have been trying a few different medications to cool my foot, but still about the same.  I will come back and give an update soon, but my doctor seems really good and I trust her.  I was more concerned with my black toenail(also from soccer) being a cause of this symptom than the surgery, but this all sounds consistent with my back surgery. 


Comitas27, Community Member
12/16/08 3:01pm

.. continuing from my post a few days ago, I have reached the deadline adn still have the burning, pain and swelling symptoms.  It seems to have gone down a bit, but it is still pretty painful at times.  My doctor prescribed LYRICA to help calm the pain for now until it fully heals.  I will update as to how that works later.

Comitas27, Community Member
12/21/08 10:17pm

Ok, 1.5 weeks after the initial burning foot and 5 days after taking Lyrica, my foot feels much better.  I complimented Lyrica with 3 500mg Naproxin and 3 tylenol per day and things are very manageable.  I still have some foot pain, and a small burning sensation, but it is nothing compared to what it was.  I am wearing loose fitting shoes and driving since yesterday.  I don't know if it has actually healed at all due to the drugs, but my small medicinal cocktail has made my stress much less getting so close to Christmas.


Anyway, if anyone needs more followup info, just send an email to  I will try to post an update if things change or I slow the meds down.


Good luck!!

Novagod, Community Member
1/ 9/09 6:27pm

On Dec. 02, 2008 I had the same procedure, L-5-S-1 fusion. The scary thing is it's as if I wrote your summary of events. My big toe hurts and the top of my foot feels like the skin was ripped off! My surgeon said that it is unusual but that the only recourse is to go back in and see what is pushing against the nerve. 2 days ago he prescribed Lyrica but I have not seen a difference yet. I will wait it out and see what happens.

Have you seen a difference? Hopefully, since it's been 7 months you are "back" to normal.

Comitas27, Community Member
1/12/09 11:24pm

Status Update:  I am pratically back to normal now.  I was taking 75mg Lyrica twice daily, but since Sunday I have taken 1 50mg Lyrica per day.  I am trying to slowly reduce my Lyrica until I am done with it in case it comes back.  I have been hiking and enjoying the incredibly crappy weather.  Heh.  I can tell you that I have also been talking someone else through the recovery and it seems like you are right in line with ours.  It took about 5 days for the pain to start reducing.  At 7 days, I was wearing shoes again.  4 weeks later I am now weening myself from the meds.  My Surgeon told me they were not related, but I see a lot of the same comments on the web.  Each person I talk to with this issue it manifests itself in the front half of the foot.  I am not a doctor, but Lyrica either helped or just the 5-7 days of putting up with the pain helped.   :)


I will post again once I am fully off the meds, but it is looking really promising now.  The friend I am talking to is having a second MRI, so we can use that comparison to.  All I can say is just hang in there... it is a scary time for sure but there is hope!!!



Doreen, Community Member
1/15/09 12:20am

I had back surgery in 1995. I had a fragmented disk between L4-L5 and had a plate and screws that fuzed the bones. I was cut on my left side about 10 inches and was stapled shut. Within a year I started having a strange thing happen, my foot turned purple and got so cold the bones felt like a tooth ache. I used to just pass it off and my husband would massage the foot to try to get it warm. I began to notice when I took a shower that the water felt warm on my body, but felt like boiling water on my foot. It never got better. I went to a rheumatologist and he said it was "RSD"-reflex sympathetic dystrophy. He referred me to Dr. Kirkpatrick at USF Medical Center in Tampa, FL. He is the leading Dr. in the country for RSD. I had sympathetic ganglion nerve blocks performed by him.   The first block had the foot get warm for a week, then back to cold. I was told if I had caught it earlier the blocks would have been more successful. Sadly, after six blocks the foot no longer got warm at all and is very touch sensative still. I have learned to deal with it. Cold damp weather is a killer! I don't know if this is what you have, but don't hesitate to consider the possibility of RSD.

Debra, Community Member
8/16/11 12:30am


I will be moving to the Tampa area within the next 2 months. Could you possibly give me the phone number and/or address of Dr. Kirkpatrick?? I believe that I do have RSD and don't want to waste time. I did go for a second opinion and they want to do a CT scan and myelogram to determine what went wrong during the surgery. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Debra

Comitas27, Community Member
1/18/09 7:52pm

Well, last update I guess.  I quit takeing the medication 4 days ago and now I am still pain free.  No more burning foot, no more pain otehr than a stiff back now.  I have returned to doing some light hiking with no issues.  Good luck and take care all! 

sonny prentice, Community Member
2/ 7/09 11:36pm

yes my left foot feels le it has a hot wire wrapped around and spreads my toe thigh tight can not sleep  at six weeks post opp  deep breathing  helps nouro pathic  origin try lyrica or gaba penttln

Monica, Community Member
8/30/10 3:03pm

My nurosurgeon prescribed gabapentin for my nerve pain but it is not helping my foot pain.  I can hardly walk my feet hurt so bad.  I don't feel like it's a burning sensation but a really bad, sprain but it's not.  It's so hard to explain.  I am 5 weeks post op from double laminectomy and discectomy of s1-L5 and L5-L4.  I also have quite a bit of pain similar to my sciatica.  I am hoping the gabapentin helps.  I go back to see my surgeon on Sept 2 so we'll see what he says.  I hope to go back to work after labor day.

tonia, Community Member
2/11/09 4:40pm

i had typed in the search engine pain worse after neck surgery. and i found this site. i had neck surgery oct30,08 it is now feb.11,09.  i hurt so bad i can't sit up right but 15 minutes.  i have to lay down, does anyone know why that helps.  when i sit up it hurts so bad an try to explain it to people and don't know how but it goes down shoulders and back, and feels like a burning feeling too, i also get bad headaches.  i tried telling doctor and he won't listen. if anyone can give me some input please.

velockski, Community Member
2/17/09 11:44pm

I had surgery on January 21st.  I had minimally invasive decompression of L2/3, L3/4, L4/5, L5/S1. When I woke from surgery the horrible pain was gone but my right leg was pretty numb. Within a week the numbness went away to be replaced with a burning on my shin and top of my foot. Also, the joint in my upper thigh has ached unbearably. After a week the doctor prescribed neurtorin, steriod 6 day pack, and more pain pills. Now after 4 weeks post surgery I've gotten better and a couple of hours yesterday I was even pain free. Today the pain was back with a venegence. Why is it intermittent? When it strikes it's horrible. I have a fear it won't go away. Everything I've read it will just take time or not go away at all. I need encouragement! Help!

hurting from Indiana, Community Member
9/16/09 1:18pm

CryI too am having the most horrible burning sensation in the front part of my shin. I just had back surgery in  mid july 2009. I had two Ruptured discs and two bulging discs but because I had been dealing with pain from the sciatic nerve did nothing for it because I did not have insurance, until my whole left leg went out on me and could no longer deal with the pain because it got worse than I had ever felt before. The only difference is my burning sensation is in both of my shins and faintly in my feet. Without insurance I do not know what to do for my pain. It cost 22,000 total for my surgery and without full payment the DR. seems not to be very interested in anything I have to say, He said would go away over time. Post-op visit lasted maybe 5 min. No x-rays nothing. did not even give a follow up appt. please help with something that might releive the burning

shazia Ashraf, Community Member
7/ 3/10 9:10pm

I often experience burning pain in the heel of my foot, after going through a lower back surgery. I did not know what to do about it. my doctor said that it is not because of surgery. Recently, I started taking multi-vitamins (Women's Ultra Mega dietary supplement, from the GNC store) and my pain was relieved. I have noticed that stress makes it worse. I hope it works for whoever reads my mail. 

Jeanne, Community Member
3/ 9/09 1:14am

     Although it is a shame to hear of so many other women in pain, it is a comfort to know that I too am not crazy.  I did not have back surgery like all of you, although I suffer from chronic pain from a head injury from 1996.  The injured nerve affects the right side of my body and I suffer from constant headaches.  I use neurontin and topamax to help me.  I did have a surgery but it was on my foot and I am suffering and have been since last summer, all of the same symptoms that you have been writing about ...the burning, the stabbing pains, the inability to wear a shoe or a sock or have the sheet on your foot...pain shooting up the leg, the redness, the swelling, difficulty standing and walking for any length of time... 

     Last spring I broke a bone in my right foot and after 8 weeks it still hadn't healed.  The doctor operated and removed the shattered bone and told me I would heal in 1-2 weeks. This was not the case and when I asked him why I was still in so much pain after 4 weeks he told me it was probably due to my head injury. He felt that when he opened me up it aggravated the nerves. The burning and stabbing pains were so bad that I was on crutches well into September and finally started driving again in October.  I began physical therapy in August and am still steps...that is what they keep telling me. 

      They tell me this because just like all of you the pain is such that I couldn't even wear a sock let alone a shoe.  I would get sick to my stomach when the pt would work on me and that was just rubbing his hand across the top of my foot and moving my toes around.  I still sleep with my right leg out from under the covers and up on two pillows.  I have tried to put it under the with the weight of the sheets but it is too uncomfortable.  I put ice packs on my foot and the side of my leg several times a day and the doctor also prescribed lidocaine patches which are very helpful.  He also just prescribed Solaraze Gel.   It must be pretty new because my neurologist and the physical therapists had never heard of it.  I put it on top of my foot and it does ease the pain.  I am very happy to be off the vicodin which I was on for about 5 months.  I am also happy to say that I bought a new pair of sneakers and I am wearing them but just a little bit each day...most of the time the right foot is bare.  I really try to keep the sock on but that even bothers me after awhile. That is why the ice packs feel so good...they really help when the toes are burning so much...

     My neurologist recently put me on Welbutrin because I was getting so depressed about not walking well and not driving and just being in pain all the time...I am 45 with three teenagers and feel lousy that I can't do more with them some days...a lot of days.  Well...since they were little....okay....enough of that...I wrote this to say that the patches and gel are helpful so maybe they can help some of you.  Also...although some days I have resigned myself that I am going to have this pain forever...just like my head pain...I think that it is better than it was back in June and I have to stay somewhat positive or I would truly lose my mind.     Thanks for reading!!  Good luck to all...hope everyone is feeling a little better...I don't know about you but I always feel better in the better weather...right?  Cool

corti7, Community Member
4/ 7/09 2:14pm

Oh my God!  I am so glad that I am not the only one going through this.  I had back surgery in Feb 2009.  I had fusions at L5-S1 and L4-L5 with decompression.  I am now 7 weeks post-op and am experiencing the same exact foot pain that you all are writing about.  I too cannot wear any type of shoe, sheets hurt, socks hurt.  When I wear flip-flops I have to put a million band-aids on my foot and toes to stand the irritation. The burning stabbing pain is soooo irritating and depressing.  If it were'nt for the foot pain I would be doing great.  I have been taking neurontin since before surgery and it helps a little with the foot pain now.  After reading "cornitas27" stories I am now going to ask my doctor to prescribe Lyrica. Hopefully I will have the same success that she did..  Ice seems to make my foot feel a little better.  I will keep you updated.

Jami, Community Member
4/21/11 10:43am

I know your post was from awhile ago, but I am desperate for my mother who had the same surgery in Feb. this year and is also experiencing the foot pain. Did you get the Lyrica and if so did it help?


Thank you for your time.



Montana, Community Member
4/11/09 2:32am

wow i have had 4 back surgerys in the last 5 years the last 4  years with with burns in my feet and pain in my legs  and my back.  just will not stop. now iam having skin prodlens on my feet.  going in for #5  I can not ever go back to work i am now disabled and i am 48

RICOHDBIKER, Community Member
3/26/10 8:38am

I too am 48 yo and I have had 4 neck surgeries and 2 low back surgeries, the latest in August 06. Since then my pain has gotten worse, I have the severe pain in my feet (my doctor lists it as Neuropathy), my hands are swollen in the A.M. I have headaches everyday with just the intensity changing along with chronic neck pain. I have suffered for probably over 15 years. The reason for the neck surgeries and a plate between c4-c7 was the constant headaches. I am prescribed Fioricet or Fiorinal with codeine #3 but they are not on Medicare's formulary so they are paid for straight out of pocket. It is the only med that helps my headaches. I also have a cocktail of pain meds and muscle relaxers along with anti-depressants to try and help with the very severe chronic back pain. The surgery in 06 had 3 carbon fiber cages placed in through the front and rods and screws placed in through the back. I spent the whole night without my pain pump working and the nurse couldn't figure it out, the following day shift recognized the problem and changed the pump. I'm sure I'm like many others, I haven't had a social life for so long I forget when I actually could go with friends and enjoy myself. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone that continues to suffer.

sindy, Community Member
6/16/09 6:18pm

I am only 28. i have just had surgery on my L5S1 On June 3rd. before the surgery the doc said i would be up walking after my surgery within an hour and feeling 90% better the next day my husband went down stairs and delayed his surgery to bring him up to see me after an MRI he said that my disk had sliped back out and he would repeat the surgery in the morning. Two surgeries with in 3 days and the only problem when I left the hospital was a numb foot. It was so irritating until the burning started now it is horrific. I cant sleep at nignt I feel like I cant do anything to make the pain go away.

I went in to the have my stiches out yesterday (10 days) and there was one stitch that they had to call a surgeon in to get. He was one that had helped on my second surgery but my regular neursurgeion was out of the office. I told him about my problem and he gave me a steriod pack said that it would take 3 days to kick in and if it didnt help that he would perscribe Lyrica.

I also have this stabbing pain that runs to my toes and causes the burning to be at its worst every time I have a bowl movement. None of you have said this before. I wanted to ask the doctor about it but before I got any questions out he decided that he needed to check me for pressuer spots under and on my breast and after that I just felt so uncomfortable that I couldnt wait to get out of there. I dont know if he just imberessed the crap out of me or if he was way out of line. I ve never had a surgeron talk about how he centered my breast into bolisis (the things we layed on during our surgery) and then started talking about pressur sores on nipples Im sure he was just way out of line. So after reading all of your stories I feel like I have a chance of this going away My questions is about the pain when going to the restroom and if it is some thing completely different

And has any doctor shared his concerns about your breast after your surgery (not sure if all of the doctors give this lecture and exam after surgery) I would really like to feel more comfortable talking to this surgeon if I have to see him again before my doc comes back so i can take care of these issues before they get worse And please understand I am not easy to blush I am In nursing school now. and have been a home care nurse for 9 years. but one on one with a doc discribing how he centers you on a table when you have told him you have absolutely not visible marks on you and he still is asking "May I See" is quiet uncomfortable. Only its not as bad as the pain and burning in my foot and now starting to go up my shin.

willie, Community Member
10/28/11 9:15am

How are you doing with yur pain?I cant help you with your odd Doc problem but I too have the same promblem.When I have a bowl movement I get a stabiing pain to the right foot. I also have the same pain when I lay down. I can have no pain all day then I come home lay down or sit in my lazy boy and in about twenty minutes I have pain .Trying accupunture now with pain patches and lyrica. This has been going on for 7 years its starting to make me very depressed. Not sure if it ever going to get better.

stephenie, Community Member
11/19/11 11:20pm

I am disgusted by your doctor! What did your returning doctor say?

rosebudcinafbry, Community Member
8/16/09 11:14pm

I have the same thing and I am so sorry that anyone else has to go thru it but I am really glad I found this site and see that I am not alone or crazy!!! I am a 29 yr old female from East Tennessee. I had my first surgery at 23 in Aug. of 2004, before this surgery I had pain that went from my lower back all the way down to the tip of my toes and sometimes I would have pains so severe that I didn't know what to do. I had went to every kind of Dr possible and they said everything from that I had bruised my hip to that I was just faking. Then finally I got a new family Dr that sent me to a neurologist. He did 1 scan and said that I had 2 disc that were pinching my siatic neve. He secheduled the surgery and when he did it I felt so much better I was practitally running and jumping for joy to be out of pain after 8 yrs of it.

       I had absolutely no pain what so ever and was lovin it. I went back to work and thought everything was great and that I was fixed!!! I was so very wrong though. In Jan. of 2007 my lower back started hurting and I ignored it, it was different from the pain that I had before so I didn't think anything about it and just took more and more Excedrin everyday. At the time I was a salaried manager at a fast food restaurant, and I just thought maybe I was working too hard. By the end of May, I couldn't stand it anymore and got another referral to the same Dr that I had previously seen. After he took the scans he said that 2 more disc on top of the 2 he did microdisctomies on in 2004 were herniated completely out and my only option was another surgery. He said he was going to have to do a fusion and it would take at least 8 weeks to heal and I would have to wear a brace for atleast 6 weeks so that the hardware, screws, and bone could heal properly. He did this surgery in Oct. of 2007 and I knew right after he did it that something was not right, something had to be wrong for me to be in more pain after than I was before. I wore the brace and did everything he said to do and nothing would help the pain. He did an MRI with dye and said that Jan. of 2008 was the soonest he could do another surgery because he thought one of the screws he put in could be causing all my pain.

I was hurting so bad that I didn't care as long as I got relief. On Jan. 17, 2008 he did the 3rd surgery. The very next day I knew something really bad was wrong, my left leg and foot were severely swollen and discolored and I had never felt pain that extreme in my life. Nothing would help and my Dr said he didn't know what in the world could be wrong. He had the hospital do nerve blocks, scans, and pain meds like you wouldn't believe and none of it helped at all. Then one of my nurses told me and my aunt who had been with me the whole time that her husband had RSDS and how it affected him. It was exactly what I was going thru. My Dr said that he didn't do anything except he had to move a nerve and scrape to remove bone growth off of it. After another 9 days in the hospital I got to go home with the RSDS diagnosis. I honestly wanted to die because I was hurting so bad. I was told that Dr. James Wyke at St. Mary's Pain Management Clinic was the only Dr in Knoxville that knew anything about RSDS at all. I started seeing him and had to go every 2 weeks and have nerve blocks and all kind of stuff done. I thought my left leg from the knee down was going to either explode from the swelling or was going to have to be removed. I couldn't walk, couldn't let anything touch my leg or foot, and wasn't sleeping well at all. I was on the brink of suicide out of pure pain. Finally after months of the blocks and instead of regular PT he had me do aqua therapy in warm water. In April I prayed to God that He please just let me die and not hurt anymore and not have to be a burden on friends and family anymore. The pain meds that I had been taking had made me really constipated and the only place I could actually stand to be was in a warm bath, I stayed in the tub for 4 days and when I finally got relief from the constipation, the swelling in my leg was gone and I could walk again. I know that only God helped me thru that part. After that my left leg and foot never got feeling back in them, and I was told they never will. I still had pain and my surgeon said he would take the other side of the hardware out and he did in Oct. 2008.

Now I have RSDS in both my legs, my back is worse than before, and I am in so much pain that it is affecting every aspect of my life. I am trying to get a 2nd opinion from a neurologist, find a pain Dr. because my house was broke in to and they stole my meds I got discharged from St. Mary's, and trying to find a General Dr as well. I see a psyc. Dr and try to make it thru the days. Some days are harder than others but I am losing everything and everyone because of this and it's affects on me. My Fiance doesn't understand no matter how hard I try to explain it, my psyc. Dr thinks that the pain is not as bad as I say, and when the RSDS decides it wants to flare up I never know when, where, or for how long I am going to be parallized. All that keeps me getting up each day is knowing I have a Fiance that loves me and needs me and LOTS AND LOTS OF PRAYER. I still cry from the pain and wish it would go away or atleast lessen but right know there isn't anything that we can do but Pray. I hope the best for everyone who has posted on this issue, I hope everyone can find something or some way of helping the pain, and I will keep everyone of you in my prayers!!!



                                                           In Pain But Praying: Knoxville


Racheal, Community Member
8/20/09 12:52am


rosebudcinafbry, Community Member
8/27/09 7:44pm

I appreciate the suggestion but the Dr.who has done all my surgeries so far is in the same clinic/office with Dr. Ingram!!! I have an appt. in October for a second opinion from Dr. Davis down west, so I gotta grin and bear it till then and see what he says. I was on lyrica but it made my RSDS worse because it made me swell so bad. I looked like a puffer fish. I haven't been sucessful in finding a pain management Dr as of yet but I will keep ya posted!!! Again thanks alot for the referral, I am so glad that I stumbled on to this site and found others to talk to that can relate to what kind of real pain I am in!!! THANKS!!!

Back pain, Community Member
2/20/12 1:18am

I had back surgery in January17th, 2012,the surgery went well i was feeling great the pain was gone,i was release January 20th,2012. i was home only two days when i started having pain in my right butt area a sharp pain i knew it was , i went to emergery to find out what the problem was, My doctor order a MRI and told the doctor to tell me that it was just postop pain and gave me a morphine shot, i return again to ER the nest day in horrible pain i couldn't walk it felt like a needle was sticking in my nerve, After the third visit and this doctor kept telling it was just postop pain the three doctor's at ER decided to recheck my MRI and found out that this doctor had cause a piece of bone to drop on the sciatica nerve when he was shaving my bone nothing stops this pain, the pain stops only when i'm laying now for a short period of time, when i right leg hits the floor the pain starts.this pain is getting worse.My doctor is referring me to another doctor to see if it can be remove. The doctor that did the surgery just didn't care maying feel like it was in my mind, once you're had sciatia pain you never forget the feeling of this pain. I really hope so. There is no words for this pain, the only time i don't feel this pain is when i take enough pain meds to knock myself out and sometimes the pain wakes me up. I receive a rod in my lower back and a block in my L4 or L5.

andys pain, Community Member
9/13/09 3:39pm

hey guys i to had back sugery a month ago when i wokeup the day of surgery my left leg which was'nt any problem before surgery was numb for the knee down and my left arm was numb from the elbow down but i did have alot done i had decompression discectomy and and rods put in at L5 S1 the feeling in my arm came back the next day i still have numbness in my calf but i can deal with the numbness if you know what i mean but after the first month my right foot started getting weird i have needle like pain numbness and burning in just my big toe and the next toe and the ball of my foot glad to hear that others are dealing with this to and your posts have been helpful going to call my doc in the morning and see if he can help .  

andys pain, Community Member
9/29/09 12:28am

well i went to the dr. a week ago my ortho doc had put me on neurontin so i went to my neuro doc and he said that one 300 mg tab once a day was not enough so he doubled it and said to try that for one week and then if that did'nt do it to add a third tab well i have i'm on three now it is better praise GOD  

andys pain, Community Member
10/19/09 11:59pm

well it's been a month since i was put on 300 mg of neurontin three times daily i can report that the pain is gone just a little tingle is left thank GOD i was worried that nothing would work but it did so hang in there guy's . 

chief burning foot, Community Member
9/ 3/10 11:14pm

To sum our pain up!  My foot feels like I thru my sock inside my shoe, then put it on and walk around all day like that.  Or, feels like my foot is on hot asphalt!

chief burning foot, Community Member
9/ 3/10 11:09pm

same here!

Sue, Community Member
9/13/09 4:15pm

I am a 49 year old women who thought she was going crazy! Went to the store and practically crawled in the door today. My husband found this website and showed me all the hits. It made me cry. 


I had 3 back surgeries in the past 3 years. I had a discectomy the first time, second was a fusion and the third was all new hardware and a new surgeon with a fusion.


A spacer the first Dr. put in had slipped out of place and was sitting on a nerve. The pain was awful...barely able to function.


My new Dr. operated on me for almost 8 hours! The first question I remember him asking me after the surgery was how is your foot? He said the nerves were so damaged he had his work cut out for him.


I have a lot of faith in this Dr. We had done our homework on him and he is a Very well respected surgeon, and he is Chief of Nero Surgery.


After the surgery I felt immediate relief in my lower back;however, the other symptoms I was experiencing was a whole new ballgame.


I was admitted BACK into the hospital after I was released...four days. I had a temperature and was extremely tired...exhausted. There were a series of test done, including a MRI . As it turned out I was anemic. I am still a little weak, but getting stronger. I had the surgery July 21st of this year.


My problem is my FOOT. I feel like someone lit a match, and placed it on my middle 3 toes on my right foot. I also am very sensitive to touch. I could hit the roof if my jeans just touch my thigh. I too sleep with my leg away from the sheets. I Also want to mention that I had no reflexes in my rt leg prior to surgery and I still don't. I got a charlie horse while in the hospital, and I feel like I am constantly on the verge of getting another on. I can almost feel it there. I cut my socks thinking it would help, no dice. I feel my best with no shoes on, but that is impossible to do all the time.


I saw my surgeon the other day and had a laundry list of concerns. He listened quietly and when I was done he said a screw was resting on the nerve for so long it may take six months to a year to heal. I was on the Gabapentin and told him I could not tolerate it any longer ( 900 mg). I was too tired while on it.He then told me he was going to try Lyrica. I take vicodin as needed also for pain. I have been taking 150 mg a day, on my forth day. Increase to 300 in two weeks. I have not felt any relief as of today. I know it is early on but I have been trying to maintain a normal life for so long....I JUST WANT IT TO WORK.


The Dr. told me to walk,I have been, but the pain is so intense. I am so frustrated. I have been to pt, try to do my exercises on a daily basis and the pain is still there.


I guess I am looking to see if anyone out their has lost their reflexes,if they came back.I also can feel the nerves jumping in my rt thigh! It is a creepy feeling.


I am due to go back to work in a couple of weeks and want to go. The Dr. said we have to wait and see if the Lyrica will work.


I feel so much compassion to all that are going through this. I know there is light at the end of the tunnel. There has to be.




velockski, Community Member
9/22/09 1:51am

I posted above. I had surgery the end of January. I think I did trade the horrid back pain for excruciating burning foot pain. I've had 6 sympathetic nerve blocks and each one helped. That's all I could get. My pain is intermittent. If I do anything at all my back hurts then my feet start burning really bad. Right now I had a tens unit on my foot and one on my back and the pain is managable. I miss my life. I want to hike and do yard work and shop and sit through a movie at the theater. I really can't do any of this anymore. I'm 50 years old and perfectly healthly otherwise. I take pain pills and anti-inflamatories. I feel so bad for all of you. I can honestly say that I feel your pain. What can we do? Just hope one day we wake up being pain free? My hope is fading. I have another MRI scheduled but my problem seems to be RSD. Thank you all for your support. Someone give us hope, please!

Andrea, Community Member
9/13/09 5:11pm

I had back surgery in Dec of 2003  in L4 s1 and I am still fighting with leg and foot pain more then my back. I tryed everyting that I can think of. even a Tense Units for the nerves. I cann't do half the thing I  used to do in High school. with the pain and numbness and tighing in my leg I am always tryed and weak.

lisa c., Community Member
10/11/09 11:24pm

has same surgury on sept 30 2009 L5 S1 fusion from front called anterior lumbar interbody fusion replaced disc w cage have 13 staples in belly when i got home 3 days later my right foot is tender feels like battery acid was poured on it  the slightest  touch  is soo painful .today is oct 11 2009  11 days after surgury and went to er did ultrasound to make sure no blood clots was neg. now what  . I'll call my dr. in am to c what he says . staples come out thursday. have pain meds  percocet and dosent even touch my foot pain hope this dosent go on much longer .foot pain is worst then surgury. glad Im not crazy

lisa c., Community Member
10/14/09 12:42pm

went back to dr tues oct 13 had ct scan 2 make sure cage in place after surgury  et  ok dr gave me steriod pak Medrol for 6 days  lyrica 100 mg  3 x day and cymbalta 60mg to help w foot pain that is unbearable b back few days and let u know if this works any questions please reply

Bad Back in CO, Community Member
11/ 4/09 9:54pm

It is just so sad that so many of us have had to endure this and we all have been told so many different things. I stummbled across this sight about a month ago trying to figure out why I was having this horrific pain in my right foot if it was just me of if it was common with back surgery and then I started reading all of these posts and I was so discouraged that there was nothing that could be done to correct the issue or alleviate at least some of the excruciating pain. I had, as many of you had, an L5, S1 fusion done and when they did the surgery one of the screws did not go into the bone, it went into a nerve on my left side. They went back several days later and "corrected" the first surgery. I have what I think may be permant nerve damage on my left side which I just resigned myself to live with, it is annoying but not painful. Then about a month ago I started experiencing the pain in my right foot the stabbing pains under my tonails and it felt like someone was taking a Brillo pad and scrubbing a blistered sunburn and my fool ached 24/7. I am on Oxycodone Oxycotin and Lyrica and NOTHING was touching the pain.  I kept bugging my nuerosurgion and kept telling them that the Lyrica was not working. So he scheduled me for an MRI and it was discovered that I had scar tissue that had developed and it was pushing on this nerve. So my Dr. requested that I stay on the Lyrica and that I go into the hospital and have injections into my back to break-up the scar tissue to see if it would relieve pressure off of the nerve. I was skeptical but I was in so much pain and was climbing the walls so how much worse could it get? I was already having to walk with a walker all of the time due to the instability of my left side and now the pain in my right foot. So I went in last Friday for the injections and I will tell you it has been 6 days since the injection and I am starting to have relief. I no longer have the stabbing pain. The burning is a great deal better, it is still there but I am able to get a shoe on for part of the day and I no longer scream every time something brushes my foot. I guess it is more of an irritant than a pain at this point. All that said, I do not know if it is the Lyrica, the injections or both but I am able to sleep for the first time in weeks. I still am having minor issues but it is much improved. I am am happy to give more detail if you are interested. I do not know if this is a permanent fix or if I will have to continue with the injections. My dr. also mentioned doing another surgery to remove the scar tissue near that nerve and that there was some sort of barrier that they could put in that would keep the scar tissue away from that particular nerve. I hope this helps some of you... I felt so helpless when I first started reading theses posts but I am here to tell you that I understand and that the pain is to the point where I can function again which a month ago I did not feel was possible.

Sharon, Community Member
4/ 6/10 9:37pm

I hear you loud and clear that it is frustrating to know that so many of us that have had back surgery seem to get rid of one pain and now have some added issues.

I had emergency back surgery on L5 July 2009 and it has been almost nine months and I have the burning in my left foot, the severe pain to touch the skin on my foot and I constantly feel my left leg - aching pain. I have had a second MRI after the surgery with an injection that only alleviated the pain for about 1-2 weeks and it came back.  I am headed for a CT Myelogram on April 16, 2010 to see if there is anything else going on, but told my next option would be continuous pain management or should I say constant pills and injections to keep the pain away.  Not something I look forward to at 49 years old. Still hoping for some relief and hopefully I will have some once we get through this test.  I was told after the second MRI that there was alot of scar tissue so I hoping that is not pressing against the nerve again.  My doctor also told me that the nerve damage can be permanent. :(



New York State


jc, Community Member
10/ 8/12 11:37pm

Can you please let me know what type of injections you received?  My daughter had surgery at 16 on her L5;S1 and two years later starting experiencing the pain in her foot in leg...she is totally disabled from this and only 22.  Your message gives me hope.  Thank you.

AKA Flipper, Community Member
12/ 8/09 11:02pm

Hey Racheal!!! I had a bone fusion as well, on L4-L5 disc!!! And after I woke up I realized that I couldn't feel certain parts of my body below the waist and mainly my right foot!!! It is known as a drop foot!!! But where you have burning and pain I had a painful numbing effect between those same two toes!!! The best thing that I have found since February 12, 2008 (surgery date) is deep tissue massage therapy around my disc that was fused and in my glutes!!! Because of the muscle spasms and scar tissue it seems to cause problems in your lower extremities!!! Not sure when you left this question??? But maybe this will help!!!!

D.A., Community Member
1/21/10 10:58am

I had L4 and L5 fusion 18 months ago with no complications, they used the XLIF method and went in from the side.


Six months ago my low back started hurting again and my feet started burning so I went to my Ortho doctor, they did MRI, EMG and a couple of other test and had no answere but said I needed to go to a pain management specialist.


I always though that pain management people were simply pill pushers, well let me tell you that is not the case.


I went Orlando Pain Management Center and Dr. Eugene Melvin pressed on my facet joints at L1 through SI and imediatly said I had Degenerative Osteoarthritis which was causing my low back pain, and the burning in my feet was from nerve damage caused by my diabetes.  For the burning feet he gave LYRICA and it works great, you just have start taking it slowly because your body will have to adjust to it.  The first pill I took I thought my heart was going to beat out of my chest.


For the Facet joint problem  he did medial branch block to verify that my low back pain was caused by facet joint degeneration, it was confirmed.  So hid did Radio Frequency Nuerotomy (rizotomy) and my low back pain is gone gone gone.  The rizotomy can last from 6 months to 36 months before you need have done again.  I can be performed for the rest of your life if need be.


Hope this helps

Dale Angus

Milkjake, Community Member
1/30/10 7:56pm

how are you now i just had this same thing happen  I just called a friend to get me into a nurologist cause i cant stand the pain any more.  The pain pills and valum did not even touch it!  hope i can make it to Monday and someone gets me in asap

Racheal, Community Member
2/ 2/10 7:23am


diana, Community Member
2/ 5/10 11:10am

I had a hyserectomy this past November and I have the exact symtoms you are reporting.  I have pain and numbness in both feet and numbness on the right side of my right leg.  I can't wear sneakers anymore because of the pain of the shoe rubbing against my feet.  I wear shoes that at open up top because I can slip them off as soon as I get wherever I have to go.  I will be seeing a neurologist soon, but, this all started directly after having a hysterectomy that included reconstructions. 

Tara from NJ, Community Member
7/14/10 10:27pm



I feel for you.  The same thing happened to me after I had a c-section last June.  I have chronic agonizing pain in my right leg, foot and believe it or not my right arm.  I was on Lyrica but it did not seem to have an effect after two mos.  Now I am on Neurontin 800mg five times daily and an (2) opiate pain medicines totally 160mg per day.  I am at the end of my rope and have absolutely no answers after 3 MRIs, 13 X-Rays and blood work.  I wish I had some positive advise for you, but please let me know if your doctors come up with any solutions.  Regards~ Tara

Croatia Paul, Community Member
4/29/10 9:56am

Hello everyone, my name is Paul, I am 59 and I live in Croatia. We have socialised medicine so I enjoy access to good medical care. So ......


I had the L4/L5 disc scraped away on Feb 5th 2010. The pain before the Op was indescribeable, I was on the maximum dose of opiate based (morphine family) pain killers but still sobbed like a baby whilst hanging on for dear life to my hospital bed. Pure hell. When yet another MRI scanned revealed L4/L5 to be herniated and a 10mm (nearly 1/2 inch) lump was prodding my spinal cord, I was overjoyed to be scheduled for surgery - an end in sight!


After the surgery, the pain was less but not much, I still needed heavy duty meds to get relief. I went home after a few days and by the end of February, most of the old pain had gone but my lower calf was hurting and my in-step (top of my foot) and big toe was on fire, just like has been described by others on here.


I got my meds intake down to 100mg of Tramadol (Opiate based) per day but since then, 2 months have passed with no discernable improvement. I find this very disappointing as nobody warned me of this and now I find so many people are suffering similar symptomsand experiencing the same restriction in day to day life (foot hanging out of bed etc.).


Two weeks ago, on the advice of a local pain clinic, I started taking Lyrica, two 75mg per day. No help from them yet so I still need the tramadol. I have seen several doctors and gotten several opinions but none seem to have the confidence of their convictions so now, like many of you it seems, I am left in limbo land with the two obvious question still un-answered. What should I do? Will this ever go away?


Bottom line? It pains me to say this as much as it pains you to read it... I fear we are stuck with this for life. I hope to see some improvement but after a year (I'm guessing of course) I reckon to see all the improvement I'm going to get.


One thing is for sure, medical science is a long way from understanding this and medical practitioners of all disciplines have very little to offer.


I hope somebody writes here with evidence to change my mind, I really do.

Croatia Paul, Community Member
4/29/10 1:03pm

I hope this is of some help and interest to people.


A short update, I have today visited our local pain clinic. Interestingly, the guy who runs it is a psychiatrist (speling?) who understands the link between neuropatic pain, drugs and depression. I told him that I've been taking Lyrica at 150mg per day, 75mg in the morning and 75mg at night, but this has not had much, if any, effect on reducing my pain. I still need to take the opiate derivative to keep it under control. He has advised that I should double the Lyrica dose to 300mg per day (150 x twice daily) and junk the other drug. He explained that long-term opiate based drug taking will damage my liver and I risk developing addiction. He said that, worldwide, Lyrica is regarded as the "first line" treatment for neurpatic pain in that it has a very low side-effect risk and it is not addictive nor does it cause damage to the liver or anything else over the long-term. He gave a powerpoint presentation which Pfizer give to all prescribing doctors, I want to know what it is I am putting into mu body. 

We'll see how it goes. 

Dolly, Community Member
7/11/10 8:09pm

I had back surgery on June 8, 2010 and I am experiencing the exact same symptoms.  I am in so much pain right now I can't think.  What did you finally do to get rid of your pain?

Racheal, Community Member
7/13/10 8:59pm

Dolly you are going to be in pain for a while sorry to say. But Lyrica is what finely help me. I'm the one who started this question and I am so much better now.But if someone had told me this the day I wrote first posted this I wouldn't have beleived them. There is better days coming just say a little prayer and try the Lyrica. I only can take 75mg one time a day but it did make the pain go away in my foot. I will keep all of you in my paryers and wish you all the best.      Racheal Roberts

Dolly, Community Member
7/14/10 7:54am

Thank you Racheal and I will definately talk to my MD about Lyrica.  I will pray for you also.

StarGate, Community Member
9/30/10 11:38pm

I had Laminectemy On L5 S1 1n 1997. In 2009 I had a Fusion of the same Area.  Pain is worse after the Fusion. Now I have an Implanted Boston Scientific Pain Stimulator in my Spinal Canal and tremendous Burning sensation in the Legs, Heels are on fire, I wake up in middle of my little sleep to Stand up on Toes while holding on the edge of the bed to slowly step into my heels to the floor just to stop the Muscle spasms in the Shin area.

My Pain Management Specialist have certified this mess that I am in as Failed Back Syndrome.

As for the 17 Year Old Gentleman Fusion is not recommended for Young People. Now that you are 37, Different outlook on your Back issues.

Please study this FBS, Above Link..What is most Interesting is Most Doctors Misdiagnose their patients.

No More Surgeries, Please until You educvate your Doctor or if you are lucky enough to find a Doctor that is in the small percentage of learned and well up to date Surgeons.

Treatment, I am told, Live with it. Become one with your pain, I say "Nay" This is not natural to have a bionic @#$% in you. Anyway. Check into all of you out there, Teach your Doctors.

I have learned the Hard way. There is a famous saying in the Greek Culture, "Don't Ask a Doctor, Ask the Patient" That says it all.

May God have Blessings an Mercy on all of us.

MP, Community Member
10/25/10 12:06pm

I am suffering the same thing. Sept. 10th, 2010 I had lumbar (L2-L5) with a cage put in between L4-L5 due to nerve compression. I also had a rod placed.  Since the surgery I have terrible pain and burning in my right toes. Hard to explain but nothing can touch it. There is also minor swelling between big toe and second toe.  Temp. sensitivity, touch sensitive. I am hoping and praying it is not permanent.  I go back for my follow up in a few days. I should also mention in 1980 I had fusion of T2-L-1 with harrington rod placed so now my spinal fusion runs fro T2-L5. 

brettday, Community Member
2/ 7/11 10:05pm

I had surgery on my back L5 S1.One spinal fusion, one artificial disc. I Have been having troubles with my right hip, leg and foot. Extreme burnign sensation on top of my foot. Dr put my on lyrica 150mg 2x a day and it has been helping, but he wants me to have a spinal block. I will report back if that really helps.

xsquid, Community Member
2/24/11 6:50pm

I had a microdiscectomy L4-L5 in Feb 2009. Intolerable Sciatic pain down my

right leg. Walking with a cane. Everything went well after surgery. Instant relief from the pain. Was supposed to stay over night after surgery. But I felt that good I went home that night. Stopped taking all pain meds. All was great. I never felt better. Then about 7 or 8 months later my toes on my right foot starts to pull up wards. It was so much pain. Went to a friends house that night

who is a physical therapist. He works on my back. Recomended some mediitarsial

insert for my shoes to help. Witch they did. However like a roller coaster I am have ups and downs with this pain in the ball of my foot. I talk aleve every day. Tramodal on the very bad days. I ice my back every day I am at work to relieve

some of the pain.


Had a second opinion from another doctor. After looking at the MRI. He said maybe I see somthing. Maybe I don't. Will have to Fuse your back. O the other

problem no way will your insurance cover this. As it is not deemed a necssary

procedure. Wait untill you have better ins. After reading all of this I think it is better to pass on the Fussion untill absolutely necssary.


The doctor who did the surgery said sorry!! I have tried PT. Inversion, injections,

Acupuncture. This was a comp case. They don't want to know anything. even though the case is not closed. So they say. They won't approve anything else.

I am only 44 year old. Like all of you I hate to think we must live like this forever. But it sure seams that way. After finding this sight I helps to think

I am not alone. I have to say the pain was much worse before surgery. But like everone else say's. I traded in my back pain for severe foot pain. I'm with you all.


audie jordan, Community Member
3/22/11 5:38pm

 welcome to my world of constant pain  Ill try to keep this short. area L3 L4 L5  1st surg.  nov. of 07  oip hburg pa. installed titanium screws,plates,and rods  2nd surg.oct. 09 balt.wash. hos. removed all hardwere. 3rd surg. jan. 10   balt.wash. hos. more cleaning of arth. and scar tissue. 4th surg. sept. 10 oip. more cleaning of arth. scar tissue. never had any burning until 1st surg. burning starts at middle of back goes to right but cheack down right leg and right foot,constant,and servier,it never stops.The only releive i get is percaset.I take between 4 to 6 a day. If you or anybody out there has any info to my pain releive,please let me know.

FusionGrade3, Community Member
4/13/11 8:37am

Hello, I am hoping that if I post an answer to your question since it is the first shown more people will read my answer and it might help somebody. Well, I am a 31 year old female and in February I had three surgeries for my Spondylosis/Spondylolisthesis. Now you must know that this was on the L-5 to S-1 vertebrae and I had a Grade 3 slippage. Which means my vertebrae was just over half way off of my sacrum. If untreated there is a chance it would have completely slid off of my sacrum. I am very lucky, I saw 6 surgeons since I was 16 and this Dr. was the first doctor who would actually fix me. I needed to be fix the Thursday prior to my surgery I had to purchase my own cane because I could barely walk. When I got done with the three surgeries I was doing AWESOME. (The pain was mostly between surgeries and the pain medicines were controling it.) I went to my two week appointment I was following my physical therapist's workout and right after she got done giving me my three weeks of in home physical therapy my toes started burning!! That is right it went from feeling like they were asleep to straight up burning. Every time I take a step my toes feel like they are getting a rug burn . When multiple toes feel this way you don't want to walk. So I called my doctor and he said I had irritated my nerve and that I had two choices, lie down or stand up. Well standing wasn't an option, so for almost a month I have been lying down. With a fusion you can only lie a few different ways, on your back, or on your side. He said bend my legs at the knee (it would look like you were walking on your knees with your torso straight towards the ceiling. It is also when you lie with your back on your bed and your feet are hanging off the bed. You knees are on the edge of the bed bent for your knees to dangle.) So you can lay on your side with your body straight and your knees bent backwards (this actaally hurt my nerves more the first time I did it. He said it might reduce the pain I feel along with the burning.. So far the only things that have worked to help me is the nerve medicine my doctor as prescribed. The "narcotics" haven't touched the burning. Epsom Salt baths a few times a day. The way I fit in the bathtub without bending at the hips is lay on my side and kick my feet back at the knees like he suggested. It helps me to not irritate the nerves and to relax them a bit. Hot water does hurt but the cold also makes them tighten up, the hot relaxes them. Do not put pressure on where your nerves travel down the leg. My mom was massaging them and when she did this it caused them to hurt more that night. So DO NOT TOUCH  the specific sore spots on your legs. My legs started falling asleep and my feet were doing some better so I got up to walk. Whatever you do when you first start stand in one place and just walk a little around your room each time your legs and feet feel like they are going to fall asleep. As your legs get stronger use your cane or walker to walk just a little down the hall. Don't just jump into walking or you will make yourself go back about half a week. Two  more things- my foot started cramping up and I realized it was the "normal" burning. Force yourself to put your foot down flat. Slowly, it will hurt but once it losens up it will be a lot better. Last- being a girl I found out with this back surgery my period made everything hurt 100 times worse than it did. Heating pad close by, the hot baths will help with it. Make sure you go over with your doctor about if you can take any medicines for the pain. I wish everyone luck with their surgeries and pray you don't have to endure what I have. 

Allen, Community Member
5/27/11 4:16pm

I had the L5 S1 Fusion on May 10 2011.  I immediately noticed the gnomes stabbing me in my foot and between my toes.  One was pulling my big toenail off with pliers, while a couple others were toasting the top of my foot and shin with a blowtorch.  This was terrible, as I had grade 1 spondylolisthesis.  My back hurt occasionally, and sometimes after twelve hour shifts, I had some numbness in my right leg and foot.  My doctor said that surgery was inevitable within two years.  I agreed to the surgery, as he said that I could be back to work within three months.  I am a  heavy equipment mechanic at an iron mine.  After the first surgery, which was supposed to take three hours, but took seven, I told him about the pain in my leg and foot.  Keep in mind, that there was no pre-surgery discussions about possible side effects or possibility of shit like this happening.  I agreed to the surgery on a Thursday and waqs in the OR Tuesday morning.  Several combinations of drugs were tried.  I was given the "You've just had major surgery so there will be swelling of the tissue and inflamed nerves blah, blah, blah."  Second surgery was six days later.  He scheduled it immediately following first surgery because he knew he fu(*3d up.  He packed sponges around the nerve and soaked them with cortisone and let it soak for a half hour or so.  He then soaked everything with cortisone and closed me up.  This worked for about half a day.  Two weeks later, It is all just as ###### up as it was to begin with.  My question is this, "At what point can I sue this retard?"  He was obviously negligent in not discussing my surgery with me beforehand.  He was just filling a cancellation slot.  He has been lying to me about mangling that nerve since day one.  Everyone that I talk to from his office says to give it time, but their eyes tell me that I'm screwed.  I will be losing a six figure job if this persists.  I am super pissed right now.



Debra, Community Member
8/16/11 1:07am


Am in the same position as you. Was told had severe cord compression and needed to have c3-c7 excised and fused. Well, now my right arm is weak after weeks of therapy and always painful, numb and can hardly use it. Also, my right foot and calf feel like they are on fire and can't stand anything toughing it. Then at time it feels like it was plunged in a bucket of ice. Skin very dry and swell. My left foot a little off and on also. Told this will get better but doctor has completely dropped me. I fear I have RSD.

Got a second opinion and doctor is sending me for a CT scan and a myelogram to see what happened during surgery. He said either permanent nerve damage from somenthing that happened during surgery or maybe a screw rubbing a nerve and will have to go back in. Will keep you informed....Debra...I also have seen two other specialists and their opinion was that the neurosurgeon dropped the ball....they all said if it wasn't there before the surgery it shouldn't have been there after the surgery. Good luck!

stephenie, Community Member
11/20/11 12:13am

Your doctor lied or was incorrect about a few things... my doctor told me that surgery is strongly discouraged for anything less than grade 3 spondylolisthesis, in fact, every site I have searched on the web said the same. Also, there is no way your doctor would have or could have known if your spine would have continued to slip or at what rate. He should have taken x-rays over time to gauge the slippage. Did he even recommend physical therapy, injections, or chiropractic care before he cut into you? I am grade 3 but I am doing EVERYTHING I can to avoid surgery because my doctor has informed me of the many risks and I have yet to have the injections. It's terrible that your doctor didn't inform you of the risks... shame on him! To some doctors we are simply paying customers. Frown I hope all is well with you and you are feeling better!

Dave B., Community Member
6/17/11 10:33pm

     I was in an industrial accident March 2, 2000. Over the next 5 months I saw 8 to 10 doctors, with no success. In June of 2000 I saw a quack who said he could cure my problems. On August 8, 2000 he operated on my back, 6 hours, placcing 6 screws and 2 rods on my L-5, L-4, & S-1, along with a bone graft.  When I woke up the pain was so severe I could not stand it. He just said it was pain from the surgery. Each day it got worse, and 9 days after he said he would do a CAT Scan tomorrow. The CAT scan showed a huge blood clot forming, so he said he wou;ld do surgery tomorrow. On the 11th day after the first surgery he went in again for 3 hours and found numerous mistakes he had made the first time. This time he nearly killed me, but I survived. That ortghopedic surgeon should not be allowed to operate on chimpanzees. He is a QUACK !! If I ever get a chance I will break his legs and arms. I have lived in pain every second I have been awake since August 8, 2000. I have had a spinal cord stimulator implanted and it has helped, but it has never eliminated all of the pain.  I take vicodin occasionally. 30 tablits last me 120 to 150 days so I am not addicted to them, but they help when needed.

Carole, Community Member
8/ 2/11 9:22am

On August 18, 2009 I had a two level fusion (L4 to S1). Since that time I have experienced a tremendous amount of pain that radiates from my lower back, down through my butt into my legs to my feet... I have a hard time walking, sitting & standing to this day.  I am off all pain medication and live day to day in hopes the pain gets better, but so far no such luck.  I lost my job over this injury and am having to deal with that as well.  You would think with all this "modern technology" someone would develop a treatment to assist in such pain.  I pray that you are doing better these days... as for me, I'm still waiting on that "miracle" treatment to be discovered.   

Debra, Community Member
8/15/11 11:57pm

Hi Racheal,

Just had posterior multiple fusions of C3-C7 this past January 2011. I only had light pain in back of neck but was told I had to have surgery due to extensive cord compression. Now, My totol right arm hurts, weak, numb all the time. My right foot and calf burns like fire all the time and can't stand to walk on it half the time. A little in my left foot. This is aggravated with anything I attempt to do. Then, at times my right foot feels like you plunged it in a bucket of ice water.

Went for a second opinion and doctor wants to do a CT scan and a myelogram which I'm told is no picnic, but I have to know if my quality of life is going to get any better than this.

Please let me know if you found anything out or are you any better! Thank you, Debra

bugzyb, Community Member
9/13/11 10:58pm

I can't believe I found this. I had an operation on L5 S1 in 1998 and when I got out of bed for the first time it was painful to stand on my feet. The pain differs in degree and is sparatic. My feet ache, burn, I feel like I have a tight band around my ankle. I get in so much pain I don't want to take another step. I can go for months not in pain or not last 1 hour. Its always hard to stand up in the morning. I have been on all the meds the doctor has mentioned and no results. I wish you the best.


SiliconShark, Community Member
10/24/11 2:52pm
I have this exact same thing!! I had a L5 S1 Spinal Fusion. The top of my foot is on FIRE!!! How are you doing now. Reply
angie, Community Member
1/23/12 5:04pm


Chicken Little, Community Member
12/14/12 7:16am

Have any of you attempted to do yoga? You would be astounded how much better you would feel. I had back surgery for L-4 herniation and broken bone fragment. I went through the same experiences of temporarily feeling as if someone had taken a cheese grater to the soles of my feet and then made me walk on hot coals. When it happened I had to stop where I was and get off my feet. And yes, my big toe is still numb a year and a half later and my balance is poor. I trip over my own two feet because I still can't flex properly. But give your body time for the nerves to heal. Within weeks after my surgery I was doing yoga again. The secret is not sitting still. Keep moving. The more you sit around without exercising the worse it will get. Gentle yoga exercises will prove to be beneficial not only to your body but your mind as well. Learn to breathe, learn how to stand properly. Remember that the entire weight of your body rests on your feet. Learn to stand on them, how to tilt your pelvis so that you maintain the correct posture. Find the right shoes. Listen to your body and it will respond. Within a very short period of time I was standing on my head in the lotus position and I'm 61 years old. If you find the right yoga class and stick to it regularly you will feel infinately better. If nothing else it will help with balance and coordination. I'm not talking about Pilates. That isn't yoga. There is a program on ETV about yoga for people who have pain. Look for it. It is excellent. People of all ages can do yoga and it will work wonders for you. It is the only form of exercise that makes me want to do it more often.

adamk3p, Community Member
3/14/14 1:18am

I had a spinal fusion on my L5/S1 vertibrea on Febuary 19th 2014 in Toyama Japan. Before the surgery I had constant lower level pain daily, with occasional mid level flare ups. The pain was always in my back/hip area.


Immediately after waking up from surgery (like you), I knew something was wrong, my right foot was both numb and emitting lvl 10 pain. I never had anything like it. I thought that perhaps it was the compression sock being too tight or from the air "massagers" perhaps. After a while I started to think maybe it was gout too. My foot became moderately swollen, and when I stand the outer three toes on my left foot turn red and then purple. It's agony to have anything touch it, (drops of water from the shower, a sock, blankets, wind).. It sounds like the symptoms are exactly the same to me. I had several blood tests and my uric acid levels are actually low, so it most likely isn't gout.. The doc says it should heal up to about 70% and then take up to a year to feel normal. So far every day is the same to me. Also 1 thing I forgot to mention earlier is that my scar is at least 10 inches (20)cm long!! To me it seems like lots of cutting to just do a fusion on 1 vertibrae... I am not surgeon though.


My wife is worried that I will ever get better and so am I. My work is hounding me when I'm coming back and I can't even stand for more than 5 or 10 minutes (or sit), much less teach little active children.. I feel your pain and hope that since your post you have had some good progress, and if so please, please share what it was that helped. At this point I would eat my own shit if I heard it would help.. (sorry for the bad language, I am just frustrated)..

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