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    June 03, 2010
    Hyomax SL vs. Levsin
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    June 03, 2010


    A family member was prescribed Levsin for chronic GI pain.   I was informed that the drug referred to as Levsin was not manufactored anymore.  I received the brand name Hyomax SL because the generic Hyoscyamine was no longer available.


    Please respond:  Is Levsin still available?  What is the difference in Levsin and Hyomax?   Is the generic Hyoscyamine still available?



  • Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    June 04, 2010
    Karen Lee Richards
    Health Guide
    June 04, 2010

    There doesn't appear to be a simple answer to your question.  Although Levsin and hyoscyamine are still listed in most drug guides, they don't seem to have been available for a couple of years now. 


    The best explanation I've found was in response to another question we had about Levsin/Hyoscyamine/Hyomax.  Here's a link to it: Levsin/Hyoscyamine/Hyomax   The second answer by an RN named Brenda explains why hyoscyamine is not available.  If you'll read through all the answers, you'll find other interesting information as well. 


    When I checked the FDA's site, I found that none of the three have FDA approval, so I'm not sure why Hyomax is available and the others aren't.  Perhaps your pharmacist can tell you more about that.


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