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Tuesday, February 19, 2013 tina, Community Member, asks

Q: What does it mean when you've been coughing a lot and your back hurts in middle when you breathe

I've been coughing a lot and now my middle back hurts when I breathe. What could this be?

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Cort, Health Guide
2/24/13 11:56pm

Coughing regularly can itself cause back pain. "Smoker's cough" for instance is often associated with back pain caused by muscle strain. If you're not a smoker and you're still coughing alot then you could have some lung issues and you should see a doctor for that.  Pain when you breathe in can also be associated with some heart issues. All in all you should get this checked by a doctor. Good luck!



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Reruho, Community Member
6/14/13 8:53pm

Do you have a cold or respiratory infections? Coughing can jar your body and make you hurt all over. It is similar to being slammed against a wall.


Are you taking any medication? I would check to see if a cough is a side effect. I know Lisinopril (blood pressure medication) can cause a dry cough. I like to use to check for side effects. They have a professional handout that list all the side effects, even it is rare. 


See your doctor; this could be a serious matter or something as simple as changing a medication, but you have to see the doctor to find out.



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