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Saturday, November 01, 2008 G. Kelley, Community Member, asks

Q: I have pain and numbness in my feet and toes, Why

Why do I have numbness and pain in my feet and toe? This pain and numbness is worse at night when I go to bed.

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Cort, Health Guide
11/ 2/08 6:43pm

Numbness usually suggests a nerve problem and pain and numbness can be caused by quite a few disorders. Diabetes or heavy alcohol consumption can cause pain and numbness in the toes - as can some rarer disorders. Problems with blood circulation could also be causing your pain. You also might have injured yourself altho this seems less likely given you appear to experience those symptoms in both feet.


You might want to try the Check a Symptom box on Health Central's pages (upper left hand corner) but in order to find out what's going on you'll have to visit a doctor get a full medical examination with blood tests, etc. Since nerve problems when they do occur often seem to show up in the feet first hopefully you'll see your doctor sooner rather than later and find out what's going on. 

Here are some links that might be helpful:

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Good luck! 

chezovitch, Community Member
12/ 2/08 12:22am

Hi, I agree with the last post. My first symptoms of Type 2 Diabetes was dead and tingling feet and toes, especially at night. I ended up with diabetic neuropathy, chronic pain and on 2 heavy sedatives to get me through the day. So if you are diabetic, get some diagnosis quickly. If you are not diagnosed yet, get it done, pronto! we can get it done for free here in our largest pharmacy Boots. Hope this helps. Chezovitch.

tambo, Community Member
6/13/09 8:27am

my husband has had severe toe numbness for months now the doctor has given him elavil it did not work. he can't touch any of the toes without yelling out in pain. it is obvisously there is a problem. he was diagnosted borderline diabectic. he was a 125 which the dr. said was on the border. also just out of the blue he started having high blood pressure. like 210/200, after 3 hours the ems workers got it down to 180/120.

during this he was on his job, needless to say he came home. the next moening i was able to get my family dr. to see him, he never realy gave any answers, just that his blood work did shoe a bacteria infection in his blood stream, he had , had a bout with pnuemonia the winter before and did not go to the dr. the dr. said the infection came from that. we are desperate for help. he is unable to walk, and god forbid anyone step or he just tap his toes on anything and he starts yelling to the point of tears. this is a man who has never been sick. he is 54 years old. and i as his wife of 35 years am scared to death. i am convinced it is the diabetes. can anyone tell me what type of dr. he needs. i have him an appt. with some internal medicine drs. but it will be sept. before he can get in. he is missing work and we are on the edge of loosing everything we have. i can't find work anywhere, we live in a very small town in south carolina and there is nothing out there. we also have our only grandbaby  and daughter living with us, my daughter is in college doing something positive with her life finally. please if anyone can help i would be forever grateful.

Peggy, Community Member
12/ 1/10 8:45pm

While I cant tell you what is wrong with your husbands feet. I'm having the same type of pain and symptoms with my feet. I have had x-rays, seen a neurologist, saw a neuro surgeon. They dont think its from my back, its not my nerves. They have no Idea whats causing it. My feet hurt so bad that I dont want to walk anymore. Even when I lay down they still hurt. I am on disability which is my only saving grace that I dont have to work. I too am borderline diabetic, have had high blood pressure and have been on and off of antibiotics. I just hope they figure something out soon. Let me know if you find anything out.

Painfull feet in Kansas.

Betty Wells, Community Member
3/ 8/12 6:46pm

Kansas join feet have hurt for two years..and salt really gets my humps on my a half of a basketball..I take all test and Drs have never said diabetis..

wendy, Community Member
9/17/13 2:16am

its been almosy a year since my problem with my feet started. they are partly numb, tingley, and very painful, i cant have anybody touch my feet or wear socks the normal way , i walk around with my socks hanging half way off my feet. drs  have tryed everything, they have given ne gabentin which is a nerve medicine, that dint work so now they have me on lyrica and it helps a little but not enough to take the edge off. i have to take all kinds of medication to put me to see at nite, and my feet also hurt all the time, my dr is baffled, i do have 2 pinched nerves in my lower back and 2 bulging discs in lower back, ive gotten to the point were i have to go see a special dr bc im so angry over this problem, and that the drs have no clue. ive been tested for diabites but its negative, but it runs in the family. if anyone has any suggestions to help me from being in so much pain please let me know. thak you for listen

dreamnd, Community Member
4/13/14 10:39pm

I would strongly suspect a correlation with your back symptoms.  Nerve damage from back conditions, especially spinal stenosis, often start in the feet. My foot pain is far more severe than anything I feel in my spine but I'm told it's the cause nonetheless. I hope this helps but to be honest the diagnosis hasn't made much of a difference for me as I am not a surgical candidate and still just end up being treated by a pain specialist that I began with over 2 yrs ago. Navigating medical specialist's can be exhausting and frustrating but I wish you good luck. 

kkilby, Community Member
4/ 4/13 9:40am

Sounds like gout! Have doctor check your uric acid levels in blood.sometimes you have to point a doctor in a certain direction to find what is took years and a lot of pain and doctors for me to find out what the issue is.

kkilby, Community Member
4/ 4/13 9:43am

Sounds like gout! Have doctor check your uric acid levels in blood.sometimes you have to point a doctor in a certain direction to find what is took years and a lot of pain and doctors for me to find out what the issue is.

angelwings, Community Member
9/23/09 7:03pm

yes. When I woke up this morning I could not walk without about falling down. It is just in my right foot and toes.

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