July 18, 2010
    Pain along outside of mid foot
    July 18, 2010

    I'm having pain on the outside of my foot. It's not inflamed or bruised though. When I walk I have to put more pressure on the inner side of the foot, and even turning in bed hurts. I haven't injured my foot that I know of, I just woke up like this one morning. Anyone know what it might be?




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  • mbmitnick July 18, 2010
    July 18, 2010

    There are a few things that come to mind that will cause pain on the outside of the foot.  One is a stress fracture of the fifth metatarsal bone particularly the flare which is seen as a protrusion on the outside of the foot, below and in front of the outside of the ankle.

    Secondly there coud be a tendonitis of the tendon that comes down the side of the foot and cuts underneath the foot.

    Third, there is a condition known as cuboid syndrome which is a subluxation of the cuboid bone.

    Further information may be found at http://www.foot-pain-explained.com

    These problems all will require professional medical care if they persist.

  • Renee Culver July 07, 2014
    Renee Culver
    July 07, 2014

    Hi GNF,


    It's difficult to know what might be causing your pain, but pain in the mid foot could be a sign of a sprain, fracture, or tendon problem. As a community member said, it could also signal cuboid syndrome, which is caused when the peroneus longus muscle in the lower leg pulls on the cuboid bone in the foot, partially dislocating it. Only your doctor can help explain your pain, so make an appointment as soon as you can so you can be pain free. Best of luck!

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