• sierra sierra
    December 08, 2010
    Why does my right arm always feel asleep and sore, and my right hand always freezing cold?
    sierra sierra
    December 08, 2010
    I am 16 and i take adderall 30 mg 2 times a day. I have been on this medication for over 6 months but recently have this strange feeling in my right arm. My arm is tightened (makes sense cause of the adderall) sore like i need to stretch, also a similar feeling to when your leg is asleep but not exactly like that. In my elbow i have this straining feeling, and when i rub my arm and hit a certain spot i feel a volt of electricity go through my arm. even when im not on my medication i still have this annoying problem. i try stretching my arm nothing changes, i put ice on my arm and it seemed to help a little or maybe the ice was so cold that i didnt notice. if anyone has the same problem or know the answer i would really appreciate it. READ MORE



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