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Q: Can't find Pain Clinic to prescribe Oxycontin ER, Why>

Moving to FL from VT. Have taken Oxycontin ER for 13 years after Neuro put me on them for chronic pain after injury at work. Can't find a doc to prescribe, Why? Have Pharm. records, etc. Everyone seems to think one must be addict if they are taking this, not in real chronic pain. Really don't know where to go. I weaned myself off of them and the worst side effect was increased pain. Hard to get around, constant headache, [post traumatic injury from car crash], don't doc shop, never bought illegal, and retired law enf. Have only been to one pain clinic in FL. but am told they know of no-one who will write for this medication. Any Org. for people in pain that will help that anyone knows of? i would like to have my "quality" of life back.
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Nate, Community Member
12/14/10 2:02pm

Its simply due to the pressure being put on doctors by various organizations, most related to the DEA and have no clue about treating pain.  Unfortunately they have been invesigating any doctor who has higher than normal amount of patients that take these pills.   They are obviously the source of a lot of addiction on the streets and this is their way of keeping them off the streets as they are afraid of diversion to people who do not need it or are addicted.  In other words the liability of perscribing these pills is rising and it makes it more and more difficult for those who need such medications to get them.  I am sorry for your plight.  All I can say is be honest and keep trying as you will eventually find a compassionate ear.  If you have to write to the docotor or pain clinic directly letting them know the issues you have been having.

tpain, Community Member
1/27/11 5:23pm

I completely understand what you are saying. However, I thought that the REMS meeting did not result in any added regulations on physicians prescribing the pain medicine. They did say that the only company that could manufacture them is Purdue and that the pharmacies are not allowed to have the generic anymore because of people either breaking them down to put up their nose, inject or what ever else they do.

I ran out in October, 2010. I tapered myself off of them and it wasn't all that bad, but the pain is. Main reason was because of post traumatic headaches along with soft tissue damaged sustained in the motor vehicle accidents I had working as a Deputy Sheriff. My headaches are back and when I get them they last for at least 2 days and nothing seems to help. [They aren't are if they are Migraine, Cluster, or what. Accident was a 2x flip over landing on roof of cruiser.] That's why my neurologist put me on teem when they first came out in I think 95 or so. I was put in hospital to break cycle of pain and then after many other trials to include DHE infusion was put on the oxycontin.

Unfortunately with all the negative press as well the people who are in pain are the ones who suffer. Pain clinics tell you they don't prescribe pain meds anymore? Well what do they do? Sent me to a place called Synergy to put me on Suboxone...when even the physician there after talking with me said he did not believe I was an addict and why substitute a drug that doesn't help but is addicting for one that does? I took myself off the meds rather than take something like that. It is a sad day when people who have documentation and a valid reason for needing pain meds that work can't get them because of the addiction they cause in others. The reason why there will be no more generics is because the new tablet put out by Purdu, [don't know if new actually may be same], can not be broken down with out losing potency. I think if I had been addicted to them would have gladly either taken a substitute or gone looking on the street for the drug. But having been in law enforcement my career, it's just not in my nature.


Anyway, sorry I do not mean to vent at you. You were the only one who even answered me. I am just tired of trying to have a quality vs. quantity of life. 


Thank you very much for the answer. I am not looking anymore as it is too frustrating not to mention embarrassing to be told over and over that I can not take medicine that I know that helps because they won't or can't take on any more pain patients.






Daniel, Community Member
2/22/11 12:56pm


I completely understand and feel your pain. Literally and metaphorically.  I too have been dealing with great pain.   Several herniated discs in my lower back, degenerative disc disease as well as a twisted spine.


Fell down a flight of stair in 1992 and 4 women fell on top of me.   Then in 2009 in bad car accident when a truck pulled out in front of a four lane blvd.


I have been on Norco since early 90’s and tried many different treats to eliminate the pain in lieu of medication.  The pain continues and the lat 18 months the pain clinic put my on Opana Er that only slightly helped with the pain but left me severely sweating day and night.   Can’t sleep, exhausted all the time, in pain and can’t function on a daily basis.


A pain doctor I saw in 2005 strongly recommend I go on Oxycontin as he didn’t see any other way to deal with my pain but I resisted.  Now since nothing else is working I asked the current pain doc to change me over.  She refuses and no other doctor will prescribe.   They all treat me like I am some drug addict even when I show them 119 years of MRI’s and doctor’s report and one report recommending the change to Oxycontin.


I have looked everywhere and the system doesn’t appear to care about the people truly in pain anymore.   Politics take precedence over compassion.  Not even sure if compassion is out there anymore.




tpain, Community Member
2/23/11 7:32pm

Thanks Daniel. You know it is a shame when the physicians who all took the Hippocratic oath, [I know before law enforcement career I was a trained physician],and firstly are supposed to do no harm! Seems that not many remember that now. I am due to get some injections in my back on the 11th from a local pain clinic. When I was there one of the "docs" called in another to advise on ?? I suppose he, [the first one] is the resident. I have post traumatic headaches of unknown etiology as stated before and can't walk to far without really hurting. Before she left she patted me on the knee and said, "I understand, I get headaches too." If that wasn't patronizing enough when I told her I would switch mine for hers, she patted me again and said, "A lot of people out there are in pain."

Well that certainly is true. Much of the reason is because of people like her. It is amazing to me that anyone would be so patronizing.  She had no idea I had been to Med School, but that doesn't matter, I have a brain which I use just like she does. The difference is her use of power over a patient, any patient. And since I had sen her for only about 5-8 min. to assume she knew why I had headaches or back pain, etc...blah blah.

I believe that they are getting either kickbacks from their malpractice insurance if they do not prescribe the opioids or they are so afraid that if they do, and their judgement is off, [which is totally obvious to me that it is], then their insurance will sky rocket. Let's face it people do not go to med school for the same reason they use to. Before it was to serve and heal, now it's to specialize and make money for the most part.

I am not saying all physicians are like these but way too many are.

There is an advocacy group for people who are in pain. I found it one day when I googled and found the REMS results. Try that, maybe you can get some help. If you do please let me know. I don't also have a connection where I live, I do have email, so don't have the time to look for it until I go back home to FL.

BTW, Norco has way to much acetaminophen in it and it's a bit like Vicodan. I can't take it because of a GI Bleed I had when I was taking Toridol for headaches. Also have taken the Opana ER. Same deal. You should really look up the drug info on anything and everything you take You would be surprised how many will prescribe something without knowing in your chart just what is up. They did that to me and the drug clearly stated that one should not take it if they have seizures....which I do. They also don't remember about allergies. careful and look it up before it goes in your mouth.

Good luck..


popeye, Community Member
10/15/11 2:41am

2 TFCC debrevments, ulnar shortenting on my right arm , pinning at the wrist, and ulnar nerve transposition. That's just part of whats happened in the last 5 yrs. On top of that I still have 1 blown out knee , 3 bulging disks , need L5 surgery, still have carpal tunnel in both hands and 2 torn  rottator cuffs. Guess what ...........................................You got it no one will help with the pain .  Even the doctors that created half or more of it.  It's a sad sad sad world we live in.  I can show all my surgeries and complications. I can show all my pharmacy documentation. And yet when i moved to Oregon 3 months ago to find a new doctor do you know what he told me to my face.  " I'm sure your in pain. But i have been burned before."  Thats when i snapped and told him in a rather calm voice that he doesnt know me and i dont know him so here we are. Told the doc that when i called the receptionist wanted to know what i wanted to be seen for and i told her. PAIN MANAGMENT. Told him i just paid $157 for nothing.

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